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Synny's before and during.....

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Back in 2007 I decided to start losing weight. I weighed in at 270 lbs and joined the Biggest Loser online club. I got down to 219 lbs but shot back up due to working 3 jobs and being around bad choices. November 2009 I decided enough was enough and I decided to go vegetarian. I was tired of feeling sick all the time. I tried the 21 day vegan kickstart in Jan 2010 but it didn't quite stick.... So in April 2010 I tried it again and it stuck!! I started to make the changes and soon found out I had even more energy that disrupted my sleep. I was working nights and didn't go to the gym. It was 1 yr ago that I started back at the gym. My weight was 265 lbs.... Wasn't a happy camper. Fast forward to today it is 1 yr later I am now 68 lbs lighter, at the gym daily doing something to burn off my energy. Everyday someone is coming up to me asking how much I have lost or come up to compliment me on my progress. The best compliments come from the bodybuilders I have a ways to go and no intentions of stopping. I hope to compete in figure in 2013!


This is me in 2007 at my heaviest 270 lbs


me now :)


Me now :)

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This entire community is an inspiration for me. Where I the veg community is very small. At the gym I go to there are 2 vegetarians and 2 vegans but soon to be only 1 vegetarian. I have no real support system except for on here. And I can honestly I am so very happy I found this community.

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