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RaVen's Nest, Take II...

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Thank you, Rawfigure I was hoping you'd somehow stop by my journal!

Thanks for the tips. I think shoulders are actually a part that I don't mind working.




Thursday, March 2


5-mile run (HIIT fartlek variation)


Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Bok Choy, green leaf lettuce, Kale, mache; 4 oz. blueberries, 1/2 grapefruit; 1 TB maca; stevia; 1 TB flax seeds; 1/2 tsp borage oil


Meal #2: 1 head butter lettuce, 2 bags romaine; onion; mushrooms; cucumber; tomatoes; 1 pckg micro-greens*; homemade Brazil nut dressing


Meal # 3: Fruit Meal - Apples




Notes: I am SOOoOOOoooOoOoOoOo sore!! I don't think I've ever felt so sore and stiff right after a run!! I could barely walk...

I did 2.5 miles @ 80% - 100% output for 60-90 seconds; then 1-1.5 min jog.

Then for 2.5 miles @ 90-100% output for as long as I could sustain it; followed by 90-second jog So every minute or every minute-and-a-half I was running max. output...I was wiped out. I couldn't even think of lifting anything or cycling p.m. My quads and hamstrings are dying!!

Feels goooood, though




* - I found microgreens at Trader Joe's Market and I am so glad I did! The are so delicious. The flavor really comes through but it's not bitter or potent like many greens and sprouts. The amaranth microgreens are my favorite. I'm thinking of looking into growing these myself. They are available all year since they can be grown indoors; but, for now I just hope Trader Joe's keeps me supplied with my new fix

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Friday, March 3






Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Butter lettuce, Kale, Collards, Mache; 4 Strawberries, lemon; 1 TB Maca; Stevia; 1 TB Flax seeds; 1/2 tsp borage oil


Meal #2: 1 Head Butter lettuce, 2 pckgs Romaine salad, 1 pckg microgreens; tomato; mushrooms; onion; cucumber; red and orange bell peppers; homemade Pecan dressing


Meal #3: Fruit Meal, Apples




Notes: Normally, my day off is Sunday; but this interval workout I'm doing has made me so sore that I need to rest. I took today off. I tried to do biceps, but couldn't even lift my intended 5 sets of 16 @ 15#




Saturday, March 4


5 Tibetan Rites (keep forgetting to log this; I do them every a.m.)

6-mile run (continual fartleks), a.m.

30-minute cycle, interval, p.m.




Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie, 60 oz: Kale, Butter lettuce, Mache, Bok Choy; Meyer lemons; stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax seeds; 1/2 tsp Borage oil.


Meal #2: 2 bags romaine salad, 2 heads butter lettuce, 1 pckg Micro-Greens; ground broccoli; onions; mushrooms; tomatoes; cucumbers; homemade, whole coconut dressing


Meal #4: Cauliflower; Dandelion-Leek Miso sauce



Notes: Another gorgeous, Los Angeles Saturday morning -- just had to seize it and go for a run. I probably shouldn't have, since I'm still pretty stiff in the legs; but stretching before (which I never do; only stretch after) helped in this case.


I did my normal fartleks today instead of the intense variation above, but did do them throughout the run instead of a set number of sets to and fro.

They were varied -- some were 60-second bursts, others were 90-second with varying times in between as well. pretty much unstructured


I'm discovering it's my breathing which may be contributing to slower max. output (in addition to this being a new routine, going from acclimated 10-mile runs to short all-out runs and being wiped out). Today I was only able to muster @ 75% max. output, then down to 60% on my way back, even after my second wind.

Probably should have just done a straight 6-mile run...easy...will do that 'morrow. I'm not used to the harder breathing from the *frequent* running bursts; have to learn to work more efficiently with that. It's good news all around, though, so far; feeling good.






Sunday, March 5



5 Tibetan Rites

25-minute cycle, interval




Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Butter lettuce, Kale, Mache; pineapple + skin; stevia; Maca; 1 TB Flax seeds, 1/2 tsp Borage oil.


Meal #2: 1 head butter lettuce, 2 bags of Romaine, 1 pckg Micro-Greens; onions; mushrooms; tomato; zucchini; broccoli; homemade Hemp dressing


Meal #3: Cauliflower; Chickpea Miso Sauce


- Raw Rice Protein




Notes: The 25-minute cycle was intense. Five-minute warm up, the went up 3 levels of intensity for 1-minute


intervals, back down; did this for 15 minutes. Five minutes, I did up 3 for 1 minute, then down two. All kept at


between 85 and 105. Not bad...

