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Paige's Training Journal for 2012 Contest Season


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This am was routine work of straddles presses, planche holds, straddle jumps, rocking pushups, split planches, high kicks, hitch kicks, lots of flexibility work, turning planches, one arm pushups. Then weight training of:

superset of barbell curls and skull crushers 5x12 each

superset of seated DB curls and tricep cable press 5x12 each

superset of hammer curls and tricep kickbacks 5x12 each


food was: protein powder, oatmeal, apples, pumpkin, tofu, green beans, flax seed oil, broccoli, lettuce, balsamic

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today's training was:

leg ext 4x10 each leg

superset of leg curls and step ups 5x12

hack squats 5x12

super set of stiff legged deadlifts and squats 5x12


food was: oatmeal, protein powder, apples, pumpkin, tofu, green beans, flax oil, broccoli, lettuce.

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For today I am so sore. Did only a 3 mile run. Afraid to lift since my upper back hurts so badly today. Need to rest it. Got my t-shirts from Robert today with some nice vega goodies.

Food today so far is protein powder, cantaloupe, apples. Going to eat one of these vega bars and then probably more prot powder and lots of veggies tonight. I am traveling today so probably mostly protein powder for the next few days and veggies since I can easily travel with the powder and just mix it with water.

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Been traveling but still got training in anyway. Yesterday was chest and shoulders. Did chest press 5x12, super set for incline press and incline flys 5x12, monster set of side raises, front raises, upright rows, military press 5x12 each, pushups 3x15, flexibility work, routine presses, worked on splits, 30 minute run. today was only a three mile run. Back is a bit better but not great. Played golf yesterday and friday and got a massage to help losen up the upper back. Also started working with a sport psychologist to help improve my "game" this year before the season starts.

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5am training:

30 minutes treadmill 15% incline, 1 min at 4.0 1 min at 2.5 until 30 mins.

Legs: 4x10 each, leg extension

super set of leg curl and step ups 5x12 each leg

super set of squats and straight legged deadlift 5x12

hack squats with ball 5x12

4am meal: 2 scoops prot powder (hemp/gemma/rice) 1banana

6:30a: broccoli and sweet potato

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Hey Paige! Great job with your journaling! I'm one of the VB&F team members, and we got your email request to have your journal reviewed for eligiblity. We'll be shipping out prize packages beginning mid-month! Great job! Hope you'll stick around the forum and continue to post and be a valuable member of this online community!


All the best,


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leg day/abs and high intensity cardio. Recently changed my cardio to only 15 mins a day but high end 85% HR. Really helps to keep my HR up throughout my weight training. Burning alot more cals in a shorter period of time. Weight training is more high intensity with minimal breaks.

15 min. 15% incline tread at 4.0

squats 3x15

plie squats 3x15

SB ham curls

jump squats

plank twisters


SB running mans

cresent lunges

all 3x15

sprinter sit-ups


Ate a bit too much yesterday. Going to try and cut it back today.

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Today was an hour of routine work and 30 mins of hard cardio (spin and stair stepper). Lots of stretching. Burned 850cals but routine practice was poor. Might need to up that practice to improve for upcoming contest. I have decided to stop following any type of "diet plan" because it never works. I need food to get through these training sessions. I do not like it when I am to weak to train. More food seems to result in more training. Also bringing food to the gym now so I can go longer.

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Kicked up that food today. Feeling very full. Ended up eating lots of protein powder (10 scoops throughout the day) gemma, rice, hemp. lots of raw carrots, 2 large bowls of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms with T. of flax oil and balsamic. Cauliflower dish with T. olive oil (raw recipe). 2 bananas, apple, some blueberries, pepper, cherry tomatoes. Had 1c oatmeal post workout. Want to get more starchy carbs in but I can't eat anymore. Tomorrow more st carbs and less powder. We will see how training goes tomorrow with a day of more food. Considering I burned 850 cals in my morning workout I suspect that the additional food will help. I will post tomorrow if I see any results in the gym.

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Great am training. I would have gone longer but my training schedule only had me doing a 30 min. run and a chest and tri workout. Only took 70 mins. Had energy to go about another 20-30mins of hard training. Probably because I upped the food intake yesterday. Really made a difference.


