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Portia's training diary 2012

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Today was shoulders and Cardio




Shoulder press machine 41/20 46/15 55/12 70/8


Rear delt machine 40/15 55/12 55/10


Upright row 30/20 40/12 40/12


Lateral cable raises 5/15 5/15 7.5/10




I have started to use the shoulder press machine because I work out alone I find my shoulders hurt when picking up heavy weights for the shoulder press, my shoulder does not seem to be hurting like it usually does after shoulder press with dumbbells.




It was a great workout kept high reps as I find going heavy as mentioned above really messes up my shoulder and I need to build some strength in them.




I did 25 minutes on a spin bike only noticed yesterday there are two spin bike with TV screens on at my gym where you can do a spin class via the videos they have on there or choose what workout you want to do I did intervals it was pretty good tells you when to stand up and put resistance on.




It feels much better to split up shoulders and legs as my shoulders were not getting enough attention they needed, I felt super human today!! I was a MASS MACHINE lifting those weights!!

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So today was legs the day started out crappy- I got to the gym and dropped my lunch on the floor well just the protein part still got sweet potato! So had to improvise and have a brown rice protein shake with the potato, and I also left my gym diary at work so had to guesti-mate the weights pretty much got most of them.




Workout was great to cheer me up.




I warmed on the spin bike for 10 minutes 10 second sprints and 20 seconds recovery.




45 Degree leg press70/25 90/20 112/20


Leg extensions (One leg at a time) 40/20 40/20 45/15


Stiff legged deadlifts 20/15 30/12 35/10 (Managed to get on the Olympic bar)


Walking lunges 12/15 12/15 12/15


Calf raise 60/25 75/20 75/20


Calf raise (leg press)130/20 130/20 130/20




Despite the day starting a little bad the workout was great, my legs felt pumped did have a little bit of a headache at work today but just kept drinking water and green tea hoping it would go away.

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Your journal is great! What are your goals (fitness, competition?) just curious. Also, how do you track your calories, protein, carbs? I think I'd have more success if I did that.



Hi thanks for the post, my goals are to get back in the shape I was last year. We (me and Mattpb) have had a bit of upheaval in the past few months we are from the UK but have just lived in Australia for 2 years and now in Canada so travelling takes its toll and sometimes not having a gym membership or job does not help, but we are pretty settled and enjoying this challenge on vegan bodybuilding, I would definitely love to compete in a show and attain my PT qualifications.


I keep track of my protein carbs and fats by pretty much weighing everything out and checking the nutritional content of food I eat, plus I eat the same every day so it stays the same apart from the one cheat meal every few weeks you can find out how much you should be eating by googling a macros calculator that will help you

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We go grocery shopping on a saturday and buy all our vegetables and food or the week, and then we spend a bit of time weighing out stuff and putting it in ziplock bags , so after work we can just steam the veg with tofu and some brown rice and theres a complete meal.


Believe me when i say it makes it so much easier to eat clean!

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Today was rest day from the gym, which i was glad off felt a bit crappy this morning seems like i get up later on a weekend and it messes me up but do i want to be getting up at 4.45am on a saturday and sunday like i do on a weekday??

I also messed up my meals waiting to long and it makes me feel crappy!! tomorrow is a new day so got to get on with it, plus i'm having trouble with bulking as a female feel like i'm getting fat but i have not eaten any junk food at all all clean meals so just need to think positive and big!!


Tomorrow is chest and triceps so bring it on!

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So today was chest and triceps.




I have decided to cut cardio to one day in order to build some muscle, its so hard for me to cut it out as I’m used to doing it and I like it and I’m female so I feel fat! But I have a goal in mind and that to build some muscle and then diet down. I won’t be eating junk through this bulking phase’s just clean food but a definite increase in calories




So I kept my rest to 1 minute between sets and it was a great high intensity workout.




Flat bench press 25/12 27.5/8 27.5/6


Flat bench flyes 15/10 15/10 15/10


Tricep pushdown 22.5/15 30/15 32.5/6


Skull crushers with DB 12.5/12 12.5/8 12.5/7


Tricep dips (machine) 60/15 65/12 70/8




I can probably start getting up a little later as I am cutting back on the cardio so could probably get an extra 30 minutes in bed. I seem to have strained by back slightly so think I will leave training my back until the end of week, just do biceps tomorrow. I think when I know I can’t do cardio causes me to really watch what I’m eating and push myself on the weights.

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Today was biceps only as I felt I had strained my back yesterday, it feels fine today.




Barbell curls 30/20 40/12 40/11+2


Incline curls 15/12 15/12 15/12+1


Preacher curls 25/15 30/10 30/10


Alternating curls 15/11 17.5/8 17.5/9



Crunches 3x15


Leg raises 3x15




I really killed it today with my biceps I kept it to a 1 minute rest in between sets and just focused on that muscle, my chest & triceps are sore from yesterday’s workout I love that feeling. My biceps are busting out of my shirt!


Feeling pretty good and it will be shoulders tomorrow, been getting in 6 clean meals probably up to 1900 calories a day.

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Today was shoulders and I tell you I killed it again was in there for about 30 minutes max but I blasted my shoulders




Shoulder press machine 55/14 60/12 70/10


Rear delt machine 55/12 55/12 55/10+2


Lateral raise pulley 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10


Upright rows 40/15 40/15 40/15




I feel like I have a lost a bit of weight but it’s probably water feeling pretty darn good my whole upper body is sore to touch love that feeling of working hard, tomorrow I will do my back then legs on Friday, Saturday will be 30 minutes medium intensity cardio.


