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Hi, I'm Rob. I am 30 years old, I live in Dorset, England, I am 5'3 tall and I weigh 117lb.


I have recently started a 6 week college course and I get free use of the gym for a month. I have had 2 sessions so far. I want to improve my general health, build up my upper body size, strength and defination. I also want to tone my stomach so I am adding extra cardio exercise to my lifestyle.


Aside from this, I am a novice. I have worked out sporadically throughout my adult life but this year and onwards I want to really dedicate myself to an "excercise lifestyle". I don't want to do a little here and there because I know if I want proper results I need to make excercise and weight training a routine - I plan to become a member of the gym once the ourse ends.


I will upload a picture of my upper body with details of what I want to improve.


I know very little about when I should work out, what I should eat before and after I work out, when the best time to work out is, how much I should be doing, what excercises will be best for my needs etc. So all advice appreciated. Thanks everyone.


I want to build up my pecs, arms, shoulders, upper body in general and work on the areas around my stomach. Also, is there a way to not look so "ribby"...?

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Why no other replies?


K, you need to plan your own routine, whatever suits you. By this routine I mean, what body part(s) you're gonna hit at the gym on which day of the week; this keeps you accountable too. There're some excellent workout logs on the forums that I suggest you check out. You can't afford to hit the same body part, for instance your arms(biceps/triceps) daily or do a full-body intense workout daily cos you'll over work your muscles and they won't be able to keep up with the regeneration. Its recommended to rest a specific body part 1 - 2 days after a workout so the muscles can grow back stronger. While you're resting, you can do other stuff; when I'm resting my arms and shoulders I like to chuck in some cardio and core/abdominal work. Anyway, your body will tell you when something needs its rest, when you first start off, you'll definitely feel sore the next couple of days.


As for the gym, I suggest learning to use all the equipment and figuring out what works what muscle. From there workout with 8 - 10 reps during each exercise for about 3 sets. The reps and sets vary among ppl so you should be able to figure out what suits you better than I do


As for diet, I'm pretty much a noob in that area.... but you need to keep your calories high, I'm 15 and I eat 4 - 5 meals a day, about 1000 kcals per meal. Most ppl recommend 5 - 6 small meals a day. Your body needs the energy to rebuild and expend during workouts. Protein goes without saying; nuts, soy milk, beans, lentils, avocados, I find myself eating a lot of broccoli too o.O


Most importantly, have fun! (I'm half-asleep as I type this so anyone please correct me if anything I said came out wrong)





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Welcome to the group, Rob!


Great to have you here. If you haven't already created a training journal, that is one of the best things you can to do stay accountable, get ideas and feedback and track your progress.


Head over to the Online Training Journals section to get started.


All the best with your health and fitness goals and welcome aboard!



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