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Let's get started...


I've been running for the last year or so and working out consistently for the past month or so I think it's time to start taking things a bit more seriously and this will serve as a means to track my progress and stay accountable.


My main goals for this year will be running related, completing a race in each distance up to marathon with a specific time goals, but...


It's winter now and training outside is likely not going to happen consistently until the spring. So I will be concentrating more on strength work for the next few months. No specific goals at this time. I just want to maintain (perhaps small gain) my weight while building additional muscle and cutting out as much dead weight (fat) as I can.


Anyways I just wanted to get this started now while I had a few minutes...


I'll check back in later after today's workout



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Ok, second workout of 2012 in the books...


Yesterday's workout was pretty rushed, lazy and disorganized so I doubt I got much out of it.


So today was my first LEGIT workout of 2012!




- 15 minute run on the treadmill, nothing serious just getting the juices going a bit

- Full body warm up circuit, 20x jumping jacks, 10x push ups, 10x body weight squats, 3 sets, high intensity, no rest

- 12x 10x 8x barbell full squat 50lbs + bar(~35lbs)

- 12x 10x 8x barbell front squat 50lbs +bar(~35lbs)

- 12x 10x 8x lunges with 15lb kettlebell in each hand (both legs)

- 12x 10x 8x one leg calf raises (both legs)

- 12x 10x 8x one leg kettlebell deadlift, 15lbs each hand (both legs)

- 5 minute walk on treadmill


Great workout, good intensity, a much better way to start the new year.


Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Legs are feeling decent after yesterday's workout. Didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked but I don't feel too bad as a result.


Today I did a bit of cardio and some core work.




- 30 minute run on the treadmill, mid intensity

- Standard full body warm up circuit

- 12x 10x 8x hanging leg raises

- 20x 15x 10x seated leg tucks

- 20x 20x 20x side bend with 30lb dumbbell (both sides)

- 25x 25x 25x Russian twist with 8lb medicine ball (1 rep = L + R)

- 25x 25x 25x sit up on exercise ball with 8lb medicine ball

- Good stretching session


Another really good workout, feeling worked but that's the point...


Crushing my arms tomorrow.

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Legs are still a bit sore from the workout on Monday and the run yesterday. Might think about shuffling that part of my schedule around a bit. Core feeling worked but good.


Good nights sleep, lots of energy today.


Today was an arm workout, ended up being more shoulder than anything but that's OK.




- 15 minute brisk walk on the treadmill

- Standard full body warm up circuit

- 12x 10x 8x wide grip bench press, 50lbs + bar

- 8x 6x 4x chin ups

- 12x 10x 8x Lying dumbbell tricep extensions, 30lbs

- 12x 10x 8x Barbell shoulder shrugs, 50lbs + bar

- 12x 10x 8x Behind back barbell shoulder shrugs, 50lbs + bar

- 12x 10x 8x Dumbbell rear delt row, 30lbs (repeat for both arms)

- 24x 20x 16x Kettlebell seesaw press, 15lbs

- 12x 10x 8x Dumbbell lateral raises, 10lbs

- 12x 10x 8x Dumbbell fly, 15lbs

- 5 minute cooldown walk on treadmill


Ideally I should probably be going into the workout with a better plan as currently I just have my workouts broken down into arms, legs and core, and aside from that I really just pick exercises at random as I'm going. Most likely not the best way to be going about it...


Hope everyone else is having as great a start to 2012 as I am.

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This post workout Vega (affectionately called 'dirt' in my house) shake is really hitting the spot.


Couple hours short on sleep again but I don't really feel like I'm suffering as a result. Shoulders are a little sore today, otherwise feeling quite good.


Ended up doing some intervals on the treadmill today...




- 15 minute jog to warm up

- 30 seconds @ 5mph, 30 seconds @ 9mph, 5 sets

- 30 seconds @ 3mph, 30 seconds @ 6mph, on 10 degrees, 5 sets

- 5x 30 second plank with 10 second rest

- 5x 15 second side plank with 10 second rest (repeat for both sides)


Sweat a fair bit during this workout but I think I could (should) have done more... I enjoyed the running work and will try to add more in the future.

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So today was a rest day. It's nice but I always feel kind of bad about rest days, always feels like I'm being lazy...


Anyways, feeling pretty good. No real soreness or anything.


Feels like all I did was eat today but I kept the snacking really clean, with lots of fresh fruit, nuts and stuff like that.


I think it's supposed to be nice enough tomorrow to go for a run outside, so I'm looking forward to that.

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So today was a really good day. Weather was awesome and I felt good so I went for a good run outside. Pretty messy on the trail, lots of mud and ice so it was probably a little slower that I would have liked but I'm happy with my time.




- 10km in 52:30


After dinner I decided to squeeze a little bit of core work in.




- Short walk on the treadmill

- Standard full body warm up circuit

- 5 sets of 25x exercise ball crunch with 15lb weight

- 3 sets of 25x exercise ball side crunch (repeat both sides)

- 3 sets of 25x exercise ball back extensions


Feeling pretty good all in all. Calves have been a bit tight since the run, I assume that's due to the slipping around on the ice and mud. Done my best to stretch it out, hopefully it doesn't stick around.

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Feeling decent today, lower body was a little tin-manish this morning but I'm feeling much better now.


Hit the arms today...




- 5 minute brisk walk on treadmill

- Standard full body warm up circuit

- 10x 10x 10x pull ups, did as many as I could straight up and then cheated the rest with little hops

- 12x 10x 8x bench press 50lbs + bar

- 24x 20x 16x alternating hammer curls 15lbs

- 24x 20x 16x kettlebell seesaw press 15lbs

- 16x 14x 12x bench dips

- 12x 10x 8x Dumbbell rear delt row, 30lbs (repeat for both arms)


Decent workout, higher intensity than usual because I was trying to get it done as quick as possible as my wife was beginning to show signs of going into labour.


So excited, looks like tomorrow is going to be a SUPER good day.

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Haven't really been around a computer for the last few days so I haven't been able to update but I'm sure you'll all be glad to know there is now one more vegan in the world!


My son Alex was born on January 10th at 3:10am, 7lbs 6ounces. My wife and I are absolutely thrilled, he is the cutest thing we've ever seen and can't begin to describe how excited we are to begin this new chapter of your lives with him. So many adventures ahead!


Today was our first full day back at home and since my diet and sleep have been pretty pitiful over the last few days I just took today to relax and try and get back to a good starting point. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day according to my schedule so I might just wait and start really fresh on Saturday or I might try to squeeze something little in tomorrow. We'll see how the night goes.

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Wow, Scott! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife on the birth of your boy!


And I love your introduction of him: "There is now one more vegan in the world!" Haha! YAY! The world needs more and more of those!


Congratulations and enjoy that little bundle of joy!!!!!



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Thanks Karen!


I'm feeling pretty good today, energy levels are returning to where they should be. Diet has been pretty clean aside from the celebratory vegan cupcakes that my parents got for us, sooo good! I'm surprised there are as many left as there are. Sleep is still sub par, but I'm sure that's something that I'm just going to have to get used to for the time being.


Got a 30 minute run in on the treadmill tonight. Medium intensity, just needed to get up and move a bit. Kind of had to force myself to do it but I'm glad I did and I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine tomorrow.

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