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BlueStorm's 2012 transformation. ( Food & training log )

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My name is Christina and I need to change. Period.

For years I have been doing the research and after seeing Forks over knives and Food matters there was no way around it anymore.

My body is telling me to stop abusing it.

My mind wants to live on a healthier planet!

I was never one to go with a latest diet,... I did fell for the meat eating bodybuild belief.

But boy, does it make me tired.

I fell in love with Brendan Brazier's books, Ani Phyo's and I just recieved Vegan bodybuilding by Robert.

I do not want to be a skinny fat person, I want stong, sexy muscles and a healthy BF%.

So , that is what I am gonna do!

A mission, a clear goal.

I just started to become a Fyto- and Nutrition specialist and an extra course in Somatic psychology.

I just wrapped up doing the NLP practitioner and my mind is strong!

No more talk the talk ....walk the walk! #inspire others.


My biggest goals for now:

Lower BF%

No more back ache

More enegery (to study)

Be able to run 15 km

Feel confident again in my own skin

Go vegan completely

Rid my skin condition



Look forward to meeting you all!



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January 1st: Day 1


Got up at 11.... this was a a bumpy start and let's keep it positive...it was all vegan and mostly clean.

I noticed it was not much so will do better tomorrow. More greens.

Water intake during the day enough! and green tea.

I had a family gathering at night and had to spend 5 hours on a cold tennis court watching my boyfriend play his finals.

My back was feeling better so slow start with riding my bike.



1 apple + cinnamon



1 cup Organic whole grain pasta with ( 2 spoons) pesto ( basil, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and lime juice)

1 Cup Organic cherry tomato



5 km bike ride outside



1 cup cooked quinoa with raisins and fresh vanilla

5 mixed nuts



5 km bike ride outside



1 cup Organic whole grain pasta with ( 2 spoons) pesto ( basil, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and lime juice)

1 Cup Organic cherry tomato



Traditional Dutch treat for New Years 2 "oliebollen".

( doughnut like thing only way less calories)

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Day 2

Bit dizzy and mentally foggy later in the day.

Tomorrow: Weights!



1 Apple and cinnamon

1 Medjoul date

Large green tea



!0 km bike ride



1 cup quinoa with raisins and 10 pecan nuts

1 banana



3/4 cup kidney beans

3/4 cup raw broccoli florets, cherry tomato and parsley



2 Oliebollen



Parsnip with onion, ginger, cinnamon and plums 1/2 cup + some raw cucumber



Juice of a small apple. small red beet and 7 celery stalks




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I wanted to add my measurements.

I did take before foto's on December 31rd 2011 but frankly...I am too ashamed to put them up yet.

I hope to see a difference in a month or 2 and then post before and after together.


So these are the stats:


January 1st I weighed in at: ( see picture)

78 Kg = 171.96 LBS.


Measurements today:

Calf ~ 38.5 cm

Upper leg ~ 64 cm

Hip ~ 97 cm

Widest lower body ~ 105 cm

( waist ) smallest ~ 77 cm

Chest ~ 88 cm

Upper arm ~ 31 cm


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Day 3.


I noticed a great fatigue and chatted with TheAlliB tonight to get my nutrition tighter.

Had planned a workout in the afternoon but I fell asleep!

I only did 10 min of cross training and was outside a bit.

Food was all vegan ...not disirable and Allison told me more food. #sounds like a plan

I think I need to lay off the bread for a while too.


So this was my food list for today. ( All water and 3 green tea)


Meal 1

Juice of 1 lemon and water followed by

1 cup quinoa with raisins and vanilla

1 teaspoon flaxseeds and 1 spoon sunflower seeds


Meal 2

1 medjoul date

2 slices vegan bread and 1 1/2 serving almond butter


Meal 3

1 banana

1 oliebol


~insert sleep here~


Meal 4

3 rice cakes organic (DRY)

juice of 1 apple, 1 beet and celery sticks

1 spirulina


Meal 5


Soup made of bell pepper, onion and garlic 1 1/2 cup

2 Dolma's ( Ani Phyo recipe) --> collard green with sundried tomato, pine nuts, raisin, olive oil. dille


Meal 6

1 oliebol


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Day 4 of vegan.

Like yesterday being tired hit me later in the afternoon.

Almost fell asleep again.

More food?

I am not sure.


