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Doug Robson Journal (vegandougie)

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Thanks for the reply Doug, thought i would catch up on your thread and reply to your message here.

You dont look 41 on your photo thats for sure, a marathon would be awesome. Never done more than a 10KM run but at the moment i reduced my cardio to try and build more muscle because if i run my weight just seems to drop off.

Good luck with your goals and looking at your thread you will achieve them, i find consistency is the key, just keep on going!

Skip La Cour is very inspirational and motivational and what i like the most is he gives advice and support but doesn't restrict you to doing one type of workout. He tries to get you to do your homework to find out whats best for your body.

Even if you dont do the challenge watch the videos there really good.

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Doug, you've been so amazing this month! I mean, on the one hand, as one of the organizers of this New You for the New Year Challenge, you've been amazing with your consistency in journaling and exercise! And on the other hand, on a personal level, you've been incredibly encouraging and kind to me on my own journey towards health and fitness! You're very inspiring!!! Thanks for everything!



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Thank you so much Karen. I did not realize you were one of the organizers of this - so thank you for your hard work and help in setting this up. I have really enjoyed it and enjoyed meeting yourself and the other members as well. You are a 'diamond lady' and a mate for life


Thank you Matt for the comment on my age - the photo was taken in 2010, i think you are a mate for life also for that comment I shall defiantly look at Skip's videos thanks for sharing. I need to look at some fresh training ideas as i intend to change it about a bit in the next couple of weeks.


I really hope everyone keeps on posting here as this is not over for me, i have only just got started .


So, on that note, today's post:




1x 10 @ 10kgs warm up

2x 10 @ 12.5kgs

1x 8 @ 12.5kgs


Incline DBell press


2x 12 @ 4kgs warm up

1x 8 @ 8kgs

1x 6 @ 8kgs

i upped the weight so some improvement


DBell row

2x 10 @ 4kgs warm up

3x 10 @ 8kgs

1x 6 @ 8kgs

I have a confession to make and i must admit i feel a complete wally for this but i believe i might have written down that i did 3x 10 @12kgs last week (that is what i put in my notebook anyway). I actually did 6kgs each (i have no idea why i decided to double it, must have been fatigue kicking in). Anyway if we ignore that cock up i did actually improve in this exercise as well


Romanian deadlifts

2x 10 @ just the bar, warm up

3x 15 @ 15kgs -slightly better form this week so i felt it in the hamstrings more.


That's it for today tomorrow cardio - yipee

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Thanks mini forklift - yeh us older geezers have to stick together. Thanks for the compliment by the way another mate for life.


Yo Tarzan, brilliant i have inspired a whole new generation, fantastic. Unfortunatly mate i cannot do the dougie. More of a jive person myself. Love it though, i think i need to get somebody to teach me to do the ..er me

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Ok quick post today, we had a bit of a car breakdown emergency and i had to dash out to pick up my wife so she could get to a pet sitting appointment.


My cardio got cut a bit short, i only managed about 26 mins approx and 7.43 Km but thats ok. I needed to take it bit easy as i have been tired and falling asleep at work. I was having mini little snoozes whilst staring at electronic schematics during fault finding PCB's - not good


Anyway friday tomorrow. I shall attack my routine refreshed and enjoy the weekend break.

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Hope you have a good 3 weeks with your parents mate. You have some very impressive stats. I was wondering if i could ask for some advice? A bit nervous about asking but nuts to it - here goes:


I am currently following Derek Tresizes routine posted on the site. Heavy compound stuff (well for me any ways), my first post outlines it, but he only recommends following it for a max of up to six weeks. In a couple of weeks time i need to change the routine and i am not sure what to do. I train at home with bench, squat rack, barbell and dumbells any ideas. I m not asking for a complete routine or anything just a pointer in the right direction - my goal is to build lean muscle.


I hope you don't mind me asking but you certainly know what you are doing. No rush either mate, enjoy your time with your parents thats more important. Also i won't be offended if you can't help me, i just thought i would ask

No worries at all.


Firstly, for your training that you plan to do once this programme is finished ~ how many days do you have want to be training a week? Do you like working from 3 day splits, 4 day or 5 day? What have you found works best for you in the past? Cheers MF.

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Hi MF,


Thanks for that mate. I think a 4 day split, not sure how to fit in cardio though.


Anyway no workout today. I shall pick up again over the weekend or Monday. I am just feeling very tired and emotionally at rock bottom. I really wish I could get out of this depression - it's driving me nuts


Saying that though having this forum and the friendships I am making here really helps, it's good to know there are compassionate and supportive people- thanks to all of you just for taking an interest. As Robert would say "you guys rock"

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Hey Dougie had a quick look through your log.


For building up numbers from the bottom I'd recommend the Stronglifts program.


3 days a week on non-consecutive days, alternate between these 2 workouts


Workout A

Squat 5x5

Bench 5x5

Barbell Row 5x5

Pushups 3xFailure

Reverse crunch 3x12


Workout B

Squat 5x5

OHP 5x5

Deadlift 1x5

Chinups 3xFailure

Plank 3x30s


First workout you start with an empty bar (20kg) for each exercise (except the bodyweight stuff obviously) , each workout you add 2.5kg. You just keep going till you can't add weight anymore. After you've attempted a weight and failed over 3 workouts, you take 10% off and build back up. It's really simple stuff, but the simpler the better.


Food - eat enough to gain a small amount of weight weekly.


Keep yer chin up.

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Hey Doug,


Sorry to hear you have problems with depression but i hope everyone on here can help in some way for you to kick it to the kerb!