Killer breathing; sore.

Was planning on a 15-or 20-minute p.m. cycle, but couldn't handle it .

Must do quality arm work tomorrow.





Monday, March 6


9-mile run

5 sets of 16 @ 15#, a.m.





Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Bok Choy, Green Leaf, Mache; Meyer Lemons ( ); stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax Seeds, 1/2 tsp Borage Oil


Meal #2: 2 bags of Romaine, Butter lettuce, Micro-Greens; Broccoli; mushrooms; Bell Peppers; Cucumber; Onions; homemade Pistachio dressing


Meal #3: Cantaloupe melons



Notes: Did the biceps before I ran, even though DayWalker suggests in one of his posts not to (can't find it now!); however, I would like to start doing another set in the evenings -- splits. If not, then I'll take DayWalker's suggestion and work with weights once, keeping it separate from cardio.

Run was fantastic. I had an excellent pace going the whole way -- fartleks always have this effect on me - - and even did some fartleks on the way home, which I did not intend.

Had more energy to spare




Tuesday, March 7

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Tuesday, March 7


5 Tibetan Rites

45-minute cycle






Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Bok Choy, Romaine lettuce, Collards; Meyer lemons; Stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax seeds


Meal #2: 1 head Butter Lettuce, 1 head Green Leaf Lettuce, 1 pckg Romaine, 1 pckg Micro-Greens; Onion; Cucumber; Broccoli; homemade pumpkin seed dressing; 1/2 tsp Borage oil


Meal #3: Fruit Meal - Apples


Meal #4: Cauliflower; Marinated mushrooms; Onion; Adzuki Miso Sauce






Notes: Well, great workout this a.m.! I felt so strong and had an overload of energy -- surprising since I had such a great-paced run yesterday for 9 miles. I guess I have more energy since I cut down pretty drastically

from 10 miles six-to 7-days a week! I don't know, but I hope this energy surge stays with me. I've always had a lot which is partly why I run (ran) so much.

Anyway, I didn't feel fatigue at all after the cycle, which was interval at up 3 levels every other minute for 35 minutes straight (5-minute warm up; 5-minute cool down). I incorporated some bicep curls -- 10# @ 16 -- at the 1-minute-increase intervals! Very intense. I hope to increase the poundage eventually, but this was a nice alternative to the otherwise boring lifting...

I intended to only do 25 minutes, but felt so dang good I kept going; but stopped there so as not to overdo it as I am always tempted.






Wednesday, March 8


6-mile run (fartlek-HIIT variation)a.m.

Hapkido, p.m.




Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Collards,Mache, Green Leaf, Bok Choy; 4 Large strawberries, Meyer Lemon; stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax Seeds; 1/2 tsp Borage Oil


Meal #2: Fruit Meal - Apples


Meal #3: 1 head Green leaf, 1 head Butter lettuce, 1 pckg Romaine; onion; zucchini; mushrooms; tomato; homemade sesame seed-hemp dressing


Meal #4: Handful of raw Pistachios




Notes: Another excellent run. I don't feel any fatigue in my legs! I love it. I've gained two pounds; hopefully, it's just muscle (or water) Weight gain for runners is not a good thing.


I did the fartlek-HIIT routine again, this time alternating between 1-minute, 1 1/2-minute, and 2-minute maximum output bursts with 1-minute or 1 1/2-minute jogs in between. Awesome, but another wipe-out session.


Probably my last day of Hapkido . I just can't hang at this level because of my neck injury. I should have quit 2 belts ago . The higher I go, the harder the throws...I would like to find an art in which I don't have to be thrown; but that's probably not possible.

I'm guarded and that makes me tense; I'm actually more at risk the less relaxed I am. Grand Master K has told me I can stay and modify, but I don't feel I'll be earning my belt -- I cannot stand half-assing or half asses! -- and I certainly don't like imposing my restrictions on my classmates, which is what I'll be doing if they can't throw me...