Meal 1

Green tea

1 cup quinoa with raisins and vanilla

1/4 cup mungbeans sprout


40 min walk


Meal 2

1 apple

hand nuts: almons, sesame, pecan


1 km cross trainer

Bench press 2x 6.5 kg 3 sets of 20 reps

Biceps 3 sets 12 reps 4, 5 kg

Step up high bench 60 each leg

Leg raise side: 3 sets of 15 reps

tricep kickback 3 sets of 10 reps 2kg

Abs 4 different 4x10 reps


Meal 3

1 sachet vanilla recover Vega

3 rice cakes, 1 almond butter

1 cup spinach

1/2 cup kale, 1 date


Meal 4

2 spoons dried blueberries

2 spoons pepita's

1 spirulina


Meal 5

1/3 cucumber

1 celery stick slices

1/3 cup hummous ( kidney beans, chickpeas, sundried tomato, lemon and parsley)


Meal 6

vegan falafal balls 6

Bok Choy with ginger and 1/4 cup cabbage




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Meal 1

Quinoa 1 cup with raisins

1 medjoul date, 1teaspoon flax, 1 teaspoon sesame seeds, 1 teaspoon hemp seeds


Meal 2

Juice of one pomegranate

1 1/2 cup spinach ( note to self: not a good combo to blend)


Meal 3

1 apple

3 rice cakes, 1 serving almond butter


Meal 4

1 1/2 cup of pumpkin/celey/onion/sage/grains


Meal 5

juice of 1 beet, 1/2 cucumber spirulina

1 banana ate whole


Meal 6

Chocolate mousse ( 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, raw cacao powder blended with 1 teaspoon agave)


Snacked at a movie on 65 grams of thai spices rice chips ( vegan )


No training today.

Wanted to eat more but did not.

Tomorrow's goal: eat more and train with weights.



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Today was a day I was constantly working in house or walking towards places outside.

I feel better then a week ago.

I feel leaner and more clear.


1 apple


5 km bike ride


Meal 1

1 cup Chololate orange organic vegan cereal

1/2 cup almond milk

1 plum

1 spoon nutritional yeast


40 min brisk walk


Meal 2

1 cup kidney/chickpeas

1/4 zucchini, 1 celery stalk, multitude of herbs, pepper, lettuce, parsley

( was full a LONG time )


Meal 3

Hand brazil nuts/ pecans

3 small organic dried figs, 1 banana


40 min walk


Meal 4

1 1/2 cup Pumpkin, grain, sage, celery mix ( as yesterday)

1/4 cup potato

raw bell pepper 1/4 cup


Meal 5

2 small organic figs



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I noticed today is hard.

I looked in the mirror and got a case of the "get there now -itis".

Why am I not SEEING results I ask myself.

I know it takes about 7 weeks of training and clean eating to SEE something.

What messes me up is I FEEL thinner on the inside since started this way of eating.

My body is not craving anything. My head is.

I want to feel comforted...it comes down to being scared.

No more false beliefs.

Sticking with this.

Sticking with me.

I am focussing on health.

I am beautifull any-way.

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Remember that one of the side effects of clean eating is detoxing. And not only headaches, but fatigue also, is a sign of detox.

One way to help get over it faster is to flush it with more water by drinking water more than your NORMAL amount (and yes, you will be going to the bathroom to flush the toxins away!).


Another reason why I think it might be detox is because you said you don't feel like eating more. Sometimes the detoxing body doesn't want to deal with digesting food, and your body is telling you that.


Your body is also telling you to take it easy, by making you fatigue and actually making you take naps. it will be hard to detox and perhaps exercise to the amount you want to do.


This should only last about a month or so (depending on how much of a detox you have - toxins are stored in fat cells usually - so if you have a certain amount of fat cells, you might have a certain amount of toxins to release).

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Saturday was a day I fell asleep AGAIN in the afternoon.

Eating all vegan and clean yet not ideal.


Meal 1

1 apple


Meal 2

Chocolate mousse

made of 1/2 avocado, 1 banana, 1 date, coco powder raw.


Meal 3

Beets with garlic, balsamic vinigar and rosemary from the oven

1 cup mixed brown rice and kidney beans

Nutritional yeast


40 minute walk


Meal 4

2 small vigs and 1 cup organic muesli

1/2 cup almond milk


Meal 5

2 cups organic muesli

1/2 cup almond milk


Been studying too long and was really hungy...grabbed that instead of prepping veggies...which is not my style

Really needed more veggies today.


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OK so week one of being absolutely vegan:

I lost 1, 8 kg ( 3.96 LBS)

But that is not most important.


Whether it is detox like another forum member pointed out or I need to monitor my food better ( which I think needs to be done) I noticed I am getting sick. My immune systym is down.

I am not alarmed.

My skin condition like I said is vanishing, I feel and am more happy... My skin is actually getting softer.

I saw a lot of vegans say they feel more connected and whole.

Well I feel scared on this journey ( but being in your stetch zone does that ...I'll be living this new lifestyle before you know it...) and excited at the same time.

The changes I feel in just a week are great!

I even saw Kathy Freston re-Tweeted me, that was pretty cool!

I do miss working out, I have not really been up to strength and even slept in the afternoon...I do not usually do that!

Again, it is my body re-adjusting.


This week I will be focussing on some more homework ( styding to be a nutrition and fyto specialist) and prepping for a big exam.


Thoughts are always welcome!

