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New You for the New Year Contest 2

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My toughest workout this year would definately have to be Legs last week.

As i work split shifts at work, i tend to hit the gym in between shifts. This day was not only mad busy, i was kept behind an extra hour and stood on my feet working in a kitchen.


So i get to the gym totally dehydrated, hungry and in need of a nap and not a Killer Leg workout. I had a few minutes rest and my pre workout meal before getting on with it, i skipped my warm up as i was already on fire.


All the weights i lifted felt twice as heavy as usual and at one point i actually got off the leg press to double check i hadn't put the wrong plates on.

Also as i was late in the gym it was approaching peak time so most machines were in use, looking at the clock knowing i have to be back at work soon, the pressure was on.


In my mind i tried to forget everything and just concentrate and focus on the workout, i did actually do quite well even though my energy levels were low.


After finishing i realised i had half an hour to get showered, changed, eat and back to work. As i hobbled out of the gym with throbbing quads and in need of a hot bath and an early night i thought to myself that was seriously hard work but also the most rewarding workout because i could have quite easily given the gym a miss that day.


Thinking back on that day reminds me how powerful the mind is and i think on that day my approach and positive attitude towards that workout is what got me through it.

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My toughest workout of 2012 so far has to be the last leg workout I did. (Copied and pasted from my training log here on VBB).


Day 20/84 - Week3, Day 6



20 Minute Cardio before and after lifting

Barbell Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 15lb bar on my shoulders


Leg Extensions



DROP SET - 20x120, 15x90, 15x75, 15x60, 20x45, 20x30

Notes: This tore my legs up! Such an awesome/painful burn after this. Had to walk straight legged for a sec afterwards.








Notes: This was supposed to be my last workout of the day but the leg press machine and traditional leg press were both in use so I did squats instead. The plan called for doing 30 rest pause reps instead of the 15 I did. I decided to play it safe and just knock out a very strong 15 on my 3 working sets instead of potentially hurting myself. Just over a year ago I was repping out 225 no problem. That's what happens when you fall off working out.


Lying Hamstring Curls





Notes: The 75 just seemed heavier than usual today. Probably should have done another set at 60 or just gone up a smaller amount.


Leg Press



30x135 (rest pause)

30x150 (rest pause

30x165 (rest pause)

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My toughest workout..was starting it all...and continuing to do something every day.

I have managed weights every second day...and on the alternate days I walk/jog at least 40 minutes...one day even made it 12k...and still felt great. I managed weights today...along with a great walk with a friend after...and I am still full of energy..must sleep now though:)


Even though it has been hard....it's has also been easy.

Thanks goes to Claudia...who has given me the best advice on proper eating for fueling my body.


I have lost over 2 pounds...gained a mountain of energy...and I will win the battle forever...


Thank you Claudia!! and to this forum...I was totally surprised at the great amount of energy I have, the positive energy I feel, and how grounded I feel as a person!!

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We have a winner!


Thank you all so much for sharing your toughest workouts so far this year! This serves the community well. It's not just a contest to award a prize to someone, but also acts as a place to see dozens of different training styles posted from people from all over the world.


We appreciate you sharing!


Winners are picked at random by one of the organizers of this challenge and we appreciate all of you entering. Stay tuned for more biweekly contests and prizes.


Today's winner of the container of Plant Fusion protein powder, generously donated by Plant Fusion - http://www.plantfusion.net, and the book Live Life Aggressively, generously donated by Mike Mahler - http://www.mikemahler.com - Goes to forum member: SaraTonin


And what did SaraTonin say about her toughest workout this year?


"My toughest work out for 2012 will be tomorrow. I am sore as hell but have been seeing results already. Abs.. You have had your fill.. Tomorrow brings arms and back . Wish me luck!!"


We will announce Contest #3 in a couple of days, likely on Friday. Check back for updates.


Note: All biweekly prizes will be shipped in the first week of February when all contests are completed.


Thanks again!


-Robert, Karen and Richard

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