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Strong is the new Skinny...Kellys journal

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Training has been great the past few months. Since last year at this time I have dropped 12lbs and 3% body fat.

Things started happening when I incorporated way more raw foods in my diet around January. I did a lot of raw stuff before but I really wanted to try 100% so I'm feeling good and my workouts are fantastic. Strength has been amazing and Im lifting more than lest year at this time as well.

Solid week of training this week. Today I worked on Biceps/Triceps, My off day has been falling on Fridays lately so I was very fresh today.

Meals looked like this today


smoothie blend of 2 florida navel oranges, 1 grapefuit,mint

mid morning

Pear,apple,date (preworkout)

Post workout banana ice cream made in vitamix

4 bananas,chocolate sunwarrior protein,spinach,unsweetened vanilla almond milk


mixed babay lettuces,green pepper and a mixture of "cauliflower couscous and shredded zuchinni" the sauce was made of dates,oranges,ginger,cumin,lemon juice,tahini. I also threw on some tomatoes and celery.

afternoon snack

apples and green chia kombucha


giant salad with a shreded sweet potato thing I made....so you shred a raw sweet potato then I made a sauce of tomatoes,peppers,cilantro,cumin,smoked paprika,lemon juice,jalapeno, a little Apple cider vinegar. Mixed it up and threw it on top of lots of greens with some chopped broccoli and a little diced avocado,nutritional yeast. Good stuff

evening snack

scoop of growing naturals raw protein with almond milk...protein pudding. topped with diced banana

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Just had a great chest workout. Finally feeling comfortable with chest presses with the 40lb dumbells, did a lot of different chest stuff with bands,bells,bars,pushup variations. did an hour of easy cycling as well

Todays eats:

Morning- roasted dandelion tea

Pineapple blended with a few raspberries

few hours later green smoothie with apples/date/ginger/parsely/celery

post workout-banana ice cram with choc sunwarrior/spinach and some diced papaya

few pieces of dried jackfruit

Lunch-mega green salad with broc/cel/tomato/cucumber...dressing avocado/orange/basil blended

afternoon snack- persimmons

Dinner-shredded sweet potato mexican mix wrapped in ezekial tortilla

Monday night football snack-vanilla protein pudding with raspberries and lemon tea

Go seahawks!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing a small group personal training session this evening and we are doing a halloween themed bodyweight circuit of 10 reps for 10 rounds of various things so I may be piling on a bit more food in the late afternoon. maybe another green smoothie

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Really good leg workout today. I wore a 25lb weight vest for most of it. Made it pretty challenging but I feel like I did pretty good!

Meals today


Green tea

2 persimmons blended with 2 dates. 1 whole pear


banana ice cream with 1 scoop choc sun warrior/spinach/almond milk


1/2 ezekial tortilla filled with mexican sweet potato mix

large mixed greens salad with tons of veggies


1 plum

green smoothie with apples/grapes/spinach/celery/frozen peaches/strawberries/amazing grass berry powder


Raw cream of mushroom soup with Giant salad similar to lunch

Evening snack

scoop growing naturals with raspberries/banana


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Training was very strong this week. had a rest day on Friday and then saturday I focused on Biceps/triceps with some circuit work. sunday I did 50 min easy cycling and then messed around with the bosu ball, swiss ball with some new core excercises. then 100 pushups. I have been doing between 100-200 pushups everyday for the last 2 months...its a fun little challenge. I just break them up into 10-15 at a time

meals today looked like this


banana ice cream...frozen bananas blended with frozen cherries and a scoop of spiruteen antioxidant blend and almond milk

morning snack


passion fruit


Homemade raw butternut squash soup with giant salad and some of homemade curried dried apple rings

afternoon snack

green smoothie made with pears/banana/spinach and scoop of amazing grass pumpkin spice (limited edition seasonal!!!!!!!!!) awesome


Nut meat tacos!! With cashew cheeze! definitely my fave

2 romaine taco wraps and a large romaine salad with broc/radish/cucumber/celery/peppers/salasa/nutritional yeast

evening snack

scoop growing naturals



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Wow, congratulations on all your great improvements and successes! That's awesome news!

Kelly, this is Karen, and I work with Robert as one of the admins for Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. We send you a private message yesterday regarding the photo contest you entered a couple months back, but I want to make sure you get the message, so please be sure to check your private messages. Otherwise, you can also just send us an email at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon!


Thanks and congratulations again!


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Had a really great back and shoulders workout today. Lifting has been going good feeling very strong. working hard on progressing in 2 areas....pullups, and inverted pushups.

trying my best to work on those things a few times each week.

todays fuel

breakfast- smoothie of grapes/fresh cranberries/acai blueberry juice/spinach/banana

snack smoothie of pineapple/giner/orange with a small whole grapefruit on the side

postworkout banana ice cream with strawberries and raw protein blended in

Lunch-red quinoa power bowl with sweet potato cubes,quinoa,mango,red pepper,cilantro,cumin,balsamic vin,lemon juice and diced florida avocado

afternoon snack- apple and green smoothie

Dinner- I made some "cabbage steaks" to put on the dehydrator. sliced cabbage into discs and marinated in blend of liquid aminos/lem juice/parsely/sun dried tomatoes/fresh tomato. warmed up and topped with nutritional yeast

snack-raspberries and scoop protein. sun warrior choc pudding


Giant mixed greens salad

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wow I have not posted in awhile!

Still powering on plant strong though!

workuts are good food is good. I am the leanest I have ever been so im pumped about that and i am getting stronger. Breakthrough yesterday on chest day. I was able to flat bench the 40lb dumbells for 3 sets of 11 reps after being stuck at 8-9 every week. I also did a set of the flat bench with a reverse grip for 10 reps. small things like this keep me going just when I think I have hit a wall. I think that keeping up my regimen of getting at least 100 pushups a dy has really helped my upper body all around.

still eating prob 80% raw foods, doing a bit of cooked quinoa,sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables in the evenings since its about 15 degreees here daily. Still doing massive amounts of fruits and greens everyday. We go through so much produce its crazy I cant wait until summer when we can grow our own and not rely so much on buying everything. Even the local co op is not exactly cheap. its all organic and great but not always the best deals.

todays food


smoothie with orange/carrot juice/ginger 2 clementines

Postworkout-growing naturals pea protein/2 bananas/mango/almond milk

Lunch- Quinoa sweet potato bowl with giant salad

snack- green smoothie with apples/kiwi/celery/ginger

Dinner-steamed beets/broccoli with giant mixed greens salad. salsa and nutritional yeast on top

workout---cycling on indoor trainer, rowing machine and 1 HR circuit full body workout.

today is a conditioning day tomorrow is back and shoulders

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