My neck can't take it, and it's potentially highly dangerous for me to continue -- my surgeon would have a fit if he knew I was even taking Hapkido Maybe Tai Chi...? I'm missing it already


Just read, THE PORNOGRAPHY OF MEAT. *Excellent,* and very confirming of my own intuitive belief system -- I know I'm not crazy! Glad someone has put it into book form again; makes us feel so not alone. So hard to find people in this world who, not only "get it"; but also agree. It's so sad that people (esp. women) can't see they work and live against their own interests...same with politics, in general...enough rambling.

Now on to finish the just-released MAN,THE HUNTED, which, so far, is good.




Thursday, March 9

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Hey now. About the Hapkido, I just wanted to say a couple things. "Don't let what you can't do keep you from doing what you can do." I mean, unless you are paired with the same person every session or your classmates are homogeneously superfolk, why feel half-assed or guilty about doing modifications? There's always some area for each student to grow, and everyone is compromised in some way -- even blackbelts -- cardiovascularly, biomechanically, strengthwise, confidence-wise (too little, too much).


If you do decide to pursue a different (martial) art, I'd make a list of the things you love about Hapkido and find something similar that doesn't involve throws.


Remember, personal standards of excellence should not be impersonal!

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Hey, now, el' cirriped . Thanks for the encouragement. Thing is, I've been going through this for a while now, and I've gone through all those thoughts and options, back and forth... I've stayed WAY too long for the reasons you've stated and others.

Like I wrote, I should have stopped belts ago...or, not have started as all, as my doc would say. It is toodangerous for me to be doing this and I've been taking quite a risk. The Grand Master does not know what is exactly wrong with my neck aside from knowing I was in an accident years ago in which I hurt my neck. Not a good idea that I kept it from him, I know...


As far as half-assing it, yea, it's just not me . I don't want a belt if I don't truly deserve it. I work hard and expect to be passed only if I've mastered my current level. I would be peeved and feel insulted and disrespected if I was "just passed." Luckily, the studio I attend does not just move you along if you've put in the time like SO many martial arts schools do; they make sure you know it very well, even if not "mastered" it, or you do not pass. I've seen lots of people fail their tests. But I'd have it no other way .

As far as modifying, I could; but, I respect the arts too much to "earn" a belt and not really deserve it (they would modify my tests, which to me would mean "dumb it down" or make it easier). I've seen people with black belts who could be whooped by lower belts who have mastered their level. I'm not this stubborn with everything -- honest . Anyway, that's how it is. I'll look into something else, though, because I love it. I've always wanted to fence; so maybe I'll try that, I don't know. I'd have to really strengthen my arms and shoulders -- my weakest areas!


Okay, more info than you wanted to know

Thanks for your thoughts; I appreciate any and all types of input -- or just stopping by -- from others in my log





Thursday, March 9





Food Log:


Meal #1: Green smoothie - butter lettuce, bok choy, kale, mache; Meyer lemons; stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax


seeds; 1/2 tsp Borage oil


Meal #2: Fruit Meal: Apples


Meal #3: 1 head Romaine lettuce, 1 head Butter lettuce, 1 head Green Leaf lettuce; onions; mushrooms; cucumber; broccoli; homemade Brazil nut dressing


Meal #4: Marinated Mushrooms; Garlic; Garbanzo-Miso Sauce




Notes: Could have worked out today -- energy was good; but I know I would be overtraining.




Friday, March 10


6-mile run





Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Mache, Bok Choy; Cranberries, Meyer lemons; stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax Seeds; 1/2 tsp Borage Oil


Meal #2: Two heads Butter lettuce, one bag of Romaine; cauliflower; zucchini; cucumber; onion; homemade Tomato Sesame-Hemp dressing


Meal #3: Fruit Meal - Apples


Meal #4: Snack - raw Rice protein




Notes: AWEsome run! I got to run in the rain today! Yay! *Love* that. Air was coldish and clean, breathing was easy...the crisp air and feel of the drops is as invigorating as the sun is on 74-degrees-perfect days. It was a

steady, but light rain...absolutely beautiful...gray and cool; just like I like it. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world! Bit of a downpour just as I finished . Is there anything more romantic?

Add to that a great, fluid, steady pace, some hills and I was on runners' high ;D No better way to start the day, I say.


I used the 15# weights (15# each, so 30# total) for shoulders today; normally, I use the 10# weights (20# total weight). I couldn't do as many lifts, but it feels good to increase the weight. I still use the 10# weights when I'm lifting as I cycle; 30# would be too much for now. Weight training is still scattered for me; still no real routine...


