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4 New You for the New Year Coaches met up in Portland

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Hi Everyone,


On January 7th, four of our New You for the New Year Coaches met up in Portland, OR for Trainer Ed Bauer's Grand Opening of his new Vegan Fitness Studio named Plant Fit.


It was an awesome time!


Here is a photo from our meet up at his gym tonight (L to R), Robert, Alli Breen, Julia Abbott, and Ed Bauer.


We all wish you the best and hope you're having an awesome time with our fitness program!



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I grabbed it from an email from Alli B. It shows up on my computer but it shrunk from big to little. I might have to download it and upload it properly.


There were about 10 forum members there too!


Great to see some old friends, including some long-time forum members from the 05 or 06 era during my visit to Portland tonight. I move to Texas in two weeks and it was nice to make the 90 min drive up from Corvallis for this event.


Ed rocks! Glad he's running Plant Fit and doing so well with it!

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