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Portia's training diary 2012

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Today was Cardio


Mass Machine Cardio distance 7.36 beat my record by 0.06 i gave it everything today!! I felt so happy afterwards like i had accomplished something!!


Last night i had a great dream me and Mattpb were driving round Vancouver, BC in this silver ferrari it was awesome . Just rolling round in this car and everyone looking at us.




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Barbell Bench press 30/4 30/4

Incline Bench Press 20/5 20/5

Incline Db press 35/5

Cable pushdown 57.5/6 57.5/6

Lying triceps 30/5 30/5


Mass Machine Cardio distance 7.21 bloody good effort!!


I weighed in today at 137.3 lbs since the cutting phases began loast 18 pounds, i felt full of energy today and after my workout awesome feeling had a great productive weekend and keep on keeping on!!


I just feel awesome at the minute it feels great to so happy and enjoying life and everything that happens!!

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Today was Legs


Squats 105/6 105/6

Leg press 320/6 320/6

Leg curls 185/5 185/5

Stiff legged deadlifts 95/6 95/6


Mass machine cardio ditance 7.22 beat yesterday by 0.01 and felt full of energy after the workout!!


Listened to Anthony Robbins talking about goals today kept me well and truly foccussed for Cardio as i know what my goals are , and cardio is all part of the process!! There is no better feeling than reaching your potential!!

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Today was back & biceps


Barbell rows 45/6 45/6

Pulldowns 110/6

Low pulley rows 105/6

Deadlifts 65/6 65/6

Db Curls alt 30/5 30/5

Barbell Curls 35/6


Mass machine cardio distance 6.90, i felt strong on the weights smashed last weeks, but cardio legs felt heavy today struggled to get ovr 21mph today, i felt energized after the gym so walked the long way to work, tommorrow i will go on my lunch hour to do cardio as i can't go on saturday and i made a committment to 6 days cardio . IF i say i must do!!

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Today was shoulders and traps


DB shoulder press 32.5/4 32.5/4

Side lateral raises 20/6 20/6

Bent over laterals 22.5/6 22.5/6

Shrugs 80/6 80/6

Upright rows 20/5


Mass machine cardio distance 7.10, my mind was just not there on the weights today i didnt actually feel that tired just like i wasnt there, i pushed through and seemed really push on cardio. will peobably go back to the gym on my lunch to do my saturday cardio, just over a week left of the challenge can't wait to post before and after shots

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Today was calves, abs and forearms


HS calf raises 205/6 205/6

Leg Press Calf raises 240/6 240/6 240/6

Weighted leg raises 17.5/15 17.5/15

Ball Crunches -/15 -/15

Reverse Curls 20/8 20/8


Mass machine Cardio Distance 7.20 great workout still feeling full of energy, i don't feel that hungry through the day its more after my last meal i feel hungry, was very restless last night.


Cardo at lunch again got my MM hottest pre workout on the market ready to take prior really does give me a boost



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Skip La Cour's Mass Machine Nutrition

right here on Bodybuilding.com today.

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Today was chest & triceps


Bench press 30/5 30/5

Incline Bench Press 20/4 20/4

Incline Db press 35/6

Cable pushdown 50/6

Lying triceps 25/6 25/6


Mass machine cardio distance 6.99


It was a tough workout today felt drained i had been at a course all weekend last nigh i came home with a major headache think it was from info overload, keep on keeping on took a photo after my mass machine cardio session today it was motivation for not giving up !!


Watched the video skip posted with Anthony Robbins was excellent stuff to watch my breakthrough is just realising i can be who ever i want to be and i will, it was been an outstanding 6 months and i am just glad i entered and Skip delivered what he said his all and i will always be a supporter of Mass machine Nutiriton & Training!!


Also saving up to get skips audio seminars and ebooks so i can learn more and more !!

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Such a busy weekend attending the start of my personal trainer course it was awesome but soooooooooo much info, the time i have been dedicating to the challenge the past 6 months will be passed over to studying to pass the ACSM personal trainner exam

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Hey pphelps, i just wanted to give you a big thank you for all the support you have given me over the last 6 months during our bulking and cutting challenge. I think we make a great team as we keep each other going through the tough times (cutting calories) and enjoy the good times (complimenting each others physiques & treat meals).

you are awesome!!



Click here to order

Skip La Cour's Mass Machine Nutrition

right here on Bodybuilding.com today.

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Squats 70/6 70/6

Leg Press 270/6 270/6

Stiff legged deadlifts 50/6 50/6

Leg Curls 170/6 170/6


Mass Machine Cardio level 3 distance 7.10, i just got and the bike and pedalled the first song on my ipod was the travelling wilberrys the end of the line and thats all i could think its the end this week so just keep pushing hard, i have felt really tired and drained but its weird you still want more in terms of how you look, i look awesome but want more!! I actually lowered some weights today as sometime i feel like i'm moving the weight a to b rather than with the muscle- my legs are in agony now!!

