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Portia's training diary 2012

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Had a great vacation, back running this week only 33 days until the half marathon!!!


This weeks training -


Monday 3 miles and some upper body weights

Tuesday 4 Miles and Lower body weights

Wednesday 40 tempo run

Thursday spin class

Friday 10k race pace


weekend rest.


itching to get back to lifting heavy weight took a back seat for all this running but cant wait to lift heavy again

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So 13 days until the Vancouver Half Marathon, glad we took the challenge of 13.1 miles on!!!


Ok so lately I have not been tracking my food etc so got the old excel spreadsheet and calculated macros etc. I have been not as strict as last year since about the new year mainly due to some stresses like trying apply to stay in Canada permanently, moving and some other stuff. But I am ready to lose a few excess pounds I know I have added some muscle but along with that some excess weight so my goal is to lose 10lbs I have entered the 6 week cellucor challenge on bodybuilding.com.


Todays workout Shoulders and Triceps


DB Shoulder Press 15/12 20/10 27.5/9

Side laterals 10/10 17.5/10

Low Pulley 15/7

Reverse Flyes 10/12 17.5/13

Tricep Pushdown 30/12 40/12

Lying tricep extension 10/10 25/5

Seated Tricep Press 25/10 37.59


Cardio 16 Minute run 1% incline distance 1.77 miles . I just go as fast as I can for 16 minutes!! Love it!!


I plan on updated my journal for every workout, its one of my daily disciplines so IT must be done!!


I am Portia Phelps, a Mass machine. I eat as planned and train with great intensity

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Today was Legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leg extension 55/15 70/12 120/12

Leg Press 180/12 200/10 250/14

Smith Machine Squats 40/10 60/13

Seated Leg Curls 75/12 115/14

Stiff Legged Deadlifts 50/12 70/10

Calf Press 100/ 20-12-13 Rest Pause set

Seated Calf Raise 90/12 145/6


No Cardio Today


Excellent Workout as I have not been lifting as heavy recently due to training for Half Marathon , My numbers are a bit low but good news is every week I am increasing.


this knot in my shoulder has been giving me grief , so yesterday I had a shiatsu massage on it , its a bit sore today but hoping it will improve.

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5 Miles run tonight seemed hard as we did legs yesterday. Tomorrow Chest & Biceps and 16 Minute Cardio.


Uploaded my progress photos , wow I have got a lot to do slackened off completely but not any more



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Today was Chest and Biceps


Decline Bench press 20/12 40/6

Incline DB Press 20/12 30/8

Flyes DB 10/12 17.5 12

Concentration culrs 15/7 20/5

Barbell Curls 30/7


16 minute run distance 1.76 0.01 out from Tuesdays run , excellent workout and food has been 100% all week.


(if I use a barbell I do not count the weight of the bar as a weight, I only count the weight I put on)

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Back and Cardio


DB pullover 20/12 45/10

Close Grip Pulldown 70/12 90/10

1 arm DB rows 25/10 40/10

Wide grip rows 70/10 90/9

Barbell deadlifts 20/12 60/10


16 Minute cardio Recumbent Bike 5.51 level 3


Decided to use the bike today my ankles were sore from running.

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Shoulders & triceps


Db shoulder Press 17.5/12 20/10 30/6

side laterals 10/10 17.5/10

Low Pulley 15/8

Reverse Flyes 10/12 20/10

Lying triceps 10/12 25/6

Tricep Pushdown 30/12 42.5/10

Seated Tricep Press 25/12 40/5


16 minutes cardio incline 1% run. Distance 1.70 miles


I really did not want to run today I felt tired especially my legs but IF YOU THINK IT YOU MUST DO IT

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DB pullover 22.5/12 45/10

close grip pulldown 70/12 95/8

1 arm row 25/12 40/14

wide grip row 70/12 90/11

Deadlifts 20/12 60/12


16 minute cardio incline 1% distance 1.64 miles


Workout took longer than expected due to the gym being so busy after work

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Pre Race Photo




Heart Rate monitor - calories and Half marathon time




completion medal



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Awesome! Way to go!



thanks!! today was shoulders and triceps

DB shoulder Press 17.5/12 22.5/10 30/4

Side laterals 10/13 17.5/15

Low pulley 15/6

Reverse flyes 12.5/15 20/16

Lying triceps 10/12 20/10

Tricep Pushdowns 30/15 42.5/13

seated tricep press 25/12 40/6


I struggled today on some weights, maybe after the half marathon I am a bit tired. No cardio today

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chest & biceps


Decline Barbell 20/12 40/5+2

Incline Barbell 15/10 20/7+3

DB Flyes 10/12 22.5/10+4

Concentration curls 10/10 17./7+4

Barbell Curls 35/7+3


did rest pause at the end of each set , racked the weight fir 15 seconds then went to get more reps


struggled to hit the same reps as last week, in the gym for 50 minutes no cardio this week letting legs recover.

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Close grip pulldown 70/12 95/10+6

1 arm DB row 25/12 42.5/10+4

Wide grip row 70/10 95/4+6

Barbell deadlifts 20/12 65/10

Assisted pullup 120/6 130/3 140/6 these were pathetic!!


HAd to change some exercises round due to gym being so busy, also I have been extremely hungry last two days !

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