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Muscle weighs more than fat.. But.. But..

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It's so cool that you're starting to see your 6 pack! I can't wait either. My weight has been the same since I started too... even though I have probably been "working out" for less time than you.


If it helps any, after I read Fat Wars by Brad J King, and a few other weight loss / bodybuilding articles, I stopped putting as much value in my weight as a reliable indicator of my progress. Instead, it was suggested by these sources that I one uses measuring tape to measure arms, chest, tummy, waist, & legs, if nothing else. Course, I still have to go find some tape heh.

Does this help or am I off on the wrong track? lol

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Muscle does not weigh more than fat (five pounds is five pounds)...

I've heard someone else say that, but it's missing the point of what people mean. What's implicit in "muscle weighs more than fat" is a given volume of muscle weighs more than the same volume of fat. Or, to put it the other way around, a given weight of muscle will take up less volume than the same weight of fat.


I think everyone (ok, maybe I should amend that to most people) understands that five pounds of any given substance weighs the same as five pounds of any other given substance.

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