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Week 2 Journal {LMNGETFIT}

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Didn't workout over weekend-nice to relax..... Watched golf & a few movies!


After looking at calendar yesterday, I realized there are 10 weeks til my first official triathlon! Wahoo-it's part of KC Corporate Challenge which my work is affiliated with for our 2nd year! While I didnt participate in this specific event last year, it served as my motivation to complete AND compete in it this year! So here I am-my training schedule started yesterday!!

I'm using a training plan from trinewbie.com. It's an 11 week schedule that's fairly detailed. I used it last year for first time to prepare and enjoyed it-helpful, adaptable & user friendly! I do modify the scheduled days to fit my work schedule which fluctuates greatly! I rotate my training activities so I never train same for activity two days consecutively. I also utilize my heart rate monitor consistently.


I'll research my previous tri times and set my new goals here soon.


Monday: run/walk 8/2..... Watched heart rate to keep less than 165.... Hills HR increased to 172.... Walking intervals HR came down 120-130's. 38 min total (3-8 min runs)


Tuesday: swim day-30mins

100 yd warmup-200 x1, 100x2,100-drill sets, 50 yd swim, 50 yd cool down..... 50 yd walking water lunge. My rests periods are approx 1min between.

Gotta pull out my book to review drill sets before next swim.


Plan for bike day tomorrow-work dependent.....

Thinking I need to order a No-Meat Athlete T-shirt!

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Wednesday: due to time constraints with juggling kids, I kept my workout at home - focus today strength training (I didn't due much of this before my first tri.... That is a goal I set for this one-hoping it'll improve my time).


Warmup treadmill brisk walk 15 min

Squats body wt 25x2

Walking lunges w/#8 ball overhead press 24x2(12down & backs)

Ball crunchesv25x1

Reg sit-ups 20x1

Chest press lying on ball #5 dumbells 20x1

Overhead press #5 15x1, #12 15x1

Bent rows #5 15x2

Kickbacks #5 15x2

Leg ext #5 ankle wts 20x1 each leg

Planks 1x1min front & each side

10 min stretch cool down


Started food log again via phone app..... Need to track a few things. ESP curious about my sodium intake...... I'm retaining fluid which can be from a variety of things! Want to minimize dietary intake!

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Thursday: swim gym 600 yd total

Warm up 50 yd freestyle

100yds drills

100 x 4 freestyle swim - 30 sec rest between each 100 yd

50 yd cool down freestyle


The drills I performed focused on proper head alignment to help improve glee efficiency. Friday morning-I'm sore in my neck ESP left side!!!! So this morning which will be a rest day, I did 10 min of yoga stretching. Ah- felt good!


Limited sodium intake yesterday..... Starting to diurese!

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Got a few days to catch up on:

Friday:rest day


Saturday: bike ride 7 miles - 4:08 min/mile (great time since winds were at 20-30MPH when I rode!)


Sunday: home gym treadmill-2min walk, 8 min run, 2 min walk, 8 min run, 3 min walk (23 min); elliptical 15 mins level 6- ball crunches 25, mountain climbers 10x2, 10 min stretch cool down


Monday: first day for 2 sport training In same day

Swim: 500 yd (freestyle) total - 50 yd warmup ez swim, 50 yd timed (1 min!), 200 yd nonstop, 100 yd drill work, 50yd swim, 50 yd cool down


Went home-continued hydration, ate 2 sport jelly beans w/ 4 oz G2, then grabbed music for my run!

Run: 2 min warmup, 15 min non-stop run, 3 min cool down walk- stretched 10 min. Maintained my HR less than 165!

Felt fantastic during both swim AND run- no pain in my knees!


Today Tuesday: rest day!! Do plan to stretch before late start at work!


Previous tri times where my goal was to "complete" the race:

Swim (546 yds): 13:01

Bike (10.6 miles): 40:55

Run (3.1miles): 33:44



Swim: 11:00 or less

Bike: 37:10 or less

Run: 30:00 or less

Total time decrease of about 8 mins!!!


