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Progress Pics

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Well done!!

There are so many changes that can be seen in the photos - muscle definition in your core, legs, arms, back...(read: whole body)...as well as general size changes (e.g. in 'back-merged' pic one, your legs are much further apart than pic two and yet they both have the same space between the inner thighs..)

Quite inspiring!

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Wow! Awesome progress in under 2 months!!! Keep up the great work. : )


I'm a huge fan of progress photos; they can give so much info than the scale alone.

Thanks Michelle!

I am loving the changes that are happening! You are an inspiration to us all here, thanks for taking the time!

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Are you holding in your BREATH/ TUMMY in the last NEW pic by any chance? As compared to the OLD before pic where you let it go ?

I asked myself the same question. I know in the first pick I was relaxed. I was not pushing my belly out but, I was relaxed. In the second picture I was not holding my breath but now-a-days I do stand taller and with better posture so I think I might draw my muscles in more or not be so slouchy - like in the first pic. I have lost 10 pounds and am continuing to focus on building muscle.

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