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New You for the New Year Contest 5

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Lol well, I really really loved that awkward move, which has me bending over some gadget with my butt in the air and I have to lift my torso up, then back down, several times. No idea what muscle part that is, but it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to be able to join a gym again to do those lol should be soon! =)


Other than that, I love working on my calves because they're so easy, I love the burn in them & I want shapely legs.

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My favorite muscle to workout would have to be my abs, at first they don't feel so fun to work out in the beginning but at the end of the workout I can really start to feel the burn. One time I did abs everyday for 2 weeks but saturday and sunday and by the end of the second week I was just laughing for no apparent reason, but now looking back on it I guess you could say I was laughing at the pain. What other muscle makes you laugh? That is why abs are my favorite !! 

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I love to workout my abs. I've had two C-sections and have worked my way up to training my core four days a week. You should have seen how awful it was at first, but now I actually look forward to it. I don't have that picture perfect physique yet, but I'm not letting anything get in my way of achieving it!

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I like a specific exercise the most, flat bench presses, because they work many muscles at once (in chest, triceps, etc.), more so than any other upper body exercise. My lower body is pretty well developed from biking, running, racquet sports, etc., so I like to hit the upper body pretty hard on days when I do presses. Now that I'm being consistent with my workouts, it's finally starting to pay off, I set a PR today.

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We have a winner!


Thank you all so much for sharing your favorite muscle groups to train! This serves the community well. It's not just a contest to award a prize to someone, but also acts as a place to read dozens of stories from people from all over the world.


We appreciate you sharing!


Winners are picked at random by one of the organizers of this challenge and we appreciate all of you entering. Stay tuned for more biweekly contests and prizes.


Today's winner of the Vega prize package generously donated by Vegan Essentials - www.veganessentials.com and Vega - www.vegasport.com goes to forum member: hsorlando


And what did hsorlando say about her favorite muscle group to train?


"This is not an easy question to answer! I like to feel the burn after any exercise, so I like to train all of them. My favorite right now would have to be biceps. I just love to do bicep curls, and they seem to be my strongest muscle group in the arms as of right now. I also love training legs, who doesn't!

FYI: I think its funny that people refer to the biceps as your guns."


We will announce Contest #6 in a few days, likely on Tuesday. Check back for updates.


Note: All biweekly prizes will be shipped in the first week of February when all contests are completed.


Thanks again!


-Robert, Karen and Richard

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