Speed up my first transition time as well..... I need to read about how to do this.......


Nutrition: still focused on healthy choices (Saturday was pig out day!)......still watching sodium intake closely!! Up about 2 pounds BUT I'm not going to focus on wt loss/gain. I feel great about my overall strength and health; I tend to build muscle easily so I'm thinking this accounts for wt gain!!!

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Wednesday: 6.5 mile bike ride (4.08 min/mile)

Sluggish but I think it was because it was a morning ride before appts!


Thursday: 650 yd swim- incl 150 yd drill work- Stroke rate (SR) 25 for 25yds- 100 yd in 2 min...plan to track this from here on out!

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Friday: scheduled rest day!!! Also added an end of week happy hour w/ a few friends and hubby!! Fun fun fun but I ate a few things I shouldn't have ( beer battered pickles)!! Ugh!!! Paying for it today-

Saturday : scheduled run day.... Didn't get the run in but did go for 2 mile brisk walk.


Tomorrow...... Scheduled bike day but I might squeeze in a quick run too!

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Cloudy, cool & windy overcast day so I kept my workout inside! Just wasnt up for the elements today!


4 min warmup walk

21 min run 5.0-6.0 on 2-3% incline

5 min cool down walk


20 min body weight workout-

Overhead press #5 dumbells, sit ups on ball, planks, jumping jacks...... followed by stretching of lower body!

Felt great on run part- no issues!

Diet: better focus on foods I ingested today.....Made Cajun chickpea cakes on romaine lettuce- tater tots! Yum! Did well until dinner with white wine!! Ugh!! Guess I'll need to budget for my alcohol ingestion!

Tomorrow scheduled rest day but I'm off a day...... Either a bike or swim day!

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Monday: opted for a swim day- legs sore!

Swim: 550 yds total-freestyle

50 yd warmup

100 yd 15 sec rest

50 yd x 4 15 sec rest between

100 yd nonstop/no touching bottom w/turns (pretended mentally I was open water swimming!)

50 yd stroke work/drills

50 yd cool down


Stroke rate(count) 23 once, 24 once (it's baby steps-wahoo!)


Nutrition: really focused on consuming less processed food-NOT EASY!! I will keep trying.....

Also, I'm not going to weigh myself daily..... Too much frustration!! Going to once a week!! ( in fact, I'm up #2 over last 3 weeks-body is more tone and clothes fit nicely soooo...... I'm thinking it's muscle weight!)

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Tuesday: rest day

Food consumption - trying to eat more fruit when hungry..... And drink more water!!!


Wednesday is bike day!! Wahoo! Scheduled for 6 miles.... Might stretch it out to 8-9. Tomorrow will tell- weather forecast for 90 degrees and HOT!!

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Wednesday: hot, hot, & humid!

Off early so I hit the road on my bike at 12:30..... Was starving pre-ride so I had 1/2 baked plain sweet potato(pinch cinnamon) & GF veggie burger. Had this one hour before but that wasn't long enough! Felt too full!! I did get 6.7 miles at a reasonable pace! Watched my HR closely because it was so hot!

After the bike, I cooled down for 10 mins and decided to go for a 10 min run-yes, I recovered quickly after ride!! I stretched legs for a bit-felt great after my " mini-brick" routine! Bricks aren't on my training schedule for 2 more weeks!!


Nutrition: since I'm staying away fom empty junk food & munching..... I feel like I'm starving-focused on consuming more nutrient dense foods...... Finally what filled me up is a Vega whole Food optimizer shake....2 scoops w/soy milk- lots of protein now!!!


Not sure whats on dinner agenda just yet.....


Tomorrow: scheduled swim & walk day!



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Thursday: worked late- bypassed swim at gym to come home to let doggies out (bladders only good for 10 hours!) hit home gym:

Treadmill 10 mins brisk walk

Elliptical 10 mins level 5

40 crunches on ball

Lower extremity stretch


Legs/feet are sore!! I need new work shoes!! Working on concrete floors with tons of standing can be tough!


