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two new pics real quick before I go to England.


When I come back, I am going to hopefully have my own image gallery up, so I dont have to keep making these threads. heh









I shredded down to 163lbs

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You look AWESOME! I just saw this photo up on myspace.com and mentioned that it was the BEST I've seen you! Great size, symetry, shape, balance and overall look!


You BET! When you get back, we'll get image galleries up, your bio up and all that stuff on the main site.


Thanks for representing Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness while you're over there!


Again, you look awesome!

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We'll have to use some of these shredded photos for NEW Posters soon!


Get some great shots over there with the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness gear and we'll create a bunch of new flyers and posters to send out all over the country, with YOU on them.


Thanks for taking the time to post these photos before leaving.


Go get em!

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thanks guys! you two are a major inspiration to me. it means a lot to hear your kind words.


sorry im not smiling the pics, i wanted to try to come across as serious. i guess i came off a lil bit too serious. lol

Im actually always smiling and joking around.


so the arms can come up some more?

I need to learn how to pose.


I think im gonna rock the VBB tanktop like everyday. its awesome!

and i converted some of the VBB t-shirts to sleevless. so im gonna have to ask ppls to take lots of pics of me with my camera. hehe. hopefully no one runs away with it! eek. oh yeh and ive got the visor to wear on sunny days!


I cant wait til I am the size of steve reeves. i dont know if you can tell yet or not, but thats who im trying to shape my body after.


thanks again ya'll.

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Thanks. As for posing, the bodybuilding way of doing the double biceps is a wide leg stance (usually the front leg tip toed) and a high bicep pose. The reason behind this is that it makes you look wide.


I didnt know there were TANK TOPs of the VBB shirts! I dont see it on the main site.


As for steve reeves, I saw his pics from your other thread and he looks good. Is he Christopher Reeves dad? Was he Superman?

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Hey Topher and Kollision,


I agree the arms could be up a bit more, but in the first photo they look pretty good. Some guys focus on squeezing the abs so much that they forget to open up and show how wide they really are.


Big K-As far as the tank tops go.............there is only 1 at this time. It was passed on from Me to Topher a while back.


I will be creating more. This is what it looked like on Me:




I'm sure Topher will make it look much more awesome! So we'll all look forward to the pics!


K-When the tank tops come in, I'll let you know right away and hopefully get them on the site.


I have more stuff than is up on the site, because my website guy and I don't meet on a regular basis, so some things take a while to get images and ordering info up.


But we've talked about working on it soon.


More stuff on the way!!!!!

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Wow ROb you make it look sweet bro! I cant wait till u get it up, I wanna buy one


And Topher, you should feel lucky that you are wearing Robs shirt! haha jp, but its still cool that it was passed down like that. It makes me think of a new thing rob can do. Rob can pass on clothes that he has worn to up and comers that are serious in the sport, and those people can pass it down. Dont think it would work, but I really like the idea of having the shirt been worn by people of Greatness (Topher and Rob) and more to come. And in order to get another shirt, you have to pass that one on.

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Hey Kollision, thanks for the comments.


That is a pretty cool idea. I've been in touch with Topher for over a year now and I've passed a few things on to him. Maybe we can start a tradition of doing that with a few specific items that I only have a few of.


As for the other stuff, look for it soon, things have been ordered and I'll try to get them up on the site in the near future.


Take care,

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I am very honored to wear this tank top. Everytime I put it on I picture Rob wearing it, and I stick out my chest and push back my shoulders and walk with pride. The only thing is, it barely fits now. maybe since I dropped 7 lbs It will fit a lil better.


the passing of the clothes is a good idea. I cant wait to give lil Seamus his.


okay only a couple hours before I leave. cya!

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Yeah Topher, have a great trip buddy!


Seamus is a little 9 year old Vegan kid that Topher and I know. He's cool.


Yeah, those photos should open up just fine, Toph-dogg looks awesome!


We'll keep passing the items, maybe I'll choose a few and some some out soon.


Surprise gifts!


Take care,

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