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Typing this from my iPhone, so please bear with me if this doesn't look very pretty!


Today was a travel day for me. I flew out of state to be with my parents, as my mom had surgery yesterday (knee replacement) and will be in the hospital a few days. Anyhow, I WANTED to get up early and go to the gym and exercise on my way to the airport, but I guess I didn't want it badly enough because I didn't get out of bed early enough. Therefore, I spent the day traveling, then at the hospital with my folks. So, no exercise to speak of today. My mom has a treadmill here at the house, so I'm looking forward to doing my Couch-2-5k training tomorrow before heading back to the hospital. Yes, I'm actually looking forward to it!


My food wasn't exactly on target today, but I'm gonna cut myself some slack today.

Breakfast: green smoothie

Lunch: yogurt (almond) and 1/2 Vega protein bar

Snacks: banana and Clif bar

Dinner: found this funky vegan cafe near the hospital and took my dad there. Had mushroom/spinach/cashew cheese red chile enchiladas with a side of sautéed squash/zucchini. Mmmmmm!

After dinner at hospital: salad with hummus, cookie (oops), pineapple


Have a great weekend, everybody!!

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I'm loving your ambition and transparency as well! You're so easy to relate to. We can all remember times we wanted to workout and life got in the way. It happens all the time and most are too afraid to admit it, will look for something to blame and will allow it to make them slip down the slippery slope of inconsistency. But you reveal your priorities, which are excellent if you ask me (visiting family after during a hospital visit over exercise), and then express your motivation to get right back on schedule and further more, convey your enthusiasm for your eventual achievements.


Absolutely fantastic and encouraging approach to fitness and health with regard to acknowledging the actions necessary to complete your task. Awesome stuff, Karen!


I hope your mother has a speedy recovery from surgery. Enjoy your time spent with family.


For the record, your post from your iphone looks just fine on my laptop (netbook).


All the best and I look forward to hearing about your time there.



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Hi Karen


Told you i would be lurking about here over the weekend


I hope your mum is alright, all my best wishes for her. Good to see you are going to be using the treadmill - it just goes to show how you can adapt training for any situation.


Anyway all my best to you and your mum, have a great weekend diamond lady



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Before your first 5k you really want to start running outside. I didn't believe it at first when someone told me the same thing, but the terrain is so different, because its outside and not an even straight course like on the treadmill. Once you start running outside though you won't want to go back to the treadmill.

Happy Running!

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Thanks for the feedback, RC, Doug, and Hayley! Hayley, thanks for the advice and I agree. I wanted to run outside the other day, but we've been having terribly strong winds, and that didn't seem like any fun to me at all. Now, I'm out of town at my parents', and it's more hilly here than I would appreciate this early on in my training. But, yes, I will definitely get outside soon!


Today I finished C25K week 1's runs! Yay! So, this coming week's runs will change somewhat, and I'm really excited!


Spent the majority of the day at the hospital or in the car. So, food was a little weird today, but not too bad, all things considered.

Breakfast: green smoothie with Vega WFHO, blueberries, hemp seeds, and a chunk of the wooden spoon that got eaten up by the blender. Oops. Extra fiber?

Lunch: Gardein and veggie wrap, and quinoa vegetable soup from Whole Foods Market

Dinner: Weird hodgepodge of Clif bar, rice/bean chips and bean dip, apricot.

Snacks: Dried apples throughout the day

Hanging out all day and evening at the hospital lends itself well to snacking, unfortunately. Oh well, my mom should be heading home tomorrow.

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I agree with Hayley's great advice! Enjoy those outdoor runs!


Awesome to see you have Vega with you on your trip and haha at the wooden spoon!


Hope your mom recovers well. Very nice of you to go out and visit while she's in the hospital. All the very best to you and your family.

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No workout today, as there was a lot going on today with my mom returning home from the hospital, etc. Looking forward to getting back home myself and back to the gym.


Breakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries, an apricot, and a Vega WFHO shake

Lunch: Green smoothie

Dinner: Salad with lots of veggies and some kidney beans

Snacks: Rice chips with black bean dip, dehydrated apples, and frozen banana/blueberries

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Hello Miss Karen,


I wish your mom a very quick recovery! Congratulations on completing week 1 of C25K! I'm like a proud parent! So awesome! I just posted a quote (from my amazing boxing coach) in my forum. He said 'the days go slow but the weeks go fast'- that's been hitting me a lot!


