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New You for the New Year Contest 4

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The knowledge that exercise will help heal me gets me motivated. Even when I ache and am barely able to move, I still want to get in at least 10 minutes of exercise a day. When I'm mobile, I'm up. My husband, kids, dogs, and extended family need me around for as long as possible, so I exercise. My dogs need to get out and about, so I exercise. I need to be here, as strong and healthy as possible. So, I move.


And vanity plays a bit of a role, too.

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I am motivated by the people around me, my gym family who support and encourage me daily. I used to hate going to the gym (old gym) but forced myself to go because I needed it. Before, there was no way I could wake up before 6am and now I regularly wake up art 4:30am-5:00am ready to get to the gym and hit it hard. I actually WANT to work out. Coming from a past with pain related knee injuries I never want to go back to that kind of pain. Living in a family with weight issues also motivates me to always work harder. and above all else the inspiration from some great vegan athletes that help me to move forward every day and do my best to be my best.

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I'm highly motivated to be active every day and maintain a high level of fitness because I spent my childhood as being the "fat kid". From the age of about 8 until I was 12 I was gigantic and it sucked. I had an epiphany when I was twelve and I began riding my bike everywhere and lost a lot of weight, and then I started going to the gym and learned about fitness and all that stuff. Now, I'm 22 and one of the fittest people I know, and I have a degree in exercise science with a certification in strength and conditioning from the NSCA. I'm more motivated than ever to stay fit and pass it on to others!

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We have a winner!


Thank you all so much for sharing your motivation for exercise! This serves the community well. It's not just a contest to award a prize to someone, but also acts as a place to read dozens of stories from people from all over the world.


We appreciate you sharing!


Winners are picked at random by one of the organizers of this challenge and we appreciate all of you entering. Stay tuned for more biweekly contests and prizes.


Today's winner of the Sun Warrior prize package generously donated by www.sunwarrior.com goes to forum member: ceasom


And what did ceasom say about his motivation for exercise?


"My 8 year old daughter is a cancer survivor. I work out, not only for my own health, but to encourage her with healthy food choices, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. I hope to lead my example.


She's already asking if she can go running with me and she can't wait until she's old enough to workout at the gym (our local YMCA allows kids as young as 9 to work out under parental supervision). Every time I look at her, that's my motivation "


We will announce Contest #5 in a few days, likely on Saturday. Check back for updates.


Note: All biweekly prizes will be shipped in the first week of February when all contests are completed.


Thanks again!


-Robert, Karen and Richard

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