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Day 22 - Jan 22

Eye infection was worse again so finally went to doctor for diagnosis and meds. Also feel like fighting off something else (as is DH).



Couldn't push today due to eye issue so just did a few bodyweight exercises throughout the day. Calf raises (three positions), sumo squats with leg lift, etc.



Still lots of room for improvement, but much better!

Water with ACV



Black tea with soy milk x3

Earnest Eats choc chip bar



Whole wheat pita

Red chai

1 piece toast with buttery spread

Cous cous

Black beans

Green leaf lettuce

Red peppers

Emergen-C x2

Peanuts x2

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Day 23 - Jan 23



Was itching to move around so did some leg work every time I had to put a compress on my eye or put in drops. So calf raises, squats, sumo squats with leg lifts, lunges, step ups, balancing on one leg, other leg stretches.



Eating a bit different than normal due to meds, but pretty good all things considered. Fruit, lentil soup, tea, probiotic coconut milk, etc.


Hoping this infection goes away quickly so I can get back to it!

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Day 24 - Jan 24

New meds as the other one was making me feel ill. Worked from home in the afternoon. No workout. Maybe a few bodyweight exercises. Can't remember. Food was OK, all things considering.


Day 25 - Jan 25

Finally feeling better!! Back to work. Back to my routine, at least somewhat.



10 minute warm up on the eliptical machine, level 10 and as fast as I could go. Did some arms, shoulders. Didn't get them written down so can't remember for sure, but it included dumbell rows, kickbacks, shrugs,

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Jan 26 - Jan 26



Didn't have time for much today so did abs. Dip bar used for hanging leg raises, knees raises, spread leg raises, etc. Tried to do hanging leg raies but I end up swinging too much! Will have to look into how to fix that; maybe just comes with time. Also did crunches on a ball and ab machine.



OK, but had more sweets than I should have, after not having them at all while I was sick. Should not have started again, as having sugar just makes me crave more sugar!

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Can't believe I missed a day again!!


Jan 27 - Day 27


Ran/walked with my son as he biked. (It snowed big flakes on us and the wind came up until it was blizzarding!) Played outside in the snow. Did some pushups and other bodyweight exercises.


Jan 28 - Day 28


Stretching exercises with my son, making goals/croquet hoops/whathaveyou out of my body so the ball (and he) could roll under or through. It's harder than it sounds, had to hold the poses for a long time! Some other bodyweight exercises, Playing outside in the snow. May still get in a more structured workout here tonight, but no guarantees. If so, need to do something to get my heart rate up.



This has been one of the worst food days I've had in a long time. Haven't eaten much, and what I did eat was not fruit/veg.

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Day 29 - Jan 29

Good day with the family, finished with my meds so can work on getting back to normal.



Did the BodyRock final fit test, even though I've not been keeping up with their workouts all month. 50/10 Intervals:


Squat Jump 29

Push Ups 23

Burpees 13

High Knees 191

Switch Lunges 25

Tuck Jumps 21

Straight Abs 25



Much better! Getting back on track.

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Hey iris, you've done such a great job this month with the New You for the New Year Challenge! You've done an awesome job with your consistency in journaling and fitness! We'll be posting an announcement soon with details about eligibility for the prize package and all that jazz. Hope you'll stick around VBB through February and beyond!


All the best,


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Thanks, Karen. I'm definitely going to stick around, but maybe won't worry quite as much if I don't update every day.


Day 31 - Jan 31

Didn't get a workout in. Life got in the way.


Day 32 - Feb. 1


1 mile run warm up - 8:58

Bent-over row - 27.5lbs x 8 reps x 2

Dumbell press - 27.5 each side x 4 and 25 x 8


Side plank (both sides)

Kickbacks - 10 x 10 x 2

Arnold press - 10 each side x 10 x 2


Side plank (both sides)

Upward row 35 x 10 x 2


Day 33 - Feb. 2


Didn't have much time so just ran 1 1/2 miles - 13:36

A few bodyweight exercises throughout the day

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Day 34 - Feb 3


Does running around playing "Tom and Jerry chase" count? Also did pushups before bed.


