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I am new here and I come from Finland.


I am 30 years old hippie-bouncer. I am mostly vegan, I only use milk products a little.


I have been bodybuilding (or "bodybuilding") for several years and I used to trained martial arts for about 10 years. For example aikido, escrima, krav maga, no holds barred and brazilian ju-jutsu. But right now my "number one" is bodybuilding.


I love animals and I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I think I will be post many animal-pics here.

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Welcome dude, what are escrima and krav maga? Are they similar to another martial art that I might know?


Escrima is Filipino stick and knife fighting martial art.

And Krav Maga is military-based hand to hand fighting system. Coming from Israel.

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Hello Holle,


Welcome to the team! I've been to Finland and really enjoyed my time there. I hope to return to that area someday.


Great to have you here and great to see another Bodybuilder too!


Have an awesome time, you'll meet some really cool people.



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Hey, there! Nice to meet you. Aikido is similar to Hapkido, isn't it? I study Hapkido right now and enjoy it.




Yep, Aikido coming from Japan and Hapkido coming from Korean(?)


But I think every martial arts is very interesting to learn.

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