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Week 2 Journal {LMNGETFIT}

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Tuesday: work day #2 in a row where I'm exhausted!! Returning from vacation to busy, stressful work days can be a bummer!!! Trying to get my routine for exercise back!! I'm early off tomorrow so I'm shooting for good cardio!!!


Nutrition: in track with exception of "sweet" cravings!!! Ugh!!!

My hubby got me dark choc covered almonds from trader joes- indulgence!!!


Karen-yes, I tried to avoid gluten as much as possible...... I feel miserable after ingesting it!!! It all started after I would drink a beer and feel symptoms of fullness, bloating, heartburn..... Just after a couPle of drinks. So through process of dietary manipulation and finally elimination, my digestive issues are minimalists! I did the same with dairy!!! Sadly, I did nutrition investigation all on my own. No doctors ever suggested diet changes- only another test or pill!!! I detest medications!!!


Happy Valentines Day!

Off to relax with the hubby!

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Wednesday: cardio in treadmill- still wasn't feeling 100% but did 20 mins!

Thursday: 10+ hour workday, exhausted & in bed after mom duties by 8pm!!

Friday: off early and 60 degrees out so...... I went for a run!! Wahoo!! 3 miles/38 mins which included 5 - 1 min walk intervals to prevent injury & lower my heart rate from 170!! (usually shoot for HR 155-165).


Nutrition: doing ok..... Not as hungry as pre-ski trip so I'm not getting my Servs of fruit like before.... Did eat plenty of greens today! Dinner tonight was out- indulged in a cocktail & dark chocolate for dessert!

Forecast for nice weather..... Thinking about a bike ride with the kiddos this weekend!

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Sat: elliptical 30 mins

Sunday: laundry & kids projects- I was beat so no workout!

Monday: raining here so I ran indoors on treadmill- I can tell I've been off a few weeks from running b/c I'm sore!!! So I did shorter 5-8 min run intervals mixed with 1min walks.... Total 45 mIns!


Our Brew to Brew relay team is formed! We had enough for 2 teams of 6!! We are doing "the six leg special" which is a team of 6 going 27.4 miles- I have not decided which leg I will do yet & we get to run in pairs..... Good motivation!!! This will be fun & beer will be waiting! Ha!

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Took it outside- gOrgeous 64 degrees and sunshine!!!

Ran 3.5 miles in 43 mins.... Quite hilly which is good prep for the relay!!


On track but currently starving- had protein shake post run but that was 2 hours ago!! Will finish up moms taxi service in an hour and have dinner!

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Friday:rest day


Saturday: elliptical 30 mins

Circuit training 15mins

Headed out to see Martina McBride & George Strait in concert- cant take the Okie outta this gal! I made a bean soup w/ fresh guacamole for dinner for my mother & I pre-concert! Yum!!


Sunday: gorgeous weather..... Went for a bike ride! 6.5 miles at 4:20 per mile...... My goal for competition is to be under a 4 min mile on bike!! I love riding my bike...... No impact which helps rest my knees!

I've got my gym bag together for tomorrow..... Either a run or swim is on the books!

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Monday: outside 3 miler...... Felt good.


Concert...... Well George came out, sang 2 songs & said he was sick..... He rescheduled show for 3/2!!!! AND Martina will be opening again for him!!! She's phenomenal!! So I'll let ya know how concert is after the 2nd take! poor George.....

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Ok-it's been 3 weeks since I've been on here to log my workouts. Yes, I've been working out......not really with any game plan in mind but I've been focused on at least 30mins of cardio/wt activity a day for a the minimum of 5 days per week! This is my minimum. Work has been hectic up until my vacation this last week-SPRING BREAK with the kiddos-we introduced them to skiing at Snowmass/Buttermilk. I must say they are hooked! At ages 10 and 8, they picked up the skiing quickly and soon they were keeping up on the blue runs with their dad and myself! What great physical activity-we had nice, warm weather-FUN!!


I did register for a triathlon in September..... a women's tri which I did last year. I loved it!! There's another tri associated with my work and Corporate Challenge for KC in June. I'll do this one as well. Super excited!!! There's still one more in May.....55 days away to be exact. Haven't decided about this one just yet......gotta see if I can squeeze in an exact training schedule by then! I'll start checking.....