Sometimes the days seem overwhelming in regard to starting or sticking with training, but then you look back and it's amazing- a whole week down! Such a great feeling! So happy for you! It's only going to get better too!


A very challenging part of a healthy lifestyle can be sticking to the program when you're traveling or away from home- it looks like you did a really great job with it - especially the eating part while you were away! And even though you felt you had some random snacking in there, you got right back to it- which is KEY!


I'm going to email you some more ideas this evening as promised!


PS- saw the black bean dip and thought I'd share my recent invention- fat free, high protein black bean dip:


-1 can unsalted eden organics black beans (not drained)

-1/3 can eden organics black soy beans (drained)

-Sea salt to taste

-4 tablespons favorite organic salsa (I used mild)

-Cumin to taste (I love cumin so I used a lot)

-A few dashes of pepper


Whipped this up in my magic bullet and stored it in an old salsa jar I saved. My hubs liked it too- which is crazy b/c he doesn't like dips or black beans!


xo Amanda

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Thanks y'all for the well-wishes for both me and my mom. She's doing great. She's really strong and quite a trooper, so her recovery is going great! As for me, spending time with my family is always quite stressful for me on multiple levels, so I'm happy to be back home and ready to get back to my emerging routine! Amanda, thanks so much for the recipe! I have a love affair with beans, so I will try this.


Oops, I didn't post yesterday. I was so exhausted and feeling pretty dang crummy after such a long day of work at my parents'. I totally crashed last night. But, I've gotta say, I made some pretty amazing spinach, mushroom, black bean, and squash enchiladas last night, smothered with New Mexico green chili and pepperjack Daiya. Not the healthiest thing in the world with all that Daiya on top, but mmmmm...... sooooooo good!


Daiya cheese aside, I did fairly well with food while out of town. Fortunately, my parents are at least semi-aware of healthy eating, so it's not too hard to eat vegan at their house. I did get a run in one day while I was there, but not much in the way of fitness the past couple of days. So, I made sure I made time for my scheduled C25K run today! Got up early, drove an hour to the airport, flew home, drove an hour home from the airport, changed and met a VIP old friend for dinner, squeezed in a visit to the gym, then rushed to a band concert where I saw more old friends I hadn't seen in a long time, then went out for post-concert hangout. Got home late tonight, so it's been a long day. I knew it would be a hectic day, but I was absolutely determined to get my scheduled run in today, and I made it happen! Today was the start of week 2 of the program, which meant longer runs, and it was really hard for me! At the end of each running section, I felt like I was going to throw up. I'm sure it didn't help that I went to the gym straight from dinner, but I didn't have a choice today. Anyhow, I'm hoping Thursday's run will feel a bit easier.


Breakfast: green smoothie with Vega WFHO and hemp seeds

Lunch: cereal bar, yogurt (soy)

Dinner: vegetable sushi roll, edamame, and glass of wine

Snacks: Primal Strip, 1/2 pretzel

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Great work Karen!


Awesome to know we were both traveling and both at the gym at the same time.


Way to stick with your consistency! Glad you had a fun time with friends tonight and managed to get your training in too.


Catch up soon. Have a great one!

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Had a really rough day, with no fitness to report today. Have a workout planned with a friend for tomorrow, which should be fun.


Breakfast: Vega WFHO shake

Lunch: Spinach wrap w/ apple and dried cranberry

Dinner: Green smoothie

Snacks: Had some junk sugary snacks today, but still managed to be okay, in terms of calories at least.


Grateful for my precious dog lying beside me as I type this.

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Hi Karen,


I love that you have a grateful attitude despite everything that might be going on with you. Congratulations on also sticking to clean eating even though you didn't do a workout. Abs are made in the kitchen- so sticking to healthy eating is so important and even with a missed workout, you'll still see results!


Can't wait to hear how your workout with your friend goes today! Change things up and have fun with it! Making fitness something you look forward to is key- and it has to be enjoyable!


Have a beautiful day! xo


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Today was another hard day, but did feel better after spending some time at the gym.


Did my scheduled C25K run. It was still quite challenging, but definitely easier than 2 days ago. It's hard to imagine that I'll be able to handle runs twice as long in less than a week. Hmm... Then my friend showed me around some of the cable weight machines. Oh wait, first I did a few minutes on the rowing machine. I didn't do it long enough to count for anything, but it was fun nonetheless, and I'm looking forward to doing more of it. Then we did shoulder press, seated lat pull-down, seated chess press, seated 2-arm row, bicep curls. Then...... steam room. Ahhhh. My friend ended up joining the gym (she went as my guest today), so it'll be nice to meet up with her at the gym once in a while.


