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How much would it cost monthly to be vegan?

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I read a book called " Eat Vegan on $4 a day" (About ten bucks on Amazon.)

It is available on Amazon, and a quick read. The author provides some good advice on transitioning to veganism, and saving money. I believe if you stick to purchasing whole foods, and stay away from the processed counterparts you will be okay. I take advantage of farmers markets for certain items, like green leafy veggies. Also, I agree that bulk bins are very important. Lastly, you may consider joining Cosco/Sams because you can get large amounts for cheap. I don't think I can pin it down to an exact number since my protein requirements are a bit less. You may have to just try it for a few weeks to get a feel for what you spend. I found once I cut out the "extras" such as starbucks and pizza, I saved money overall. Good luck!

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I'm eating all kinds of veggies, fruit, nuts, fortified organic soy milk, and probably missing something else but the bulk (pun intended) of my diet consists of legumes. I eat lots and lots of legumes throughout the day for my protein and carbs and I get a whole host of everything else nutrition wise from them as well. I was doing split peas, now I'm on a lentil trip. Next gonna try black eyed peas (that's the southerner in me), then maybe pinto beans, or a combination of beans.


I mainly get what I need at walmart. In fact my soy milk is Great Value brand and I was shocked to see it was 1) USDA certified organic and 2) so cheap!


My expenses come out to a little over $4 a day (about $130/month).


This is A LOT cheaper than my previous milk/meat based diet.

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Can't really compare prices because I'm the UK and I think food costs are different over here... but my and my partner spend about £40 per week on food, so that works out around £160 per month for two of us - £80 each. Which is $51 per month per person. But on top of that I buy a protein powder, which is something like £25 for 2.5kg and that lasts a while...

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