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Tuesday Jan 31 - 35 situps, 35 pushups, 35 lawnmowers on each side with 24lbs. 15 dumbbell squats with 100lbs.


this journal has been a great motivator for me, i feel like staying consistent and reporting to everyone has helped me a ton stay motivated. i am feeling very good at the end of this month, and i feel that i am looking stronger than i ever have before.


Thank You Robert for putting on this whole program!

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Jim great work, you qualify for the prize package! Please continue with your fitness journal. We'd like to know what you've been eating as well. That's terrific that you have made some good progress. I sure have too. This was almost like a new years resolution for me, except usually its more of a joke and with the fitness journal on the forum I feel like I actually am making a change.


Thanks again for sharing,



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