Day 35 - Feb 4


Just had time to fit in a few intentional things. Better than nothing!

10 burpees

10 skaters

10 pushups

10 squat jumps

10 crab toe touches

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Days 36/37 - Feb 5 and 6

Had a hard fall on the 5th, was carrying my son across a busy intersection and slipped. Was sore all over so decided to take it easy for a couple days.


Day 38 - Feb 7


Ran 1 mile - 8:59 - seems like even when I try to vary my speed lately, I still have been coming in right around the same time!

Ab exercises

Body weight exercises throughout the day

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Day 39 - Feb 8

5 min run warmup

Shrugs - each side 17.5 x 10 x 2

Dumbell kickbacks - each side 10x10 then 10x6

Front raises alternating sides 10x10 and 10x6

Overhead alternating arms 10 x 20

Cross-body punches each side 5 x 50

Dumbell press 25 x6 and 25 x 4

Bench dips 10x2


Ball situps x 10


Days 40/41 - Feb 9/10

??? - This is why I need to journal every day, or every few days!!! Remember being sore after chiro visit (was WAY out of alignment due to my fall), so maybe did not do anything? Think we played a bunch of tag.


Day 42 - Feb 11

Bodyweight exercises, including burpees, jump tucks, pushups, squats, mountain climbers, high knees, etc.

More later in the day, pushups and sumo squat plus leg up


Day 43 - Feb 12

10 sets of 3 step up/3 lunge/knee up (Bodyrock move)

10 each side balancing leg lifts (Bodyrock move, but forgot to do the kneed up portion)

Bodyweight exercises, including one knee pushups, dips, squats,

Plus a bunch of plank poses (on elbows, hands and each side) and

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Wow scary, you slipped and fell while carrying your son across a busy intersection? You are bruised up? How is your son did he get hurt as well?

Well the good news is that you earned a prize package for your great work keeping up with your journal here on the forum. Hope you continue to use it as a tool. A large group of us certainly have been using them for personal accountability but also to read and pick up things from each other.



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Dylan - Yes, we were hurrying across and I fell as I was stepping onto a curb that had been over sanded. Luckily my son was not hurt as he fell on top of me, just a bit scared I think. Two guys stopped to check we were OK, which was a nice gesture. Think I'm back to normal now.


Day 44 - Feb 13

Bodyweight exercises at home.


Day 45 - Feb 14

Only had a few mins to work out due to early work meetings. Did a quick 5 min warm up run, goblet squats (50lbs), dumbell lunges (12.5 each hand) and all sorts of hanging ab exercises.

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Days 47-49, Feb. 16-18

Sick with upper respiratory issues, plus other stuff going on, so did no formal workouts.


Day 50 - Feb. 19

Did no formal workout, but did a lot of fun stuff with my kid. Particularly tough was of the hill racing game he came up with, where one of us stands at the top of a very steep hill and does a count down for the other one to sprint up and pretends like they just won a race. Repeat. Switch. Repeat. Etc. Of course I did it at max intesity, just like he did.


Day 51 - Feb. 20

Still dealing with the upper respiratory stuff, including no voice today. Did some body weight exercises and general stuff throughout the day, just because my body was itching to move.

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Days 52-58 - Feb 21-27

I pretty much stopped exercising, but managed to keep my diet on track. Haven't even been craving sugar lately like I normally am!


This virus kicked my butt, absolutely the longest period of time I've been sick in years and years. Wonder if it was the recent antibiotics for my eye that contributed to me not being able to fight it off like normal? Add to that my son's birthday and subsequent party for all our family, then also the huge, life changing step of resigning from my primary job last week and it made it easy to just give it a rest for awhile.


Ready to get back to it though, and even more motivated now that I got my box of goodies in the mail from VBB. Thanks so much, Robert and Karen!!

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