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Synny's before and during.....

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I have no real support system except for on here. And I can honestly I am so very happy I found this community.
Yeah, isn't it great? Keep updating! But Synny, honestly, I have no doubt that with or without this forum you'd do just fine, because you're so committed and motivated. You got this!
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My middle has become a blur of workouts, sleeping, eating and working. I can't believe it is already Feb 2012!!! It really only seems like yesterday I was starting my journey. I still have days I want to drop to my knees and cry at the progress I have made, the struggles I have gone through alone, and the struggles ahead that I don't know about.

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Yeah but if it wasn't for Gaia I wouldn't have ever listened to my body or Amanda guiding me on my diet I think I would have been in a bad spot today struggling to make sense of it all. I never was a thankful person and used to be the biggest negative nelly out there. Now I am thankful for all that I have and for those in my life

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Here I am at week 4. I see so many changes now that I hadn't seen before. Very surreal and humbling. This is motivation to keep working super hard for my goals and to not give up or get side tracked from the task at hand!!!!! Can't wait to see what happens in the next 4 weeks!




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GREAT legs...you are an "apple"...I see the most loss from your shoulders, breast, and stomach..and FACE. A pretty one! Smile!!! I have a friend here that did the bypass surgery and doesn't look nearly as good as you...and there is hardly any loose skin--Kudos! You are quite inspirational- and your photos are great- thank you so much for posting here and sharing!

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Ok so after 84 days of doing a fat loss program I have the final update for it.


Starting weight 195

Finishing weight 179.6

Starting BMI 32.4

Finishing BMI 29.9


Chest: 44" down to 40.5 around the breast 37.5 under the breast (wasn't sure where to measure)

Waist: 40" down to 37

Hips: 46.5" down to 42

Shoulders: 45" down to 42.5

Neck: 16.5" down to 15

Right upper arm: 15" down to 13.25

Left upper arm: 15 down to 13.5

Right forearm: 10.75" down to 10

Left forearm: 10" didn't change

Right thigh: 22.5" down to 20.25

Left thigh: 22.25: down to 20

Right calf: 14.5" down to 14

Left calf: 15 down to 14.5




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