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Amanda Grace Wing: January Training Journal

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Amanda Grace Wing's January 2012 Training Journal


Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this community and share my own fitness and nutrition goals with all of you while working as a VBFF Mentor! Please feel free to send me a message if I can help you with your own goals!


For 2012 I plan to run my first full marathon (currently two half marathons under my belt) and begin sparring in boxing!


I'll be posting my workouts here along examples of my fuel (nutrition).


Happy 2012 and much success!

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Looking forward to following your workout and progress on here! I just started my new journal as well.


All the best in 2012 and thanks so much for working with me on The 12 Days of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness! I know one of my best friends is super excited to be working with you!!!


Happy New Year!



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Hi Robert! So awesome! I am beyond pumped about this program and who I've been paired up with! As a mentor, I'm excited to keep track of my own nutrition and workout plans here as well! I'm planning to run my first full marathon in 2012 and taking my boxing to the next level sparring!


Happy New Year to you!

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Monday, Jan 2 - Saturday Jan 7

Week's Workout Plan


Monday: 5 Mile Run

Tuesday: AM: Chest + Tri's + 4 Mile Run

PM: Boxing

Wednesday: Speed Work on treadmill

Thursday: 8 Mile, Long Run

Friday: AM: Tempo Run

PM: Back + Bic's + Boxing

Saturday: Recovery Day


My intention for my nutrition this week is to focus on my protein and carb ratios to best fuel my increasing mileage.

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Monday- Jan 2

Workout: 5 Mile Run


Breakfast: Green smoothie w/ fruit and vega

Breakfast #2: Gluten free oats w/cranberries and a Lydia's Organics Raw Crunch Bar (LOVE)

Lunch: Large salad with flax seeds, apples, avocado, and LOTS of veggies. Topped w/lightly cookies asparagus. A few vegan crackers on the side.

Pre Run: Green smoothie with blueberries

Post Run: Coconut water and smoothie with berries, celery, 1/3 banana and vega sport

Dinner: Large salad with beans and grilled veggies

Before bed: fruit


Protein/ Fat/ Carbs: 20%, 15%, 65%

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Jan 3: AM : Lifted - Upper Body + 40 Mins on the Arc Trainer + 1 Mile Run

PM: Boxing class - 1 hour


Breakfast: Green smoothie w/ Vega

Post Workout: Small green smoothie w/vega sport

Breakfast #2: Oats w/cranberries and chia

Lunch: Flax crackers, salad w/beans + apple

Pre workout #2: Almond milk + Lydia's raw crunch bar

Dinner: Lentil soup w/soy beans + salad

After dinner: 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup soy milk + raw cocoa powder = best hot cocoa EVER!

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Jan 4: Wednesday

Workout: speed work 6x 800's with 1/4 mile warm up and 1/2 mile cool down


Breakfast: pre workout - vega smoothie

Post workout: small smoothie with vega sport, celery, and blueberries

Breakfast 2: oats with chia and cranberries

Lunch: lentil soup,vegan crackers, snap peas, grapes and a Lydia's crunch bar

Snack: veggie salad

Dinner: split pea soup, salad with raw seeds and tempeh

Before bed: tea and maybe some fruit (not sure yet)


Hope everyone is doing awesome! You are all incredible and keeping me inspired!


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Hi there Nadilein! Thank you so much! Veggies do a body good!


I usually eat every 2- 3 hours. I like to do small meals more frequently because it keeps me energized and it's easier on digestion. Plus I am not a believer in feeling deprived or hungry. It's much easier to stay in the game when you have a snack or small meal you know is coming rather than eating a bunch of food and saying 'wow, I over did it. Now I can't eat until dinner' I'm a big believer in planning the day out so and keeping good food on hand.


One tip: Save all your glass jars from nut butters, salsa, etc. They make awesome, spill prof, and eco friendly travel containers!


Have a great day! Thanks for following!

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Jan 5: Thursday


8 Mile Run in the cold and snow flurries of Upstate NY. Felt great and loved it! New music pumping and thinking about the hard work of everyone in the program made me feel even more energized! You guys are seriously rockin' my world!


Breakfast: Smoothie w/vega, banana, celery, spinach and berries

Breakfast 2 (1/2 pre run other 1/2 post run): Oats w/ chia, cranberries, apples and pumpkin seeds - pumpkin seeds are so awesome for protein and iron- one tip- make sure you're getting them from a good source like a co op where they replenish bulk goods often. I've gotten them at stores where they were very bitter which means they're rancid! They should have a creamy, nutty flavor if they're fresh.


Lunch: Salad w/tempeh and dried fruit

Snack: Lydia's Organics bar w/decaf coffee

Dinner: Not there yet, but I think I'm going to do steamed veggies on a salad and a smoothie- when I'm feeling lazy I like to do a smoothie for my dinner protein rather than cooking


I also need to drink more water since I ran long today. I'm 2 liters in- but I'll drink at least 1 more before the end of the day.


Have a fab rest of the day and make sure to check out the NY Times article featuring VBBF!



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Hello Group! It's Friday! Hope you are all excited for the weekend- our first weekend of the program!