Did make a new recipe tonight: Avocado & black bean corn enchiladas-a hit! My hubby enjoyed them!

A friend of mine who's currently reading Engine 2 diet shared the recipe! Her hubby (28 yrs old) has a cholesterol level greater than 350!!!!! He's on a statin (Lipitor I think?!?) though they are exploring more meatless options! I've suggested reading material and mostly live by example! She admits the book is an eye opening read! I'm excited for them!


Tomorrow night is the kickoff party for the KC Corporate Challenge (CC)- super excited! I've committed to golf (2 person scramble-I've just started the game), a few track events such as 1200 M sprint, 400 M relay, & shot put ( never thrown in my life!) .......I'm researching a shot out event as well I'm open to suggestions on the best technique. My goal from one year ago was to do the CC sprint triathlon- so pumped that it's here! Love that my work group is super focused on health and being active as a group!

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Friday: swim 700 yds- including 100 yds of drills; SR ~24 felt ok- fairly beat afterblng week!!


On vacation now for a week-wahoo!!! Lots to do before Thursday's trip to Vegas!

I've got to adjust my training days and rest days to accommodate for travel.


Saturday: after battling 40+MPH winds Friday at the outdoor kickoff party, I was miserable with an allergy flare-up-ugh!! I cancelled an early run with friends to avoid the outdoors and hoping for a clearer head this morning. It came around noon and I took my run outdoors- went 3.5 mins in 42 mins which included 6 mins of walking- felt wonderful!!! (Must of been the Vega per-workout energizer!!! Thanks Robert for the goodies in my package!)


Not horribly sore tonight- nutrition today off a little as it's the weekend! Trying to maintain hydration even while Enjoying a glass of vino.....

Tomorrows workout is weather dependent- scheduled bike day- 10 miles!!! Backup plan is pool & indoor spinning!

Received my Vegan bodybuilding tank-LOVE it!!! Thanks Robert!!!

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Sunday: no bike due to rain!

Went to pool w/kids...... Focused on drills which DO in fact make my swimming easier-haha!

Wasn't focused on amount of yds swam but I'd guess 600 or so..... Really had deep focus on technique!! Thinking I'm going to check with trainer at gym who does triathlons to see if she'll come give me a few tips on my technique.


Good news: a friend of mine just registered for the women's tri in sept-we'll do it together!! So pumped!! I've ordered a book called Triathlons for Women-her b-day is coming up this month!!!

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Monday: strength conditioning this morning- squeezed that in before some appts-

Warm up treadmill walk 10 mins

Body wt squats 25

Crunches on ball 25x2

Jumping jacks 20

Overhead press #5 20x2

Pushups 10 (5 reg, 5 from knees)

Pike reverse crunches on ball 10

Bent over dumbells rows 15x2 #5 dumbells

Static lunges w/lateral side raises #5, 10 each leg

Seated leg ext 20 each leg #5 ankle wt

Elliptical 10 mins level 5

Stretch 5 mins


Hoping to get a bike ride in today........


Nutrition- made a fav of mine- eggless salad from HH cookbook- uses TOFU.....YUM!

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Lisa, you're so amazing. I've been off the forum for a while, but knew I could count on you to have stayed consistent through and through! Kudos to you for backing off the daily weigh-ins. You're right, that it can be far too frustrating and obsessive. And, yes, you should get a No Meat Athlete shirt! They have both the cotton and athletic/polyester types and in different colors. They're super great people, too!


I'll be back in my own place again soon and am anxious to try the HH eggless salad, based on your previous recommendation!


Keep up the stellar work, my friend!

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Karen-I've missed you- so glad to see you stop by-hope all is well!!