The relay team set for 4/1 fizzled.....for starters, that is Palm Sunday which conflicted with many of our teams plans. (Poor planning on event's part!) then injuries plagued 2 other members. So we cancelled our teams participation. oh -well.


My goal is to keep a better account on here.....I found I enjoyed it as well as I've missed it!


also, I'm enjoying the HealthForce supplements courtesy of NYNY challenge-my hair, skin, nails....all LOOK fabulous!! I love it!!

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LISA! Hi there! Good to see you back!


Yes, the weather here in Colorado has been simply amazing recently! Glad you got to enjoy it. I'm sure we'll have a blizzard next week. That's how it always goes here. But, I ran my 5K yesterday, and couldn't have asked for nicer weather. It went great, by the way!


Good luck on your triathlon training. Wow! I admire you, for sure.


I LOVE hearing your thoughts about the HealthForce products! I'll be perfectly honest with you, I haven't had a chance to try them yet (I know, "WHAT?!?!"). I can only hope that I will notice benefits in my hair, skin, and nails, too! (Especially skin. Oh lord, please, please, please!)


Have a great week ahead!

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Monday: first day back after vacation....always fun! haha! It went well.....like riding a bike. My patients were healthy and all went well-even off by 1330 and got a great workout in!!


Today's workout: since I've got 2 definite tris coming up for sure starting in June, I figured I'd better get to strength training now to help make me stronger and hopefully faster! Being faster in competition is a definite goal of mine!!!

home gym:

warm-up treadmill 15 min brisk walk followed by something like below.....

(did 3 sets of exercises mixed with 5 min run on treadmill)


1st set included

25 body squats

10 push -ups (from my knees for now!)

planks-3 poses front side then side holding 30secs each

25 crunches on ball

overhead press #5 hand wts 10x2 sets

treadmill 5.0-5.5MPH- 5 mins


25 wall squats body wt

10 pushups off exercise ball

5 peak pose core crunches on ball

25 crunches on ball

repeat planks 30 sec each

overhead press 15x1, #5 wt

bicep curls 15x1, #5 wt

treadmill 5.0-6.0MPH 5 min run


squats-one leg on bosu ball (alt legs) 15 each side

10 pike crunches on ball

25 crunches on ball

15 overhead press #5 wt

10 bicep curls #5 wt

5 shoulder shrugs #5 wt

leg extensions, #5 ankle wt, 15 each leg

treadmill 5.5-6.0mph, 5 min run, 5 min cool down

stretch 5 mins


The runs on the treadmill felt good-I've been fearful for my knees since they are sore from skiing last week.

tonight, I've got to research my training plan that I've used previously. Still considering tackling the triathlon in May....


Forgot to mention I got my road bike out yesterday. Last night's post was completed during the televised KU game that was a nailbiter for us KU fans!!!! Gorgeous 70 degree day-rode 7 miles in about 30mins.....will need to wear my heart monitor from here on out.....Great ride and I'm feeling it today in my neck/shoulders!


Tomorrow as schedule allows, I plan to swim!


Food was my usual......though had a veggie burger for dinner.....new kind from local eatery in Lawrence, KS...Hilary's Eat Well-DELICIOUS!! soon to be in all whole foods grocers by May!! I found them in Hyvee locally! Also, consumed a protein shake after dinner-still hungry. It was the vanilla HealthForce brand-again, another great product! tasty and smooth with consumption!

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Tuesday: no swim today as time did not allow....... Did get in ten min walk to pickup kiddos from school! something is better than nothing on a long workday! Bag is packed for gym swim tomorrow after work before kiddo pickup!


Tried another protein smoothie- loved the sample by health force! Yum!


Tonight- going to rest and get a good nights sleep as I'm sore in my abs & thighs! Wahoo- yesterday's workout was a good one!

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off early-wahoo!!!

Headed to gym for a swim-I am reminded each time I hit the pool about just how much I LOVE TO SWIM!! I did 750 yds total....stopping after 250 then after each 100 yds.....I incorporated 200 yds of drill work focusing on swimming straight and improving stroke efficiency. Gotta dig out my Triathlon swimming made easy book for more drill suggestions!


Came home and had time before kiddos were home so......I jumped on the treadmill for a brisk 20 min walk to loosen my legs that are still tight from Monday! Feel pretty good now-only question is "What's for dinner"?!? Guess I'd better go see what I've got.....


