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18 year old vegan powerlifter/strongman

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G'day fellow vegans, my name is StrongmanMuzza and I'm an 18 year old powerlifter/strongman.


I've been strict vegan since I was 13 years old and in September of 2010 I began training for both of my sports and in February of 2011 I did my first strongman competition. At the time I weighed about 85kg (190lb) and had a 100kg squat (220lb), 140kg deadlift (308lb) and 90kg (200lb) bench press. In 16 months I have gained over 25kg (55lb) in body weight and almost doubled most of my lifts.


My current stats are as follows:

Height: 5' 11" (1.8m)

Weight: 110kg (242lb)

Deadlift: 272.5kg (600lb)

Squat: 230kg (505lb)

Bench: 140kg (308lb)


My diet consists of basically as much vegan food as I can fit in my stomach in one day! However, the average day for me looks like:

Bowls and bowls of oats

Bowls and bowls of beans

A few soy protein shakes a day

Lots of fruit


I train with a Westside four day split; Max Effort Lower Body, Max Effort Upper Body, Dynamic Effort Lower Body, Dynamic Effort Upper Body and one strongman training every Saturday.


I don't have any recent physique photos except a shot of my lat spread from a few months ago (about 48" around):



If you guys wanna check out my video training log please be sure to visit: http://www.YouTube.com/MuzzaTheViking

I update my video log very regularly so be sure to subscribe if you are impressed.

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Tarzan - not sure how "obvious" it is to you that he's juiced, I'd be a bit cautious about making too many accusations without evidence. He's pretty big and definitely strong, but nowhere that's out of the capabilities of natural athletes by any stretch of the imagination. Shit, I once watched a naturally bull-strong 18 year old kid enter a deadlift comp with zero preparation (and his claims he deadlifted only a few times ever, trained at the same gym and didn't see him do anything but chest, arm and back work for 2 years straight) and pull 545 lbs. easily enough at about 220 lbs. bodyweight. Sometimes, there are natural freaks among us that truly are stronger than we will be, and it's not because they're all secretly juiced up.


Also not sure about the "not even vegan" note, didn't come across anything that showed he was eating/supplementing with anything non-vegan (the company he's sponsored by does make plenty of non-vegan stuff as can clearly be seen, but it wouldn't make him non-vegan to just be using their creatine or other such things!) Of course, if I missed something, feel free to point it out, but I didn't take away the same things you did from viewing his info.

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(the company he's sponsored by does make plenty of non-vegan stuff as can clearly be seen, but it wouldn't make him non-vegan to just be using their creatine or other such things!)

My sponsor also sponsors this guy: http://www.facebook.com/TheUlitmateVegan






Exactly. I've seen vegans sponsored by companies that aren't always 100% vegan, why some seem to believe that such a connection means the sponsored athlete can't be vegan by default is something I don't understand. If you're not using the non-vegan items they make, it doesn't mean a thing in relation to you being vegan yourself.


Glad to see a company that, while not 100% vegan themselves, is happy to sponsor vegan athletes. In the USA, most supplement companies would be far less likely to sponsor athletes who weren't going to push the products they WANT them to push!

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