4x15 incline press

4x8 flying/plyo pushups

3x8 tricep pushups

4x15 cable crossovers

3x12 tricep dips with feet on MB

3x15 plate tricep press

3x10 up down plank holds

3x15 pushups on upside down bosu ball


Food today was:

pre-workout 2 sc prot powder (hemp, rice, gemma) 1 banana w/BCAA

post workout 1c oatmeal, salad of lettuce, broccoli, spinach, flax oil, balsamic

mid morn apple, 2sc pp

lunch 6in Subway veg sandwich (Italian bread is vegan)

mid afternoon apple 2sc prot powder

dinner lettuce, broccoli, spinach, 1/2 avocado, balsamic, 1T flax oil salad

1 red pepper

1c almond milk

raw carrots munched on throughout the day


Tomorrow is cardio and legs. Will see how I feel tomorrow. Then I will decide if the food was enough to support the training.

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Woke up this am with a severe headache and starving. Felt like a drop in blood sugar. I am guessing it was not enough food for me yesterday or maybe not enough carbs. Training was very tough. I had no energy. Had extra coffee to get through.

30 mins. cardio -run and 15% incline treadmill walk.

leg/abs day:

3x15 squats

3x15 jump squats

3x15 SB running man

3x15 plank twisters

3x15 v-ins on bench

3x15 plie squats

3x15 cresent lunges

3x15 runners sit ups


Food was pretty much the same today as yesterday but I am going to add some additional asparagus and mushrooms tonight and one more pepper. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow for routine training.

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Good training week. Today was:

2x10 squats, lunges, walking lunges, inchworms, fire hydrants

3x10 MB woodchoppers, plank patty cake

4x15 walking lunges, push up jacks, back rows, deadlifts, step ups, box jumps, 180 jumps, jump lunges, speed skaters

2x10 high kicks(es), straddle jumps, left and right splits, L press, tuck jumps


food yesterday was


4am 4 sc prot powder, apple, banana

7am 1c oatmeal

10am apple

12 1/2c pasta and veggies

2:00 apple 2sc prot powder

4pm red pepper

5:30 broccoli/spinach/lettuce/mushroom/1/2 avocado with balsamic and 1T flax oil

red pepper


Pretty good energy today for training. Focusing on eating enough to fuel my workouts and increase my overall energy.

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great routine practice for 2 hours today. Have increased food intake which has really made a difference in my training. Food today was:


pre-workout 2 sc raw powder 1 banana-1tsp greens

post: apple, 1c oatmeal, asparagus/mushrooms

4 sc prot powder 1 apple

lunch tahini burrito wrapped in collard greens and kale chips


4sc powder 1 banana-2tsp greens

salad with broccoli, lettuce and spinach, 1/2 avocado, balsamic 1T flax oil

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Tough training yesterday: 4x15 walking lunges, kicks, box jumps, steps ups, shoulder press, deadlifts, straddle jumps, tuck jumps, squats, 180 deg. jumps, jump lunges, speed skaters, splits, press holds, MB woodchoppers, planks, rows, inchworms, doogie kicks. Food yesterday was:


2sc prot powder w.banana pre-workout

post: 1c oatmeal, lettuc, brocc, spinach, 1/2 avoc, balsamic vin, 1T flax oil salad

mid morn 4sc powder apple

lunch salad as above again

4sc powder

1 1/2c oatmeal, apple


2sc powder

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On track for 4/7 comp in So Cal. Routine training today was solid. The added food I have been eating has really fueled my workouts. Yesterday was a double weight training session legs/abs/tris/bis. Food yesterday was:


pre workout 2 sc prot powder/banana

post workout 1c oatmeal salad with lots of greens and flax oil

10am apple and prot powder

lunch green beans, sw potato and lentils

3pm apple and protein powder

dinner big greens salad with flax oil and 1/2 avocado

6 scoops powder eaten for dinner and throughout the night

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yesterday was shoulders and back: pull ups, reverse flys, machine press, military press, supermans, side rows, low rows, snow angels. 30 mins run/high incline tread.

food yesterday:

pre workout 2 sc pp 1 banana

post workout 2sc pp 1banana 1/2 c oatmeal

mid morn apple 2sc pp

lunch foot long subway veggie sandwich

mid afternoon apple 2sc pp

dinner large bowl of spinach/lettuce/broccoli 1T flax balsamic vin 1/2 avocado

4 sc pp

red pepper

calculated cal burn yesterday at 3700 cals.

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