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Squat, bench, DL & occasional running

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I might have to try those z presses...I need something new and interesting. Legs are just straight out in front? What do you lift for those in comparison to regular BB shoulder press?


Curious about this as well - would definitely be interesting in trying them out when I deload between PHAT and 5/3/1 since, I'm assuming, weight would be a lot lower on them than regular OHP.

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I might have to try those z presses...I need something new and interesting. Legs are just straight out in front? What do you lift for those in comparison to regular BB shoulder press?

Yeah, have a go. This is how you perform them:



I probably can do 135 for 8-10 reps on a standard military press, same reps I'd probably drop down to around half of that weight. A tough (but great) exercise!

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Your videos put mine to shame, both in terms of quality and content.


What's your current goal for bench? Also, you're going to nail that 429 on your deads, no doubt about it.

Nah, my videos are nothing flash. I just try to make sure they're interesting (which I hope they are) ?! Yours are great, very infomative & entertaining. Don't change a thing


Goal for bench at this meet is the 236.5 that I missed last week haha. Long term goal is 2xbw.

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I really like your journal man. Looks like you eat really good and lift really hard. Good luck at your comp bro.


It's weird you're about the same weight as me and I am 5'5 1/2. But I am not half as strong as you.

Thank you !! I'll do my best at the meet, I'm excited. I love the thrill and buzz I get from competing.


Just keep plugging away, I'm not naturally strong (I'm a former marathon runner haha). Consistency with your nutrition, training & recovery is the key.

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Is that 236.5 for reps?

At the moment that's a one rep max with a pause on the chest. It's near the end of my latest video blog a few posts above. I'm simply replicating what I need to do in a meet.


I have done 220 x 10 before, there's a video it on my YouTube channel.



220x10 is impressive, that works out to a 293lb 1rm (oh lb how I hate you)


I managed to bench 100kg for 4 with a pause not long ago. Considering 12 months ago 50kg for 8 was a push I'm pleased. I programmed 531 off of 1 rep of 100kg in the hope it'll keep me gaining longer. Pulling is what I'm best at.


Need to watch videos on my day off but seeing what you're doing is a huge boost & a motivator. When I see the dead lifts it gives me the hope I'll over come a shiity lower back

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Today I will my remember my friends that were lost in the CTV building. Today is a time for reflection and hope for the future. One year on, one year stronger. Kia kaha Christchurch.



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Hope it goes well at the meet. Will you or the competition organisers be making a video of this? It will be good to see how you do on it. If not be sure to let us know how you get on, will be supporting you from the uk

Thanks mate, yeah I will get video of it and post it up in here. Haven't trained since last Friday, just resting up now.


Will head down in about an hour and just do some general upper body. Will drop a little weight over these last few days, was 147 this morning (and that was after I'd been to the toilet). Planning to compete this Friday at about 142-143



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DURATION: 40mins

COMMENTS: Good, quick session this afternoon. Strength is great right now, was kinda banking on that haha





PRE WO NUTRITION: Raw veges in a garlic naan bread, protein bar

POST WO NUTRITION: 10mins afterwards: Soy protein shake w 5g creatine, 3g Glutamine + 1 tsp greens (barley & wheat grass), 1hr afterwards: Homemade seafood 'pie'



BAR x 12

88 x 8

132 x 6

154 x 6

176 x 6



73 x 12

88 x 12



BAR x 12

88 x 12

110 x 12

132 x 12




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Here's my method that I use to drop weight, I start 72hrs out from the meet...


** Raw foods diet

** Blood cleansing herbs taken in a tonic (burdock root, dandelion root, echinacea, licorice root, sarsaparilla, red clover and oregon grape)




** Herbal diuretics over last 36-48hrs

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Didn't go the way I wanted, I wasn't feeling 100% all day yesterday and felt flat and light-headed come the evening.


Had to fight for a 105kg/236.5lb bench (missed 107.5) then couldn't hit any of my DL's (even warming up with them felt rough). Just one of those nights ~ never expected to struggle with the DL's as they're usually my strongest ?!


Will put the bench videos up over the weekend sometime, I can focus on the Canterbury Champs in April now. Chur bro's, MF.

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I'm due to get my bloods done this week, checks I'm getting are:


RBC, Lipids, Creatinine, Glucose, Ferritin, Full LFT, TSH, Serum B12 & Folate.



Interested to see how things are looking after bashing myself up in the gym for a while haha. Heading in tonight to do some general upper body, then next week I'll get stuck into a 'MEDIUM' week. I'm a man on a mission now...

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