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Agar agar???

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Good news: I bought agar agar! Now I never have to go without hospital food again. (Actually, I needed it to make pie...which I haven't yet...)


anyhow, my first two attempts have been crap: first I used tea (sweetened) but the "jello" came out as hard as gummy bears, and with no flavor. (diet food...haha!)


then I tried using all natural root beer, and the consistincy was ALMOST what I was looking for, but not quite. Still a little too hard. Unfortiantly, it tasted like shit.


Right now I'm making coffee to make into more jellos. I am really really looking for the same texture as geletin, but I haven't had it since I was eight! Am also looking for good flavors--orange, apple and cranberry being obvious ones (with juice as the liquid) but will coffee and tea work? (Don't worry about it not--the coffee will get into me somehow!!!)


PLEASE help! I told my mom that the agar will last a while, but if I keep screwing up I'll have to get more!


EDIT: my sister has been using the root beer jello to cut into shapes. I can just see the adds now. "Rachel's jello! Fun to play with, but not to eat! Buy now!!!"

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You can find it wherever seaweed is sold. It may also be near animal gelatin. One of the stores I frequent has it hanging on a stand with the rare dry mushrooms. It's located near the Asian foods.


Do you have an Asian market nearby? They will have it. One I often find is in small packets, "Telephone Brand."


Might even find some in the supplements section.

Here is a list of names you may find it under:


Burma: kyauk kyaw

China: dai choy goh

Indonesia: agar-agar

Malaysia: agar-agar

Japan: kanten

Philippines: gulaman

Sri Lanka: chun chow

Thailand: woon



Here are a few pictures so you can identify it:


NOW brand Agar-Agar


Found mostly at health markets, like Whole Foods, etc.: EDEN brand AGAR FLAKES


TELEPHONE brand AGAR-AGAR - usually in Asian markets. They are small packets.


Here is the way a bar of it can look; it's called "kanten" in Japanese, but it's agar-agar. Okay, I'm not a photographer, but...



There are other brand names available depending on what store you go to. The various names above might help, and you could just ask.

More general info: COOK'S THESAURUS -great site, by the way.


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