Still raining here.....hopefully it'll clear off tomorrow so I can get my bike out!

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Sun came out briefly this afternoon- took my run outdoors!

Warmup-3min walk, ran 5 min, walk 1min, ran 6 mins, walk 1min, ran 10 min, walk 10 min cool-down.....total 36 mins. Odd number of mins but I was short on time before kids came home!


Good note: my "seasonal allergies" are virtually non-existent!!! I truly blame it all in going VEGAN!! Wahoo!!

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been a few days since I posted:

Friday-elliptical 20 mins

stretched 10 mins-had to be a work for a call shift about 2 hours earlier than normal- (

ended up working an 18 hour call shift!!!!!! NO fun at all........


Saturday- slept til 1030 - groggy and non-functional day....gorgeous 75 degree day-sunny-did get doggies out for a 10 min stroll around neighborhood-went to a school fundraiser with a girlfriend.....FUN and DID NOT buy the mini-golden poople that was up for auction....she was a doll!


Sunday-rode my bike 7.6 miles (4 min mile wahoo!!!) great ride-in fact, saw approx 30 other cyclists out doing the SAME thing-love the area where I live because drivers are mostly use to the cyclists especially on a weekend!!

NOw, I've taken a quick nap-still recovering from Friday change in sleep schedule! ready for some KU BASKETBALL!!!!


Oh, my friend is seriously considering her first triathlon in September-yeah-My fingers are crossed she'll jump on the wagon with me!!!

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Tuesday : will more than likely be a rest day..... Only due to my work schedule (early in/late out!). (


Monday: incremental swim 700 yds; I swim at gym with outdoor pool that has a dome cover for winter months. It was 82 out yesterday so inside "the dome" it was quite balmy!! I inquired as to when they will remove the dome..... Late April!!! Fingers are crossed for sooner!!! Bring on the sunshine with swimming!!!


Food: same stuff..... Feeling great!

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(yesterday as anticipated- REST day due to llooonnnnggggg work day!)



Cycle outside 9.6 miles...... Hit a new record pace for me of...... Drum roll please: 3.93min/mile!!!!

I was pumped considering a few factors that I thought would contribute to a SLOW bike training today. 1) I was beat- actually dozed for 10 min just prior to ride 2) my body is sore-sore from long day yesterday on my feet/legs! 3)my cal intake is down for day prior to my ride.

So, hindsight, the nap might of helped?!? And I did hydrate for a hour before going- it was 82 degrees! Whatever it was- I completely enjoyed myself!!


Food:my new fav snack is an apple-pear! I've found them at local Cosco..... Juicy like a pear but apple texture! I do peel skin b/c it's slightly tart! YUM!


I've got alarm set for quick cardio/body weight workout before work in morning!

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Thursday: 20 min elliptical at home gym

Crunches on ball, planks


(abbreviated workout before work!)



I'm beat today! Tough week!

After 1.5 much needed nap, found some but not much motivation to exercise!


Treadmill: 10mins x 2

Body weight exercises:

Squats 25

Bench step-ups 15 each leg

Ball crunches 25x2

Ball pike reverse crunch 10

Overhead press 20 - #5wts

Lunges 10 each leg



Off for date night with hubby!


Tomorrow: ride my bike!!

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Been a few days since I've posted.....

Saturday: bike ride 8 miles..... Felt good. Don't remember pace.

Sunday & Monday: rest days .... Busy w/kiddos plus I'm lacking some motivation!

Tuesday: too tired, late night & early morning rise-pooped!

Wednesday: home gym elliptical 25 mins level 6 w/ fluctuations! 10 min treadmill

50 crunches

5 min stretching

Food: need to make adjustments to include more veggies & less processed vegan/GF foods ( these types are WAY to convenient!!) ugh! Just need to go through my cookbooks....

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Took my run outside..... It's been awhile for my run training.

2 min brisk walk warmup

10 min run

2 min walk

10 min run

2 min walk

6 min run

5 min cool down walk

Stretched 10 mins


Heart rate 160s and increased to 175-178 going uphill which is right on track for my lack of recent running. My HR goal is 150s....knees were actually fine during adventure today-yah!


Food: definitely on better track today!! More fruits & veggies-stayed full longer-hhmmm amazing how that works!

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