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Tuesday Jan 3 - 31 pushups, 31 situps, 11 pullups, 1/2hr swim, 6 Mile run outdoors! 30 minutes pedaling on the bike.


My number 1 goal this year is to finish my first 50 mile ultra marathon. The lean horse on august 25th. I am sure i will run a couple marathons this year also and I am planning on entering at least on triathlon. But my swimming sucks, so we will see how that goes.



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Hey I'm just checking out other people's journals for motivation. Here is a tip that might be helpful. Instead of just maxing out on pushups like doing 32 or however many. Try doing a smaller amount and more sets. Like 15 at a time 4 times and you're almost doing twice as much. I am trying to work on pushups, crunches, dips, squats; you know stuff I can do at home without going to the gym. For a while I was doing as many as I could, then switch activities then go back and do as many as I could etc. So I was doing like 40 pushups, the other things, then 25 pushups, then other things then 15 pushups and I'd end up doing about 100 pushups total. Recently I tried the 12 days of vegan fitness that Robert laid out here on the website. The workout plan on day 1 calls for like 15 reps of 5 different exorcizes but 10 sets of each. I only made it through 6 sets of each but I felt like I got a better over-all workout than I had with my previous style.



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Thanks Dylan,


one of my goals at the beginning of the year was to just keep slowly increasing my pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups, i have just decided to add lawnmowers into the mix. my goal is to increase by only 1 per week for the entire year, getting me to 82 of each by the end of the year. this is the minimum workout i want to do 5x per week. if i feel like it i will go harder.


i am trying to increase my endurance, without tearing myself up too much. i am mostly working on training for the 50mile ultra marathon, i just want to get some upper body into the workout also. i increased by 1 per day starting at 8 on the 8th of december, and then switched to upping 1 per week.


the thing i like is it is challenging, i feel like i am increasing my endurance, and it still feels doable. every week i am surprised at how increasing one feels as hard as increasing by one the previous week, and as the week continues, they seem to get easier.


i am not real into building bulk, i am mostly wanting to get as toned as possible and not have any extra unnecessary weight to carry on my ultras, of course after i finish the 50 mile race, i will be eying 100k, then 100 miles, and ironman... those are my long term fitness goals.


thanks again for the input, love the encouragement and this training journal keeps me motivated that people are watching, so i have no excuses!



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Friday Jan 20 - Insanity Fast and Furious, through in a 1/4 mile at a 5 minute pace at the end


felt good so to end the day i did my 33 pushups, 33 sit-ups, and 33 lawnmowers on each side with 24lbs. then 1.5 hrs spinning on the bike.

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