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New You for the New Year Contest 1

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NYNY (New You for the New Year) Challenge, Contest #1 – January 8, 2012


We've made it through Week 1 of the New You for the New Year Challenge! And we wanna know...


What's the best vegan meal you've had so far in 2012?


Here's How to Enter:


1) Post your answer as a reply to this post. (You must be a forum member to post/enter. Not a member yet? Click here: ucp.php?mode=register )


2) A winner will be selected at random from all answers posted by 9:00 PM Pacific on Sunday, January 8.




3) Today's winner will receive a full-size tub of Vega Sport Protein Powder! - http://www.vegasport.com


Remember, you can't win if you don't play!


Simply post your reply below to enter. Go!



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kale salad (dino kale, red kale, spinach, red cabbage, red bell pepper, cucumber slices, dried goji berries, udo's oil, lemon juice, raw pecans); quinoa mixed with hemp hearts; chickpea punjab choley with lentils; ginger-turmeric kombucha; wheat grass shot/green elixir

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1. roasted organic cauliflower cheese made with soya blue cheese,

2. organic tofu and basil tortellini, with roasted hot pepper and tomatoe onion and garlic sauce

3. shared with lettuce onion, tomatoe, cucumber, fennel coriander with lemon olive oil salt and pepper dressing. vegan for 17 years you say?

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Vegan Proats:



Make a protein shake using 40g of powder (vanilla soy protein isolate is best).

Cook 100g (dry measured) of either rolled oats or rolled 5 grains in water until the texture is creamy.

Stir in 1 tsp of cinnamon while in the pot, and then serve in a large bowl.

slice a banana over the top then sprinkle tbsp's of golden flaxmeal over.

Lastly pour the protein shake on top and drizzle with sugarfree syrup, agave syrup or 'real' maple syrup.



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My favorite meal of the new year has to be the meal my five year old children (boy-girl twins) helped me make on New Year's Day. It was a "stew" with black eyed peas, carrots, celery, onions, bell peppers, garlic, and spices. I served it over brown rice and sauteed kale. I gave it a smokey flavor, and was kind of going for the traditional southern US new year's meal (Dad's from North Carolina) but without the pork of course. OK honestly I did most of the prep work and cooking, but I always let my kids throw veggies into the pan to cook, they love to help.

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My favourite meal is undoubtedly the thrive diet pizza,it feels like cheating because you can change the base and topping so much and it still tastes amazing! We have it for both my husbands and my birthdays and our anniversarys (meeting and wedding). My favourite base combinations is quinoa and kidney beans and my favourite topping is onion,sweet potato,courgettes out the garden,olives and peppers with the "cheese" sauce on top. It really is amazing. We usually have it with a big mixed salad for one hell of a nutritious and beyond tasty meal. On special occasions we have it with home made gluten free carrot cupcakes to follow.

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