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Last abck & biceps workout

I had to go to the gym soslo as Mattpb has to start at 6.30am not 7.30am so for 3 out of 5 days i will training solo!


Back & Biceps


Barbell rows 50/6 50/6

Cable pulldowns 100/6

Low pulley cable rows 100/6

Deadlifts 70/6 70/6

DB Curls Alt 25/6 25/6

Barbell curls 30/6


Mass Machine Cardio distance 7.04, overall great wokout and felt better today than i had all week, final push now feeling and looking awesome, but these last few weeks have made me realise that i still have to take it up a notch if i wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show, not planning on doing anything regarding that until next year, time to concentrate on my career and gettign that dream life i want for me and mattpb.

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Today was shoulder trained solo again today


Db shoulder press 27.5/6 27.5/6

Side lateral raises 15/8 15/8

Bent over lateral raises 22.5/6 22.5/6

Shrugs 80/8 80/8

Upright rows 15/6


Mass machine cardio distance 7.13 best distance of the week


Yesterday was so stressful i think it was sent to try me and see how i would cope, well i did it was a struggle to concentrate at work, then at lunch had an issue at home had to run home and back in lunch hour, then something for work had to be done at the library until 6.30 everntually got home at around 7.00pm been out since about 5.30am, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!


Having trouble sleeping at night and needed to go loo every few hours, felt liike i had energy during the workout but looking in the mirror motivated seeing how much i have changed .

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Calves abs and forearms

Hs Calf raises 190/6 190/6

Leg Press Calf raises 200/6 200/6

Leg Raises 17.5/12 17.5/12

Ball Crunches -15 -/15

Db wrist curls 32.5/8 32.5/8

Reverse curls 30/8 30/8


Mass Machine cardio distance 7.44!!!!!!!! my record was 7.36 but i smashed it!!


I woke up this morning feeling like i was indescructible and for some reason i knew i was going to beat the cardio record i just pushed and pushed and i did it!!


I weighed myself i was 137.1lbs today when we started in January i was 158lbs very happy with the way i look and feel , will probably post my photos on here and my bodyspace and the forum.

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Went out for our monthly cheat meal and to celebrate the end of the six month challenge meal was great Lebanese but I found a hair in the food!! So took the shine of it but the vegan cherry ice cream and vegan banana bread from whole foods made up for it!!

This week is week off from the gym and I have to hit the books for my personal trainer course

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This week will be a week off from the gym and catch up on studying and other things before hitting Mass Machine training routine #3 on July 9, I have pretty much wrote my essay and its is ready to submit just got to re-read later and then i'm done i spent ages typing and thinking just spoke from the heart!!


Back on my regular eating schedule after a meal out last night was our usual once a month meal out, my nutritional plan will be


Meal 1 & 2 pre/Post workout

1/3 cup oats

1/2 Banana

1 scoop vegan protein


Meals 3 & 4

100g spinach

75g Cucumber

50g Tomatoes

50g Carrotts

85g tofu

1/8 Avocado


Meal 5

1 scoop vegan protein

250ml almond milk


Meal 6

85g tofu

350g Mixed Veg (Broccolli, Cauli, Pak Choi, Mushrooms)

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What was great about my day? This is for the past two days


- Scheduled week off from the gym

- Had loads of fun with Mattpb

- Having a variety of veg for my tea , mushrooms tasted awesome lol

- No Gym- so been studying 5am until 7am before work

- Watched a tony robbins vid before work

- Set some new goals for the gym


What about my day could I improve to make things EVEN BETTER?


- Not much it has been fun the past few days


What can I do to make things more enjoyable?

I have had a great few days and looking forward to hitting the gym on Monday for Mass Machine training routine #3 and starting another 12 week challenge for ourselves


Click here to order

Skip La Cour's Mass Machine Nutrition

right here on Bodybuilding.com today.


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So from monday will be another challenge for me and mattpb, its 12 weeks until some family come to see us in Canada it will be two years since we have seen anyone from home so we want to make sure we look our best ever!!


Mass machine training routine #3 from Monday food will pretty much be whats above apart from meal 6 will revert back to brocolli and green beans its easier than chopping several different veg the change this week has been nice

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I wrote some goals down for the gym for the next 12 weeks here goes-


To achieve 8.00 miles on my Mass Machine Cardio currently my record is 7.44miles

To be able to do pull ups unassisted, I remember I could’nt do dips on Mass machine training #1 but by the end of it I could

To be able to squat my bodyweight in Lbs , I can do 100lbs on the bar

Maintain 140lbs




Click here to order

Skip La Cour's Mass Machine Nutrition

right here on Bodybuilding.com today.

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