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New You for the New Year Contest 5

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NYNY (New You for the New Year) Challenge, Contest #5 – January 21, 2012


We've made it through 3 weeks of the New You for the New Year Challenge! And we wanna know...


What is your favorite muscle group to train? Why?


Here's How to Enter:


1) Post your answer as a reply to this post. (You must be a forum member to post/enter. Not a member yet? Click here: ucp.php?mode=register )


2) A winner will be selected at random from all answers posted by 9:00 PM Pacific on Saturday, January 21.




3) Today's winner will receive a full-size container of Vega Sport Protein Powder! - Generously donated by Vegan Essentials - http://www.veganessentials.com - @VeganEssentials on Twitter


And a stainless steel Vega water bottle generously donated by Vega. @VegaTeam on Twitter


For more info about Vega Sport products visit http://www.vegasport.com


Remember, you can't win if you don't play!


Simply post your reply below to enter. Go!




Big Thank You to http://www.veganessentials.com and http://www.vegasport.com

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Top Posters In This Topic

Doing biceps and triceps used to be my favorite, but nowadays I enjoy doing legs the most, which is quite surprising, since that used to be my most hated workout. I like training my legs because the exercises are so full-on...You really have to use your whole body.

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I really enjoy training every muscle group equally. And even though I hate doing legs, I still enjoy and feel great after my leg workout. I look forward to going to the gym every day and on rest days I wish I was there.

I just started running again using the barefoot technology(haven't ran in about 15 years do to my knees, but since using these shoes, my knees are completely fine)

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For me I have to say it is shoulders. I am such a yogi that if I neglect my shoulder workout I can tell in yoga when it comes time to hold all the warrior II poses and triangle poses. My shoulders get tired from holding my arms up and I have to drop them to recover. But my second favorite is my back and I am trying to strengthen it up from working in nursing homes damaging and injuring it many times over the years.

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It is hard to choose which group is my favorite. I enjoy training all of them. I love the pump I get for training my chest and my arms. I love how strong I feel training my back and legs. I really like to train my shoulders because of how they are the top of the V cut body shape.


If I had to choose, I would say arms. No wait, shoulders. It is shoulders because of how strong it makes me feel and how they help to make you look like you are in shape.

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I like this one, LOVE my VEGA!


Ok - ABS! I love going waking up the next morning and feeling that burn thinking "oh right!!!"

I love training legs because ever since building the muscle my knees have been pain free! But that being said I love training arms because I feel stronger and stronger everyday!! When your trainer's daughter says she wants to bust with you, that's a GOOD thing to hear!!

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love em all!


I am a selfish vain person at the core, hate when I jiggle and I love that it is cheaper than a plastic surgeon that my butt is still UP at 50. I saw a phrase on the back of a semi celeb pic once and it said, "Glutes that salute", so been going for that..as I am already a "Girl with Guns!"


so, I work out almost every day to be happy and like ME. I don't care if anyone else does (they do) but its impotent I like me...as the result is...thers do.

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OMG- Love the protein!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite muscle group to train is a tie between abs and arms.

Why a Tie? (look at me rhyme!)

Because I see the definition in my arms so fast and love seeing the muscle when I lift.

BUT- I love working my abs because this is an area where I tend to store fat first and gain weight and I love the burn as I crunch and curl...makes me feel like I am making progress here.


Great contest! Looking forward to more!!

Thanks Robert!

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