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Vein Contest!


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I wasn't sure where to put this because it's not really fitness and training or bodybuilding which are more serious threads. This is just for fun, and it is all about photos so I thought I'd post it here.


This is a vein contest. Not a vanity contest, but a vascularity contest.


So post your photos with awesome veins. I know Jonathan and Daywalker once had a vein battle and I wanted so bad to challenge them. So here is where we will do it.


Here are a few of my photos for my entry....then maybe for fun we'll put a poll question up fo people to vote for the winner. This is of course a friendly contest and I expect to see Daywalker and others join in











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Yeah veins are fun to have


Hey...we can't have a "contest" if I'm the only one! What about this guy??? I'm sure he won't mind me entering him. I know he probably has better vein pics, but this one is pretty Awesome. It is actually my favorite all-time vegan bodybuilding photo!



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Haha, Crash, that's cool!


Actually, i already got K-Oz to take a few vein pics for this thread yesterday evening - i'll try to get 'em online this weekend. Maybe i color them green before


Rob, watch out, my popping veins are coming

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While not up to Richard's caliber, just thought I'd give you a preview of what you guys would look like in green ....

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v652/veganbabe/adargatz.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v652/veganbabe/rob.jpg


Wow, this is cool to see us side-by-side. I was actually going to ask Richard to do that sometime. I wanted to see how much work I still have to do to catch up with Daywalker.


And Alex....I know you were taking Vein pics, I just couldn't wait, and wanted to get others involved. I might have to take some new ones too. Bring it on big boy!


And thanks Crash, it is really cool to see us side-by-side Now we need to add Topher, Mike, Robbie, and other vegan bodybuilders too. We can make a whole panel sometime and put it up on the main site. And of course we would include the vegan fitness women too. It could look quite cool actually!


More veins coming soon.



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Okay, here are my feeble attempts to get a vein pic.


Keep in mind all these excuses:

- the light was bad.

- I'm pale, not tanned.

- I'm not shaved.

- and so on.


First try:




Same in our new favourite skin color (i think the veins come out more clearly, especially all the smaller ones ):






Then, a slightly better try, though still nothing compared to Rob monstrous "giant penis" forearm:





Now bigbwii, it's your turn. Don't sing it, bring it


And remember: It's orn like popcorn (whatever that means).

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Thanks for taking the photos!


Great pics Alex! You are still super-ripped! And unlike me, your bicep is bigger than your forearm


I will have to get some new pics too. I don't get many veins in my upper arms, mostly just the forearm, some in the legs and a few others here and there.


I'm just a huge fan of veins. I'll get more pics and maybe others will post some too and then we can make a poll for voting for "Most Vascular"


What a great award, huh?



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I guess this is my entry - the original vien contest with me and alex:




Ive always been really vascular - used to freak out girls out school with my forearms - maybe thats why i never had a girlfriend!


Here is alex's effort from that evening:




Mighty impressive



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Thanks Jonathan, I remember these photos and I was looking on VF.net for them but couldn't find them. Cool to see you enter. We can use that pose as a standard. It seems to be in Alex's photos too, so I will have to get some of my whole arm, not just forearm. But I think it will look funny as my forearm will probably overshadow my upper arm


Nice veins going on with both of you, great to see



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Okay, boys, step aside...


Here's my (sorry) entry...hey, at least I'll win The Ugliest Veins round!


How about leg veins...***

I remember some foolio said to me, "whoa you've got a massive vein on the back of your leg!" "Thanks, Sherlock...don't look at it if it bugs you."


My arms get veiny if I work my arms (which I have only started to do again); so this is the state of them now: *** -probably not due to muscle Maybe they are just old lady veins!!! Ack!

Edited by _raVen_
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Thanks for the vein entry Raven


I'm going to get one in that same pose that Jonathan and Daywalker have. I think that will be our standard. If it wree just forearms I think I'd win, but Alex will be tough to beat when it comes to veins in the entire arm.


Anyone else going to take some complete arm vein photos?

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