I see your asking for some advice about your workout, whatever you do choose get yourself on the Skip La Cour youtube channel, full of info for helping you to stay positive in your Bodybuilding/Training goals. These positive thoughts can rub off in other parts of your life too, i feel it has helped my confidence so much in and out of the gym.


Take it easy Doug

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Doug, let me know if you would like me to gie you a weekly split.


I think with everybody throwing in their 2c it could get confusing, you probably need to just choose one and roll with it rather than take bits and pieces of advice from a few people. Your call though, I won't be offended at all mate You just keep doing what you are doing and all the best with your depression. I'm sure we can all help a little, even it's just making putting a smile on your face...


How do you make a snooker table laugh?


Tickle its balls !!

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Hey Doug,

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me last month. It was good to have more help with all the new things that i am learning. I did feel alone when i started this because i don't get help for this at home and mostly form my dad. I have been using stretches you gave me and they have been helping. I have been able to move around more with less pain. Talk to you soon.


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Hey Doug,


I have to agree with Mini Forklift, it does get confusing when everyone starts giving you different bits of advice, so just choose a workout and go for it.

As long as you back it up with good nutrition and are consistent with the workouts you can make the desired gains.


Good Luck



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Good advice from Mini forklift and Matt as always thanks chaps - most appreciated. I have decided one of my personal goals is to try not dwell in the depression to much - thanks for the support.


Miguel thats ok mate any time, just let me know if you need any more help, glad to help.


Any way did it - cardio yipee - not as good as previous weeks but here are the results 30 mins, 9.41Km and 240ish calories (oops just forgot that bit - don't think it's that important anyway)


Shall continue with the weights tomorrow.

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Good advice from Mini forklift and Matt as always thanks chaps - most appreciated. I have decided one of my personal goals is to try not dwell in the depression to much - thanks for the support.


Miguel thats ok mate any time, just let me know if you need any more help, glad to help.


Any way did it - cardio yipee - not as good as previous weeks but here are the results 30 mins, 9.41Km and 240ish calories (oops just forgot that bit - don't think it's that important anyway)


Shall continue with the weights tomorrow.


Doug have you tried listening to motivational audio to help kick your depression?

Tony Robbins stuff is pretty good and I like Paul McKenna’s instant confidence you can buy the book or download of iTunes really does help improve your mood and how you feel!

Keep training hard!

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Thanks for the suggestions pphelps I shall keep an eye out for them ( I am sure I have seen Paul Mckennes in the bookstore)


Any way this week I have decided to remain light and do cardio only. My energy levels have been a bit low as I have been feeling a bit sick. The freezing weather we have been having must have caught me out


Any way cardio again tomorrow. I am feeling good depression wise. The comments and support make me feel uplifted, so thanks again everyone - this really is the best forum with the best people on it, thanks Robert for creating this community.


The reason I mention my moods today is that I don't want anyone to worry or think I have sunk really low, I just need a few days to keep it light and recharge my batteries, besides Mini Forklift has very kindly offered to create a routine for me and knowing him it will be a very thorough and demanding one. I shall need to get well, ready to tackle it, I am looking forward to it


Any one want little joke? Yeah go on you know you do!


A horse walks into a pub and the barman says 'why the long face?'




I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.370989,-0.776060

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Okay here goes




MON: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps


WED: Back & Biceps


FRI: Legs



















STIFF LEG D.BELL DEADLIFT (slight bend in knees)


CHINUPS (if you have the means to do them Doug)


D.BELL CURLS LYING ON AN INCLINE BENCH One week do them with your back on the bench, the following week you can lie face down with your head obviously over the top of the bench)








Feel free to throw in 5-10mins of ab work after these sessions, you should be done in 40-60mins for these 3 workouts. In terms of what weights to use, cycling your weeks over the course of a month works well as it allows optimal recovery and you should feel pretty fresh for each session:


WEEK 1: Light (working at 60% max)

WEEK 2: Medium (working at 70% max)

WEEK 3: Heavy (working at 80-90% max)

WEEK 4: Kind of similar to a 'deload' week, just stick anywhere between 8-12 reps


Any questions just ask, I'll be following along to see how you go with things. Ideally you want to follow this programme to a minimum of 8wks to get some good results from it; the first few weeks will be a 'break in' period where you body is adapting to the new training stimuli. All the best Doug

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Ok here goes for my new routine, I have been working out my 1 RM this session and shall be doing the same for the rest of this week for each routine. So the workouts are not full routines - just a practice run


I have got an app called 'GymGoal +' so i have also been trying to 'suss' this out as well and discovered i can email my routines to myself, then just copy and paste it in to here - smart eh


This saves alot of typing. the app also has a calculator to work out 1RM so i have been using this (it may not be entirely accurate but i can tweak it as i go)


Finally it is just worth mentioning for my january NYNY logs i did not know how heavy my olympic bbell weighed so anybody following this might like to note that all barbell weights in Kg need to have 20 Kg added to it.


I have rectified this now for the new routine:


Day A

name of routine = Mini Forklift

History: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 0:31 (19:08 - 19:39)

Exercise Weight × Reps



Bench Press (Barbell, Incline)

1 RM is 53kg ( includes weight of bar 20 kg

1 40 × 10




Flyes (Dumbbell, Flat Bench)

1 RM is 10Kg

1 10 × 3




Shoulder Press (Barbell)

35kg 1 RM

1 20 × 10

2 30 × 5



Front Raises (Dumbbell)

6kg 1 RM

1 6 × 3




Lateral Raises (Dumbbell)

6kg 1 RM

1 4 × 10




Close-Grip Bench Press (Barbell)

40kg 1 RM

1 20 × 10

2 30 × 10



Bench Dips


1 75 × 15

2 75 × 15



ok shall sign of now

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