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New You for the New Year Details here: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=27235


Hello everyone,


I am very pleased to announce something really special. The prize packages awarded to everyone who updates their training journal 5x a week for the month of January went from approximately $25 in value to over $200 in value!


The company HealthForce Nutritionals joined us as a title sponsor and will be supplying 4 full-size products to every finisher!


This is amazing and their support is genuine and sincere and so incredibly generous.


Please take the time to thank them via Facebook or Twitter.


Twitter = @HealthforceN


Facebook = http://www.facebook.com/hfsuperfoods


I've updated the prize listings to include their products:




Healforce Nutritionals - http://www.healthforce.com

-Full size containers of Vitamineral Green™ 500 Grams

-Full size containers of Vitamineral Earth™ 500 Grams

-Full size containers of Acai Reserveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Extreme™ 120 VeganCaps™

-Full size containers of Warrior Food™ Chocolate 250 Grams and Warrior Food™ Vanilla 250 Grams

HUGE THANK YOU from all of us to Healthforce Nutritionals!


Visit them on http://www.healthforce.com


Full New You for the New Year Details are here: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=27235

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Thanks everyone!


We're working on getting more and more great things for you. In fact, I have other items that need to be updated! One is a product that goes to all finishers and one is a biweekly prize (listing that contest tonight for Friday). So more prizes are coming in all the time.


We're trying to keep up with all the journals but with about 200 of you updating your journal every day, it's tough to keep up! We are trying hard though.


Keep on posting. We're reading and we're replying as fast as we can. We hope you're enjoying this challenge and hope that it gets you close to achieving your health and fitness goals too!


All the best.


-Robert, Karen and Richard

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Yeah, this is really exciting! We already had a bunch of great stuff to send out to each finisher from products from at least 6 companies to coupons, stickers, tote bags, etc. but now with 4 full-size containers of some of the best vegan products ever made, this is really fantastic!


I'm so pleased, so honored and so proud that Healthforce Nutritionals saw the value in what we're doing and is helping us in this way.


We're really looking forward to shipping the packages out in early-mid February.


All the best. We're at the halfway point right now. Hope you all finish strong!

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