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Been a while since I've posted, but I haven't fallen off the wagon...kind-of.


At the moment I'm on holidays in the USA & it's been hard to maintain any kind of routine. I have been doing random, short workouts, just to keep my body in tune, but nothing like what it was like back home. Even bought a 15lb dumbbell at walmart just to have something to lift & curl etc.


Anyway, enjoying my holiday, just south of San Francisco atm. Heading to Portland this weekend. Can anyone suggest some good vegan restaurants/takeouts/cafes. I understand that there's loads of them.



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Thanks. It has been harder while traveling. Just little bits of exercise here & there. Haven't weighed or measured myself recently. I have a Ferlinghetti I've put on some traveling food weight. Love my take out burritos. Don't have them in Australia.

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