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What to consume before a work out??

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Fruit, lean protein (usually limit fats here as they require your body to work harder on digesting it).


Some meal ideas:


Homemade Hummus and crackers


jam on toast


a couple of apples, bananas or any other fruit that you like.


a protein shake


A glass of low fat vanilla/chocolate soy milk

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I usually do a smoothie in the morning along with a bowl of oatmeal, but sometimes just the smoothie.


- 1 orange

- 1 banana

- 1 serving hemp protein

- 1 serving rice protein

- Water orange juice or milk substitute to taste


It's pretty tasty and quick and easy especially if you don't feel like eating a meal first thing in the morning.

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vega endurance bars, or energy gel if you can afford.

mainly because their main ingredient is dates. you mostly just need a large supply of glucose, which dates contain in large amounts. it wouldn't hurt to have some complex carbs (glucose=simple carb) in addition, because they are for cardiovascular energy so eat some bread or rice or potatoes also.

i think goji berries are a good source of simple carbs too..

everybody so far has the right idea, fruit & toast or whatever. i just wanted to add that dates are the best fruit. bring some to replenish after 60 minutes.

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I usually just take an orange and a banana (peeled of course) and blend them with a vegetable protein powder. I have been using rice, pea and hemp protein.


Some brands also make shake mixes like Vega, Jarrow Formulas and Natural Factors which contain a mix of proteins and are usually flavored and sweetened.

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