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Sherrie's Training Journal

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What a week!

Feb 13 was a rest day. Hip was a little sore but was good to take it off.


Feb 14: bootcamp...turbo style. Whew! Feeling it today even!

Meals: smoothie

Veggies, hummus, coconut yogurt, fruit.

Picky bar

Dinner- veggie pizza

Went to a movie


Feb 15: off.

Wanted to run but spent time at he doctors after work.

Antibiotic they have me on is ick. Headaches and exhausted.


Feb 16: today

Again- no workout. Antibiotic is kicking my butt!


Smoothie- upset my stomach with the meds

Home made protein bar

Lunch- sandwich, yogurt, veggies

Tonight I went to a b-ball game and had popcorn, then came home with cravings for junk.

Uuuuggghhhhhh!!!! Should've just went to bed.


Tomorrow - start over.

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Hey there! I thought I posted here a few days ago, but now it's not showing up! Or maybe I'm crazy. Either way, bummer.


Anyhow, hope all is well and that you're feeling better. I've been traveling the past couple of weeks, so my online presence has been sketchy, at best. BUT, we're shipping out prize packages for the NYNY challenge, and I've got a box with your name on it going out in today's mail! Yay! Throwing in some bonus goodies for you since you've been so awesome!


Take care,


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Karen- YOU are awesome!

I have also been offline a lot. Wbeen busy and got sick from some antibiotics so last week my workouts and eating took a turn for the worse. By the weekend I was feeling a little better. Thinking I may have overdid it after being off from the eye surgery.

Sunday, by some miracle, I was able to get in a 7 mile run so I feel good that I didn't lose too much of my half Mary training.

Yesterday was a rest day


Protein bar for breakfast, with a protein shake.

Lunch was an Amy's meal and an apple

Snack was a protein bar

Dinner was...pita chips and wine ( quick snack before heading to a ball game)


Today we went to another game so no workout. Wanted to run after work but ended up staying later so no time before we hit the road.


Breakfast was a sun warrior shake and bar

Snack was an apple

Lunch was another Amy's meal and an apple

Snack was sunflower seeds

Dinner w on the go again so toast, picky bar and snack mix in the car.


Ugh. Tomorrow will be more normal...I hope.

REALLY looking forward to my goodies as I am sure they motivate

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