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Supplements vs. Perscription/Over the Counter

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I have a generaliziation I'd like to put forward.


First, I would like to state that I am not one of those who thinks the medical industry is out to get us all. And I don't think that just because someone is taking an herb it is doing he/she any good.


However, I have made some observations over the last 2-3 years.


It started when I began readin Linus Pauling. I also began researching the Vit. C supplementation debate. I also saw how Pauling has been pummeled by other nutirtionists and scientists.


But, in my own anecdotal experiences, I have found that Vit. C has provided a great deal of benefit for me.


First example: Allergies. Two years ago, August, I was so ill with hay fever that I was living on Benadryl. Of course, with that, came groginess, irritability, three hour naps, etc. So, I said "Screw it" and started taking 1 gram of Vit. C a day. Within a day or two the allergy symptoms were alleviated. So, every August when allergies start to whack me, I take 2 500 mg of Vit. C and seem to be doing pretty well.


Amother experience is strep throat. My wife came down with strep at the end of last week. So of course the doctor imemdiately put her on antibiotics. I haven't had an antibiotic in 15 years. So, two days ago I start feeling stiff, sore, achy and had a scratchy throat. I, along with my multiple vitamin, began taking an extra 500 mg of Vit C. Now, I have not experienced a "miracle" cure, but the symptoms I have had appear to be staying "Stable". I'm not getting any worse.


I guess the question is: Has anyone else on the forum experienced similar events using certain supplements, etc.?





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I think it is amazing how quick we are to overlook vitamin c as a healing tool. It has been working great for me!


Ever since I have been out of high school I have been getting sick due to extreme cold/wet situations (I lived in the northwest). After starting to take Vitamin C, and taking it daily, I started to notice that I was less sick and more aware. That is something that I would not trade for anything in this world!

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Nutrition is the oldest form of medicine. ALL of the prescription drugs that you purchase over the counter have derived in some way or other from its natural counterpart. I don't necessarliy believe that the medical industry is out to get anyone, but they are very, very misinformed. Look at med students (trainee docs etc), they are offered all sorts of benefits if they choose to administer a certain drug to their patients when they begin a practice. AND most over the counter pesciption drugs have been tested on animals. That includes cancer treatments etc. I don't know how many people dedicate their bodies as cavadars for medical research but I suppose the numbers are quite small. We can hardly get people to donate their own blood, or organs over here due to scare mongering tactics, let alone their whole body!


I never, ever get sick. I was once diagnosed with the "Flu" which lasted a whole of 3 days, after taking massive doses of echinacea. The body has a very sufficient immune system which can operate, fight diseases (yes even cancer) if it is armed with the proper nutrition, and yes, being a vegan is congruent with optimum health & vitality. Although, just because you are a vegan doesn't always mean you are healthy. Being a vegan is a big responsibilty, you have to include a lot of whole foods, choosing mainly organic produce, or growing your own.


I've had more serious health issues and I am alive and kicking today, not due to some amazing pharmacutical cure, but due to extremely rigid diet, supplementation (not needed if ALL the rights foods are being combined correctly) and a very strong dose of optimism. I'm a glass is half full kind of gal

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