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You may need to counteract the stress you are feeling with the studying and testing going on. It can wreak havoc on your immune system. Especially if you are detoxing your diet. If you feel tired, then power nap. I have to do that for my body because I put it thru so much. If it says to sleep, then I sleep. Seems only fair. I tell it to lift that heavy weight many times, and it listens and does it for me. So I reciprocate.

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2 small figs, dried


Meal 1

1 cup muesli

1/2 cup almond milk

Large green tea

1 plum


Meal 2

3 rice cakes, 1 almond butter

1 apple


Meal 3

1 1/2 cup rice, kidney beans, red beet ( soon after meal 2, hungry)


40 minute brisk walk outside


Meal 4

Salted almonds hand full

Broccoli 1 1/2 cup briefly blanched


Meal 5

Vegan organic white bread ( home made nothing on it)... my guy got the melted nutella one, I stayed off that!

Green juice ( celery, cucumber, carrot)

Spirulina, vitamin D and calcium.


#notice I find it hard to get in the (raw )veggies because I do not like cold food or drinks

I need to get them out of the fridge before consumption and let them get room temperature

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Day 10 of being vegan and eating clean.


2 plums


Bike ride 5 km


1 1/4 cup organic muesli

1/2 cup almond milk

2 figs dried

Large green tea


1 cup whole grains

pesto made of pine nuts, basil and sundried tomato, 2 spoons

1 cup tomato raw



40 min brisk walk outside


chocolate mousse of

1 date, 1 banana, raw coco powder and 1/2 avocado


Oven baked potato sice of 1 cup I guess

2 cups bok choy and zucchini


Skyped with Allison aka AlliB and she is gonna kick my trash

Thanks again! .... going strong tomorrow!

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Meal 1

1 1/4 cup muesli

1/2 cup almond milk



The AlliB, JNL Fusion work out...as promised!

(3 sets of each, 30 sec interval)


Warm up with 5 Minutes of Speed Rope








Fusion Jumping Jacks




Basket Ball “Shoot for the Hoops” --> Did squats, when up raised hands, my back is not strong enough YET




X Push Up with a Twist ( Knee push up and crashed into the floor...jeez this is hard...but I finished strong! )




Tricep Wood Chop Squat






Meal 2

1 vega sachet recovery with 1 banana and a big cup of spinach blend.


Meal 3

1 cup of grains

1 cup of raw tomato

2 spoons pesto ( pine nuts, snudried tomato and basil)


Meal 4

hand of pecans/hazelnuts

2 plums


Meal 5 ( had this meal around 6 and stayed up till after 11)

Pumpking soup ( made up with 5 different veggies and herbs)

3 flaxseed breads


Dad 5 raisins at night.

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So ...I believe you attract what you think of and put out there.

I just saw the list of things that are given away and boy how I like it.

I just want to say I am really interested in books, I love to educate myself ( and then share)


So Ani Phyo and Mike Mahler's book look great! ( tried the contest but that did not work yet...)

Or talking to Channa Serenity would be great.

( I am already blessed with the AWESOME AlliB.)


Vega products are more hard to come by and extremely expensive due to shipping and handeling and that darn Robert got me to love them sending me a few samples, great as he his.


Who knows if the universe will pick this up....we'll see.


Either way, I truly mean it when I say I am already gaining so much health.

My guy is not there with me ....but I got 2 movie tips lined up for us to see.

In his own time and maybe not.

I really do not want to go back.

It's almost been 2 weeks..but why go back to feeling crappy when this feels happy?

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Meal 1

2 flax bread, 1 almond butter

1/2 mango


Meal 2

1 1/2 cup pumpkin soup

1 cup grains with pesto( nuts-basil-)


Meal 3

1/2 cup almond milk

1 1/3 cup musli


40 min walk outside

20 in cross trainer


Meal 4

1 cup parsnip

1 cup broccili

1/2 cup oatmeal mixture ( with vanilla/ date/ almond ... I was making a pie crust)



30 min walk outside


small hand raisins

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Meal 1

Trifle made of almonds, coconut oil, blood orange, water, oatmeal, date

1 1/3 cup


Meal 2

2 flax bread, 1 almond butter

1 apple with cinnamon


Meal 3

Same as one


Meal 4

Hand raisins and 2 figs

( got and unexpected visitor and did not make time to prep food)


Meal 5

Brown rice 1/2 cup

Curry with tofu made myself and cucumber


snacked on some flavoured rice cakes, 60 grams with a movie



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Meal 1

2 flaxbreads, 1 almond butter and large green tea


Meal 2

1/2 cup almond milk

1 cup muesli


40 min walk ( with jogs inbetween, building it up)

20 min Windsor pilates


Meal 3

1/2 cup grains, cucumber slices 1/2 cup with vinigar

tofu curry with mixed veggies


20 min bike ride and long walk



Juice of apple, cucumber, ginger and carrot

50 grams spices rice cakes


Meal 4

2 dates, Muesli 1/2 cup... grrr hungry

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