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Hey guys, haven't been around the forums lately but feels great to be back I'll frankly admit that I kinda fell off the wagon last year in December; stopped working out and had my ass glued to a chair most of the day, cos I had depression coupled with some family issues and I didn't feel like doing anything with my life but laze around. Just started hitting the gym again and it feels awesome; had to drop a few pounds but its great getting back into shape.


So I think I should introduce myself again - I'm 15, male, vegetarian(till I can move out of my parent's house or convince them that I won't drop dead on purely plant protein), and I'm from singapore. At the moment I don't even consider myself a bodybuilder, neither do I want to be super ripped at my age Just wanna be healthy and prove that I can build as much or more muscle than my carnivorous friends on a mainly plant-based diet. I'm Asian and ectomorphic. When I started out I was so skinny that I could see the outline of my ribcage around my chest area (not the side near the lats, like right under the pecs), and I was living on 2 meals a day.. heh. Now I eat about 4 - 5 meals a day and I'm actually pretty pleased with my progress. Once I hit a certain level of satisfaction I'll post some progress pics...


Have a Great day!


- Kira

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Welcome back Kira!


Great to have you here. Welcome back to the vegan and fitness wagons. Glad you're getting more food these days and glad you're making some progress in areas you're looking to improve.


Check out a lot of the articles in the 12 Days of Vegan Bodybuilding section where we have a lot of info to answer your questions.


All the best and welcome back!



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