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Today's workout is Plyometrics.


For breakfast I had a Clif Builder bar and two waffles with Peanut butter and an apple with Ezekial cereal with Flax seeds and blueberries


For lunch I had 2 veggie burgers


My snacks were a smoothie with Vega Protein, hemp protein, chlorella, spinach, chard blueberries and a banana


My other snack was a handful of almonds.


Right now I'm drinking Vega Pre-workout Energizer.


Bring it!

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Hi Chris,


How is the training program coming along?


I've never done P90X but I've heard a lot about it. I too, like those foam rollers by the way. Funny how things so basic become so trendy and popular. Same with certain equipment (rise of kettlebells in recent years) etc.


All the best with your training!



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Today was a rest day.




My training is going very well. P90X is a great program and I've seen some great results from it. I did a little bulking period on it a few months ago and gained 22 pounds of muscle. P90X2 is even better. The first phase is all about working your core and balance to get ready for the second and third phase. I've been doing it for 10 days and I already notice a difference in my core strength and balance! I'm really excited to see what results I get with this program. I have before pictures, and I will be taking after photos for sure.


Thanks for asking!

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