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HPG training journal

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Hi everyone,

I'm writing this on my phone as I'm currently on holiday seeing my family. It's 9am on New Year's Day and I have woken up tired but without a hangover! The first thing I did was get up and go to the bathroom then jump on the scales. In the coming days I will take sure measurements and get a BFP but for now it's good to know I am 5'5 and 145.4lbs.

My goals for this will get more specific with some measurements but overall I would like to lower my BFP, increase my muscle definition and really power up my strength. There is a fitness expo in mid-March and I will be hosting a booth at for my job and I would like to not just look but BE the part. Knowing I got there my following my beliefs and sticking to my morals is the most exciting part.

Today since I am on holiday still my training will be light on but I'll keep an eye on my diet.

Can't wait to really get stuck in to the good stuff!

Come chat to me on Twitter - @healthypartygrl

Happy New You!!

HPG xo

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Alright... quick one as I am in the middle of a 12 hour day at work.


Today is my first day back from holidays and back at my two jobs, but it's my first day with a real internet connection. I've been trying to keep my water intake up and my dietary intake nice and clean with things like vegetable pasta, tofu, bircher muesli, salads and herbal teas. Since the start of the new year I've been watching my alcohol and caffeine intake as well.


I've written up my training plan and have been easing back into things nice and slowly with swimming and walking, given I've had a few weeks off. However, Saturday I will go to a dance class and also the gym to really start things pumping! There's plenty of inspiration around me so I'm not having any trouble with that.


This week I have been using as my relaxing and easing into things time, with lots of planning and preparation and mindset exercises like working out goals and finding rebuttals for excuses and scheduling workouts. I think preparation is an important part of any training plan!

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