Found some vegan athletic Earth Shoes!!! Been looking for more-vegan running shoes for ages. I also know that Earth Shoes are awesome, so far as comfort and beneficial for feet and spine; I expect and hope this athletic model has been developed for athletic excellence. Sure hope they can take a pounding. They also have the athletic men's!

Been using New Balance past few years, and I've had mostly good experiences except for a couple of styles that

killed my feet! However, Saucony has always been my first choice; I'm back to them currently. My performance is always better on them and this time is no exception! I hope the Earth Shoes measure up...




Saturday, March 10


5 Tibetan Rites (keep forgetting to note these! I do them every a.m.)

40-minute cycle (interval HIIT), a.m.



15-minute cycle, p.m.




Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Bok Choy, Mache; Grapefruit; stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax seeds; 1/2 tsp Borage Oil


Meal #2: Raw "Noodles" in Miso Broth with Maitake and Portabello Mushrooms


Meal # 3: Apples








Notes: Another really good ride. I did an even tougher interval program, with the 1-minute intensity increases (up 2 levels) while weightlifting: I used the 10# weights (20# total) @ 8X for tricep lifts followed by 10X for shoulder lifts. Then 1-minute no weights, down to starting level. It was tougher because my starting/rest level is now increased one level from previous rides. I did this for 30-minutes straight. Breathing hard; got my pulse up.

This lifting while cycling is doing me good. Hope I don't burn on it! I have leg and wrist weights, but I don't run with them; in my opinion, running with weights is ridiculously dangerous and no-doubt-about-it damaging to the body. Doing it with the cycle, though, is bank.


Didn't eat much today; not so hungry. Going to try this raw

protein powder. It looks good; but it's pretty expensive. I like the idea of brazil nut protein. Considering I don't take protein powders often, I'm not going to sweat it; however, if it turns out to be some potent addition to add to my magical green

witchypoo elixirs, then it will be worth it ;D

Besides, I always have to try new stuff!

I currently use hemp protein powders once in a while, or raw rice. The rice I use only because I like the taste, plain! I certainly don't need any protein supplement with all the protein I get from the greens I eat.





Sunday, March 12


6-mile run





Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Bok Choy, Mache; blueberries, Meyer Lemons; stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax Seeds; 1/2 tsp Borage Oil.


Meal #2: 2 heads of Romaine lettuce, 1 back of Romaine; cauliflower; onions; bell peppers; mushrooms; cucumber; Summer squash; homemade Macadamia-Walnut dressing


Meal #3: Apples




Notes: Yeeow! Another incredible http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/running.gif! Major adrenaline. I was flying! No kites, here; it was high as a http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/BluStarDance.gif!

Very chilly morning; but bright and perfect for running. Sore under my arms in the lats area; my triceps are somewhat sore from yesterday..

Ran very good pace; it's picked up quite a bit. Didn't do any structured program today; but I did run at 90-100% max as long as I could sustain it throughout the run: I felt that good.


Gotta start doing more http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/Pullup.gif and http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/pushups_43.gif, I think.


In the spirit of my curiosity and love of experimenting, I've started an internal cleansing program yesterday. What can it hurt? My smoothies, I'm sure,

more than clean me out regularly as a side benefit, and I already consume a lot of other fiber; but I will report

anything notable that occurs, or at the end of the one-month program.




Monday, March 13






Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie (@60 oz.) - Kale, Parsley; Meyer Lemon, 4 Strawberries; Stevia; 1 TB Flax Seeds, 1/2 tsp Borage Oil


Meal #2: 3 bags Romaine; Micro-Greens; onions; Mushrooms; Cucumber; homemade whole Coconut-Red Bell Dressing


Meal #3: Apples


Meal #4: raw Rice Protein




Notes: Triceps and lats are much more sore today! That took a while...Feels good. I wonder why my shoulders aren't sore.

For some reason, I awoke way too early and couldn't get back to sleep. I felt fine, but knew I shouldn't work out like that; and I shouldn't anyway, I need the day off. Still struggling a bit with cutting back; I want to run everyday! Looking forward to a good cycle tomorrow (or run?).


My Green Smoothie was really yummy. I didn't think that only kale and parsley would be good, but it was super good. The strawberry came through strong with only 4; the lemons always enhance the flavor of the fruit in these.