Weekends can be great- more time for food prep and more time to work out (usually). Weekends can also be very hard- less structure = more excuses to not get to the gym and more distractions and social settings that pull us away from clean, whole foods.


I want to encourage you to get a game plan in place for your weekend!


What's your workout going to look like? Are you taking a rest day (I always take 1 day to let my body rest)?

What social settings might come up (like a dinner out) and how will you handle them? (I always check out menus before I go out to eat so I am prepared and know what I'm going to order. If I don't see a vegan friendly protein option like beans, lentils, tofu, etc I make myself a protein shake or eat some hummus or quinoa before I head to the spot. This also ensures I'm not super hungry when I get out to eat and end up eating too much)


When I eat out I usually try to find spots with salad bars where I can fully control what goes on and in my food. I'll order a side of steamed veggies or a plan baked sweet potato. You can't live on salad alone and getting proper protein is so important especially for all of us ATHLETES (that's what you are)... but if there's nothing available that's clean and veg friendly- ask for a entree sized garden salad hold the cheese and croutons (of course).


Will you allow yourself a treat this weekend? I like to plan my treats rather than splurging for no reason. One treat to look forward to is always nice. Mine? Kinda silly maybe but I love trail mix- dried fruit and granola- and olive bars with peppers and marinated veggies. There's a local market that has all kinds of goodies like that- so I go and get just one small sample size of each of my favorite things- I look forward to it and enjoy it... but just bring home enough for one treat- not bags of goodies tempting me for the rest of the week!


Weekends are also a great time to look at your schedule (work and social) and plan your work outs and do your food shopping and prep! You can cut up salad veggies, bake some sweet potatoes, make a batch of quinoa or grill up some tempeh and veggies. Also, making a large batch of chili or lentil soup is great- lasts several days and is high protein!


I hope these tips help you this weekend! If you have tips too, please share them with the group so we can learn from each other!


xoxox amanda

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Saturday is my rest day. Today was meetings, returning emails and hitting to co op. Breakfast was a green smoothie, oatmeal and pumpkin seeds.


Lunch- meet a friend at a salad bar and filled up on all raw, fresh veggies and edamame, peas, and a few sunflower seeds.

Snack- Soy milk and coffee, dried fruit and grapes

Dinner- Puffed Kamut, soymilk and berries

After dinner- Almond milk + unsweetened cocoa + stevia (my hot cocoa recipe)


Tomorrow will be a run and private boxing lesson with my coach! Favorite part of my training week cuz it kicks my booty hard core!



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Hey! It's Monday Again! We made it through our first week of the program and the first weekend! My team is doing so great and I'm so encouraged by their progress and just so proud!


Yesterday was busy- I ran 4 miles and had a boxing lesson with my coach! It was GREAT! I love the workout I get when I'm working with my coach! I left just wanting to do another hour of training- because I'm crazy - maybe? It really says a lot about what fueling properly will do for your energy levels!


So far today I've had my green smoothie and oatmeal. I'm meeting my husband for lunch at one of our favorites spots- I'll order a veggie bowl with lots of sprouts! YUM


Monday mornings I usually don't hit the gym. I'm working returning emails and writing down my goals for the week- workouts/ work/ etc.


I'll head to the gym later! Everyone have a wonderful day!


xoxo Amanda

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Wednesday, Jan 11


Yesterday I lifted full upper body, did the Arc trainer for 40 mins (AM) and boxed for an our after work.


Today- Speed work on the treadmill- 10 x 400's + warm up and cool down at jogging pace



Green smoothie


Post workout:

handfull of puffed rice and pumpkin seeds and a smoothie with vega, celery, banana and strawberres


Breakfast #2:

Oatmeal w/cranberries and chia



Split pea soup with tempeh and a salad



Puffed Kamut cereal w/almond milk and a lydia's crunch bar



Steamed veggies with sprouts



Blueberries with almond milk and raw cocoa


Have an amazing day! xo

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Split pea soup with tempeh sounds delish!! Did you make the soup yourself?


Hey love! I get Dr. McDougall's brand when I'm feeling lazy... Low sodium and no added oils... This way I can make my own additions of healthy fats and seasoning! I did 1 cup soup and 1 cup frozen green beans and 1 serving of low fat tempeh... Organic non GMO. I think it was soy boy brand.


I also made this soup with McDougall's lentil soup that was amazing:

1 cup lentil soup

1 serving low fat silken tofu

1/2 cup unsweetened plain almond milk

1/2 cup frozen carrots


Blend together milk, carrots, and tofu until creamy. Add to soup and heat with cumin, sea salt, pepper or other seasonings to taste. So easy and so so yummy!

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What?!? I had no idea Dr. McDougall had a food line out! Where in the world do you find that?


I'm excited that Whole Foods is developing and will be coming out soon with a Rip Esselstyn/Engine 2 food line! Woohoo!


Oh nice! I didn't know about the Engine 2 line! WORD! I get Dr. Mc @ my local co op! It's really good! I bet you can find it on Amazon too! You can get anything on Amazon! haha

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