Got a bad headache tonight so only a short post

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Today was shoulders and I tell you I killed it again was in there for about 30 minutes max but I blasted my shoulders

I feel like I have a lost a bit of weight but it’s probably water feeling pretty darn good my whole upper body is sore to touch love that feeling of working hard, tomorrow I will do my back then legs on Friday, Saturday will be 30 minutes medium intensity cardio.


Got a bad headache tonight so only a short post


If you have been eating clean since the start of the year I don't think you will still be losing water weight, your probably burning fat with your great meal plan and hard work in the gym.


Do you feel better than you did at the start of the year?


Keep going and give yourself more credit for all the hard work you have put in.

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Today was back

Lat pulldowns 57.5/15 60/12 70/10


Seated rows 70/10 70/10 70/10


Deadlifts 30/11 30/12 35/14


Bent over row 40/15 50/12 50/13


Hyperextensions on exercise ball -/15 -/15 -/15




It was a good solid workout need to keep working on my deadlift technique so will probably not be going up much heavier in weight until I’m confident with my form, I did the bent over row today not done this in a while I used a pre-weighted bar and it felt good just concentrating on using my hands like claws and using my back to pull the weight up.




I seem to be in the gym for around 30-40 minutes and it seems intensive but I like it, tomorrow is legs then cardio on Saturday I actually feel pretty good, I have had a bad headache for two days but it seems to have gone on Tuesday I had a 5 hours gap before eating my lunch as work was so busy so it may of started after that as I eat like clockwork!

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Today was legs




The leg extension was broke today so had to adapt.




45 Degree leg press 110/20 120/17 140/12


Squats -/15 20/15 20/15


Stiff legged deadlifts 30/15 30/15 30/15


Walking lunges 15/15 15/15 15/15


Calf raises 90/15 90/15 90/15


Calf raises (leg press) 135/25 150/25 150/25




Even though I had to adapt my workout I did not let it bother me, I decided to attempt squats with the Olympic bar I only put 5lbs either side as I have not done them in a while as I thought they may be aggravating my hip problem, I will see tomorrow how it holds out.


My legs were throbbing at the end I could barely do my lunges my legs were shaking, will maintain this momentum it’s been a full month with no treats just clean food, and feel amazing !I’m finally getting used to no cardio and can really push myself lifting weights.

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Today was cardio


My gym does not open until 7am on a weekend so i got up at 6.30 well my alarm went i spent a good 15 debating getting up as i felt so tired, but i got up and went to the gym.


I used the treadmill and did 30 mintues on various inclines with running and fast walking, it was pretty tough i weighed myself today i was 153 i was 155 last week, i feel like i have really pushed myself this week just got to keep increasing weights and reps where possible and get these muscles growing!

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Today was a rest day so just relaxed still got up at 6.30am if i get up later i find i can't sleep tonight for work tomorrow.


Its been a good week at the gym, will write up my workout for the week in my diary and will look at where i can increase weights etc, I need to keep pushing myself to be better every week.

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Today was chest & triceps




Flat bench press 27.5/8 27.5/7 27.5/7


Flat flyes 15/15 15/15 15/15


Triceps pushdown22.5 15/ 30/12 30/12+1


Triceps dips (assisted) 140/15 130/12 120/10+2


Skull crushers 20/20 30/10 30/10




It was a pretty intensive workout my chest and triceps were burning!! Loving the intensity of my workouts, I’m feeling stronger and eating good clean food so muscle growth will come.




Got to keep thinking positive and believe as your mind is just as important as other muscles got to keep working on that.




Looking forward to tomorrow its Mattpbs birthday so were going out for a treat to a Afghani restaurant which has a vegan platter will probably post photos this week of the food, not had any meals out all month so after we will probably get a vegan muffin from whole foods as a treat!

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If anyone else is interested in another challenge to keep you motivated check out skip Lacours challenge. you can follow any nutrition and workout plan there is no need to buy any of his products.


This guy is a great motivator and sends you videos every week, great way to be accountable for your own actions!


You can still enter now





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Skip La Cour's Mass Machine Nutrition

right here on Bodybuilding.com today.

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Today was back




Deadlifts 35/13 35/14 35/12+4


Bent over rows 50/20 60/10 60/10+5


Seated rows 70/12 70/12 70/12


Lat Pull downs 35/8 27.5/15 35/8 I Used a different machine it was in KG’s not pounds so was unsure would probably need to use a mini weight inbetween.




It was a great workout intensity of 8 I was sweating and my deadlifts went great on all my last sets I maxed out then put the weight down waited 10 seconds then tried to get some more out.




It was great and I felt pumped afterwards, it’s safe to say I was a mass machine!!




Tonight is a meal out first time in 30days looking forward to it its nice to get a break once a month and eat something different, but will be straight back on my usual meal plan tomorrow.

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I decided to do legs today and take advantage of them extra calories I ate last night!




I also tried the Vega pre-workout acai beery drink, not sure if it was that or just I wanted to lift like a machine but I was so pumped during my workout.




Leg extension was still broke so opted for smith machine squats. I also could not do walking lunges my legs were shaking so bad so did static lunges




Smith Machine Squats 20/20 30/15 35/12 40/15 50/10


Leg press 140/15 160/10 160/10 +5


Stiff legged deadlifts 35/20 40/15 50/10+6


Lunges 20/15 20/15 20/15


Calf raises (hammer strength) 50/15 50/15 50/15


Standing Calf Raises -/25 -/25 -/25

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