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RaVen, I have been using the Thor's Raw Protein Powder from NFL. I got right on it when it camee out as I am always looking for a protein supplement. I was using hemp, but do not care for the strong taste. The Thor's has a mix of things so I prefer it, the brazilian and gogi made a nice balance. A container lasts me a long time so in a way it is not that expensive. Due to the strong flavor I use a Tablespoon vs the Scoops of Protein I used when doing the Whey.

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Oh, thanks for that RawFigure. It sounds tasty. It has more carbs than I would like, but it's not that big a deal.

My hemp protein considers 2 scoops a serving; but I only use 1; so I'll probably do the same with the Thor's.




Tuesday, March 14


60-minute cycle





Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Collards, Bok Choy; Cranberries; Meyer Lemon; Stevia; 1 TB Maca; 1 TB Flax Seeds; 1/2 tsp Borage Oil


Meal #2: Butter lettuce, 2 bags Romaine; Mushrooms; Cauliflower; onions; Tomato; Cucumbers; homemade Coconut-Red Bell Pepper Dressing.


Meal #3: Apples





Notes: Did the HIIT-Fartlek thingy (pretty much same as last), but did biceps with the 15# weights (30# total). I also went up a level for the 1-minute intensity level with the weights. Good workout.

Strangely, I did not feel tired or wiped out, but my legs were fatigued; so my speed slowed a bit near the end. I could have gone on, in terms of the cardio; but my legs told me to stop. Run tomorrow, yay!


Appetite is curbing...I know it's the cleansing program; the fiber certainly is the catalyst.

Aside from that, I have been drinking a tea, which, supposedly curbs the appetite. I bought it out of curiosity, since I've read about the main ingredient, which is a rare, native root, and saw a segment on "60 Minutes" about it. The root is reported to truly cause hunger suppression and weightloss; but the true root was not supposed to be available here until -- I can't remember when; maybe 2005? or 2006? Consequently, a lot of rip-off supplements, claiming to be authentic abound. So I don't really know if the tea I'm drinking is the real root or if it's a phony. So if this tea is contributing to my appetite suppression, it may just be a subject-expectancy effect or the combination of other herbs in it are responsible. So I won't know if it's only the cleanse (which I do know is contributing to curbing my appetite) and not the tea until I complete the cleanse!

Anyway, the flavor of this tea is mysteriously delicious. I actually like it for the taste! It's like nothing else I've ever tasted; I don't know if it's the root or, again, the combo; but it is a very unique flavor. I couldn't even describe it or think of a comparable flavor...The fragrance is intoxicating as well. I don't know that I'll drink it regularly, but I'm sure I'll buy it occasionally for the flavor.





Wednesday, March 15


9-mile run




Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Collards, Bok Choy, Parsley; Blueberries, Meyer Lemon; Stevia; Maca; 1 TB Flax Seeds, 1/2 tsp Borage Oil


Meal #2: 1 head Romaine; 1 pckg. Micro-Greens; Portabellos; Cucumber; Onion; Tomatoes; Cauliflower; homemade Pumpkin Seed Dressing


Meal #3: Apples


Meal #4: Rice protein




Notes: Good run today, but not as intense as of late. Yesterday cycle at the increased level tired my legs. Shouldn't have run, but, oh, well, I love it. Such beauty outside should not be wasted just because I'm sore!


So I did my HIIT-Fartlek variation for 4 1/2 miles; then 4 1/2 at a

good pace, fairly consistent, with a few bursts here and there.

Should take tomorrow off, but I probably won't.




I really am glad I got back to this food arrangement (began 03.01). I was eating fruit before my vegetables, and that was definitely not optimal for me. I will carbo load all day and be hungry every hour; this way, I'm perfect. Good to be back.






Thursday, March 16


~ Rest ~




Sunday, March 19



AWESOME!! Woman wins L.A. Marathon again. Whoo HOOOOO!


Lidiya Grigoryeva, from Russia, beat the record with her 2:08:28 time.


(A woman also came in second )


Official second place went to a man, Benson Cherono, though he actually came in third; Grigoryeva beat him 1-second per mile.