Breakfast: oatmeal with chia seeds and berries

Lunch: large green smoothie

Dinner: Spinach Channa with rice and naan

Snacks: Shitake Primal Strip, carrot w/ hummus, Vega Pre-workout Energizer

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Hang in there, Karen!


I know life tosses us some challenging situations sometimes and we're stronger because of it. You'll rise above it and be back to your wonderful cheerful, excited self soon. Great work on the continued fitness and the efforts you're putting forth.


Awesome to hear that your friend joined the gym too! That is how I got into bodybuilding in the first place. My friend got me into it, and we're still best friends today, a dozen years later.


Have a wonderful weekend. Spend some good time doing things you enjoy most.

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Hi Karen,


Is there anything i can do to help cheer you up, i have got lots of jokes just as bad as the last one i posted er maybe not.


Keep going it's good to see that despite how bad you are feeling you still manage to be consistent with your training. It's also good to see you have a friend join too.


The steam room sounds like the dogs bollocks (i know that sounds rude but when you say something is the 'dogs bollocks' it means it is really good or awesome).


Have a great weekend

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Karen, I'm so proud of you! You are doing great sticking to it and pushing through! You are an inspiration- really. Celebrate yourself for the strides you are making especially with the C25K. It's pretty cliche I guess, but I was thinking about the saying 'every journey begins with a single step' yesterday as I was starting my long run. I had 9 miles to get in and I was totally not feeling it! I was procrastinating and didn't want to start... but I just said ok... a single step and then another and soon I'll be done. You're taking a single step or steps each day and it's all part of a journey to being as healthy and fit as you can be for life! It doesn't matter how big the step is today or tomorrow, just keep taking them! It all counts and adds up to getting you further on your journey! You're doing awesome lady! xoxoxoxoxox I'm sending you a hug from NY!

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Hello Karen- thought I'd check out your journal! I wanted to know what you've been up to and say thanks for your support! It sounds like you've been busy helping your parents out post surgery- spending time with family can definitely be stressful!

You said you have a dog? What kind? We have 2 fur-persons..... I love them dearly and often think of them as my other kids!! (ones a 14 year old schnauzer & a then a 5 year old schnoodle-best buds now!)....studies show that simply petting a dog can lower ones blood pressure & promote relaxation.... See why I have 2?!?!!

Kudos to you for tackling the C2-5K program- hang in there!!! A dear friend of mine used it to run her first 5K-she really enjoyed to structure!! Do you enjoy your playlist....... Good music makes all the difference!

Have a good weekend & do find time to relax!


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Wow! I'm just so overwhelmed by all the comments I get posted to my journal here. Thank you all SO much!! It means so much to me, and it encourages and motivates me very much!


@LMNgetfit (Lisa): I have the most cutest, most sweetest, most adorable little Chihuahua-Dachshund mix ("Chiweenie") named Benny (although, he has a whole host of nicknames!), who is also deaf and had been abandoned at least twice before we found one another and he stole my heart. Yes, I'm enjoying the C25K program, and agree that having just the right music playing is key! Thanks for your kindness in stopping by my journal.


@jmichael614 (Jessica): I just started making green smoothies this month, and now I wake up every morning craving one!


@lola23: Aww, thanks so much. Things are getting better, and exercise is definitely helping.


@Amanda, Doug, and RC: Thank you all sooooooooo much for your continued support, encouragement, and positivity (and funny jokes!)! You have no idea how much it helps! Well, maybe you do have an idea, but still... Thank you so much. You guys are the greatest!


Moving on to today...


I had a hard time getting motivated today, but finally got my butt to the gym this afternoon. Was going to do the elliptical machine, but all the ones I like were already being used. So, I just decided to get on a treadmill instead. I walked 4 miles at incline level 2.0 for a total of an hour, which is a pretty quick pace for my short legs! Definitely worked up a sweat!


Breakfast (late): large green smoothie with Vega WFHO, flax seed, spinach, kale, berries, cherries, banana, almond milk. YUM!

Dinner: Enchilada with black beans, spinach, zucchini/squash, onion, baby bella mushrooms, and pepperjack Daiya (which I know isn't exactly a health food...). AMAZING! A side salad and glass of red wine. Oh, and avocado.

Dessert: Piece of chocolate bar

Pre-workout: Vega energizer

Post-workout: banana


Have a terrific weekend, friends!

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