Tuesday: listened to my body and kept my workout to a minimum-

10 min treadmill

10 min various stretching & core work (50 ball crunches, 25 situps, 20 back extensions off ball)


Nutrition: focused on increased water & protein consumption-usually 1g protein per kg body wt


Wednesday: hit the pavement for a run

Did my course of 3.6 miles in ~42 mins which only included 3 min warmup walk!

HR 154-165 range 175-190 on hills (even though I'm in Kansas, it's NOT flat where I live!!)


Packing my bags-off to Vegas tomorrow to celebrate w/ my hubby- our 3rd yr anniversary!!!!

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Friday- Happy Friday- I write this via my phone while I'm poolside in fabulous Las Vegas!!! It's sunny, 90 degrees with a gusty wind!!! Ahhh perfect relaxation weather!!!


First, I'm thrilled I'm back rockin my bikini (haven't in a few yrs due to belly & self-consciousness!).... Feelin pretty good after my training so far!

Today we hit the strip & walked 2 miles or so- I did put my tennis shoes to use- ha!!

I checked out the gym BUT it looked packed which is great- just not for me! Today, I shall rest! Hey I did walk!


Nutrition: somewhat difficult here b/c gourmet rest. LOVE to use butter & oil in cooking- Wolfgang pucks rest lat night- I ordered veggies to go w/ my grilled sea bass (yes, fish is my go to food when traveling AnD I'm starving!!!!!) without butter- you would think I asked the chef to jump off a cliff- the waitress kept raising her eyebrows at me- I told my hubby - whatever!!! Her tip was the minimum!!!


Our room/suite has a blender- had a smoothie (Vega, apple & water) for breakfast..... Lunch was fabulous!!! The Grand Wok- crispy Tofu with veggie fried rice( carrots, edamame, & mushrooms).... Perfect!!! I even have leftovers for later!!! Yes!!


Tonights dinner before show is a Firefly- a Spanish tapas place that carries rave reviews from locals!!!

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Wednesday: a note before retiring to bed for much needed sleep! What a crazy week-I'm thinking I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! . Vegas was and always will be fantastic-from the food, to entertainment to the sights and smells-I love Vegas!!! Firefly was delicious- many veggie options but not so much GF-that's ok-I ate plenty!

We didn't make it Wynn Buffett.....maybe nexta trip!


Upon returning, I'm going through a salt, alcohol & all things naughty and sinful detox-must get my body chemistry back to its baseline! I'm amazed at how just a few days straying from my norm of healthy habits reaks havoc on my system-ugh!! I pay for it!!!!!


These last couple days have been a struggle but I'm tough!


Sunday: travel day- no exercise & decreased appetite after a gluten exposure via soy sauce! Arrived back to KC just before evening tornados - thank goodness!


Monday: run day

30 min run

22 min walk

It was tough......long stressful work day!


Tuesday: another long day at work...... Squeezed in 20 min on elliptical- more to relieve stress than anything!!!! 20 squats, a plank 1 min, overhead press x25/1, ball crunches & then cool-down stretch 10 mins. My hubby got kiddos situated for evening so I could decompress- he's pretty special! (missed a pool day but life goes on!)


Wednesday: did a brick as scheduled.....

Bike 30 mins (unsure of mileage- didn't check odometer, rode for time today)

Immediate transition to 10 min run, HR stayed 155-165.... Felt decent! I did have continuous heartburn..... Got to fix that!! Again, need another vacation!


Tomorrow ..... Work dependent swim day or cross train day!


Nutrition is a work in progress...... Getting back in my routine!


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Wahoo- swim day- oh how I missed the pool- been over a week- knocked out 500 yds.... Excited because the "bubble dome" on my gyms pool comes off in 5/14!!! Come the 17th I'll be swimming outside in sunshine baby!!! Can't wait for that vit D!!! And from what I hear, local lakes will open for swims memorial day weekend- need that open water practice before my first tri!!!


Nutrition: feeling much much better- actually craving veggies.... Sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, lentils- yum!!!

Late start at work tomorrow-plan is for crosstraining at home and a walk with my pooches!

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