The last minutes gave me chills and her win made my eyes water. I love it!! I'm so pumped, I'm goin' for a run ;D

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Sunday, March 19



6-mile Run




Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Collards, Kale, Mache; Meyer Lemons; 1 scoop,Thor's Raw Protein; Stevia; 1 TB Flax Seeds; Oil



Meal #2: 2 1/2 bags Romaine; 1 pckg Micro-Greens; Cauliflower;Cucumber; Onions; Portabello Mushrooms; Red Bell Peppers; Coconut-Tomato Dressing


Meal #3: Apples





Notes: Lounged this morning and watched the marathon; then went for a run; wanted to do some arm work later, but didn't. I'm not

doing as well as my goal. I wanted to work on my arms on regular

basis, mainly for health in the long run. Gotta get motivated again!!

Still not as good a run as is normal for me. I gotta watch not to go

too low on fruit and definitely not skip a fruit meal (like I did on Friday ). Hope to be back to normal tomorrow!


- Saw a great dvd tonight: Rust Never Sleeps. Well, I should

say the music was great; the stage show was silly. But Young has

weird theatrics about him. Even recently his show was like that, only

it was more a war-protest type thing; so I wasn't too bothered

Been wanting to see this for years. It's one of those situations

when you think of the dvd when you're no where near a video store;

and then when you are, you can't remember it and complain there's

nothing to rent!


Anyway, I forget how truly-good music can lift my mood. There

aren't many songs that make me "feel" something, much less feel

good. He's always so on it, musically...perfect sound, even if he forgets words, lol.


It prompted an argument (friendly) on "Hey, hey, my, my": My

friend and I have totally different interpretations on it. How could

he be so wrong?? We were so divided, we looked it up on the

internet only to discover there were about 5 other interpretations

we hadn't even thought, lol. Couldn't find Young's or Rotten's say

on it...would love to. I love when (any) art brings about lively

discussion; and even moreso it seems rare in music nowadays. Anyway, I'll definitely rent it again, or, if I can find it, I'll buy it, which is rare for me!




Monday, March 20



60-minute Cycle (fartlek-HIIT)






Food Log:


Meal #1: Green Smoothie - Kale, Collards; Strawberries, Meyer Lemon; 1 TB Maca; Stevia; 1 TB Flax; EFA Oil


Meal #2: 2 1/2 bags Romaine; 1 pckg Micro-Greens; Tomato; Cucumber; Onion; Portabello Mushrooms; Cauliflower; homemade Coconut-Tomato Dressing


Meal #3: Apples


Meal#4: 1 bag of Romaine; marinated Portabello Mushrooms




Notes: Great workout today! Another wipe out, whew. My cycling days are turning out to be a good choice. I did 15-minutes straight of triceps-Shoulders work on the cycle (while doing the HIIT-Fartlek). (This was less than past days, but it was still effective). My triceps are actually still a bit sore from last time! Rest of the time was cycling with varying intensities every minute (H-F). Sweaty.

This regimen seems to be working my beehind; so that's an unexpected plus .


TheThor's Raw Protein Powder is good, in my opinion. The Maca is a dominant flavor so I can't really taste the powder in my smoothies because I always add Maca; others trying this would have to like Maca, I think.

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  • 2 weeks later...
I need to work triceps more, I think, to get my biceps to look more defined. Isn't that how it works?

Hmm, not so sure about that.

Let me first say that if you ask me your biceps looks defined enough. Second , as far as I know the only way to get better definition is to lose bodyfat, which you dont want to do as I understood it. Third I think isolation work for arms are somewhat a waste of time, I would second Js advice about doing dips and chinups, those are the best .

Hmm, guess I might not be very helpfull here, apologies for that .

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Lol, well, thanks. I do hate chinups

I've lost some more body fat recently since doing an alternating HIIT-fartlek routine running and biking, and it's helping a bit with my arms.


I don't know whether to abandon this journal since I'm keeping it up at Vegspace: http://www.vegspace.com/RaVen

I haven't been there long, but I transferred most of this journal there. I don't do much "blogging" since,

as J says blogging is " too self important"(:P @ J) but it's okay for a journal like this one.


You are welcome to visit my journal there, (as well as anyone else!) I like when people stop by to leave comments, suggestions, or just to chat. Besides, I don't know anyone there! But I will be moving soon to http://www.blogger.com/start I have one there already, I just haven't had time to add my journal yet; I'll probably get it finished this weekend.


I'll have to look and see if there is a Vegan Fitness/Bodybuilding group at Blogger; if not, maybe one is in order!

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