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Hello again/update

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After having a few emails alerts to my bulking topic I have decided to return to the fold...

So many lovely comments I felt I should come back.


As to where I am with training, I'm week two in cycle one of the Jim Wendler's 5 3 1 & really enjoying it. No bs, straight forward raw lifting. I have immersed myself lately with the Rippetoes & Wendler's of the strength scene. I have also started to get on the treadmill at the gym, very short distance but it's time to get a wee bit of conditioning back.


Lastly I have been fortunate enough to of been invited to train with Laurence Shahlaei at a private gym. He came 4th in this years strong man final.


Looking forward to catching up with you all

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Glad to hear the progress has been going well!


I can only imagine that training with Big Loz is going to help your lifts quite a bit - he's one hell of a massively strong guy, I'm sure having him around your training will push your lifts to new levels. It's amazing what happens once you get in to training with people who are freaks in the gym - I never failed to set a PR at sessions when I was lifting with the local pro strongmen, something about having massive man-mountains of strength weighing in at 330+ lbs. shouting at you to set records!

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Cheers man. In all honesty I'm scared to death of going! There's a few who train there & all are big strong guys but I don't mind working hard. I obviously won't be lifting nothing compared to these guys but you have to start somewhere! Would be happy with him watching my main lifts for some pointers!


Totally agree about training along side more experienced people. It applied for me when gettin into keysi. Put with guys who'd been doing it for years, it makes you have to raise what ever level game you have (I then found it hard to train with people even a few levels above where I was)


In prep I have literally ditched straps for everything & have been doing Kroc rows to get my grip stronger.


How's training going for you?

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No reason to be scared to train with them - I think that you'll soon find that strongman competitors, while some of the biggest guys out there, are some of the friendliest folks to get together to train with. It seems to be a common thread that most are so excited just to have new people with interest come to join in, you'll probably feel at home after your first time there


Training took a new direction for me, turns out I've got 3 severely compressed discs in my lower back, so I'm on a 3-month recovery program to try and fix the problem (or, at least severely lessen the pain factor through rehab). Won't be squatting or deadlifting anything more than bodyweight until the end of spring (and won't be doing ANY regular squats or deadlifts for at least 4-6 weeks), so it's upper body mania right now just trying to keep busy.


Hope the session goes well with the big guys whenever you get out there!

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All the best, training with that guy would be awesome. Having a little apprehension towards the training is good, always brings out the best in me. I have always liked training with people that are stronger than me.


Hope your back comes right, sure you will be back in the swing of things before you know it. 5/3/1 is awesome, simple is often the best approach. Wendlers' stuff makes so much sense.


Are you competing at all this year?

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I doubt I'll be competing in anything. I want to work on getting my sciatica sorted.


I moved home 5 months ago, that with putting flat pack together it had triggered it off. Couldn't squat or dead lift for over a month, then it was having to build it back up. Sucks.


Working with ghr, good mornings & foam rolls seem to be helping. Avoiding stiff leg dead lifts. Barbell rows are one of my strongest pulls & I have switched to db rows, once I was hitting the 100kg+ mark on barbell rows lower back would complain. Still managed 135kg for 3 before I gave up on them

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