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Patrik's training diary

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Hey guys!


I haven't been posting in a while, but I have been working out.


So, what has been going on since my last post? I've been burning fat. That's from the beginning of may. My bulking period lasted for 7 months and I put on about 15kg of weight during that. I put on quite a bit of fat, so I wanted to have a go at burning the fat away, just to see what that's about ( a totally new experience for me, because I've always been quite skinny..). So basically what I've been doing is 2hrs of exercise/5 days per week consisting work outs with heavy weights with minimal breaks (usually doing push ups or such in between sets), and I always ran to the gym and back (that would be about 50minutes of jogging). Also twice a week I would do a heavy weight free aerobic leg workout where I ran for about 50 minutes, did 200 squats, 200 lunges, 200 star jumps + stair running for 10 minutes.


During the fat burning I ate ~3000kcal per day, consisting mostly of fruits and raw, green stuff like salads. I also ate a lot of beans and nuts and protein drinks of all sorts. No bread, pasta, treats etc.


So, I burned approximately 14kg of fat away, which is a bit ridiculous because I weigh now about as much as I weighed last year at this time ...... So optimistically I've put on perhaps 2kg of muscle during the bulking period of 7 months....Since I don't have previous experience in proper bulking, I don't know if this is a good achievement or not, but to me it seems a bit absurd that 15kg of mass equals 1-2kg of pure muscle....Well, at least I've learned the lesson, that putting on muscle is really damn difficult!!


So for the last month, I've sort of had a small break from hard core training, with going to the gym about 3 times per week and eating less foods. I've been doing a fair bit of sports outdoors, like tennis. I've been enjoying the finnish summer, because soon it'll be winter again and then I'm fine with being indoors at the gym


All in all, I feel that I've learned a LOT during this year of working out and I'm well prepared for the next bulking period. At the moment I'm really motivated and all, I'm just trying to gather some money for all the food and supplements.


Some of the things I'm going to focus on this time around. I'm going to:


-eat a lot less processed foods. Not only so that my diet would be healthier, but also to see if this would result in less fat in my mid torso.

-eat as little processed soy as possible. (no soy sausages, soy yoghurt etc.)

-put more effort in eating a variety of different smoothies

-eat more protein. I think the 180-200g per day is not enough. I'm put all my effort in getting all the necessary supplements.

-split the 6 meals I've been having to 8 and try eat less at a time, but more during the day.

-aim for 5000kcal per day

-hold on to jogging a few times per week, even tho I'm not burning fat.

-focus more on heavy compound exercises like squats, dead lifts etc.


So that's about it for now!

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Patrik, looks like you are still killin' it and keeping up with your training regiment 100% that's motivational for me dude. I've been popping by to check out your workouts and what you've been eating for ideas for myself.

Thanks man, keep on!



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