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yesterday: 45 minutes eliptical


today: 30 minutes eliptical


militray press(super setted with lat raises):60x15 70x12(10x12) 80x12(10x12) 90x12,12(10x12,12

lat pull downs:120x10 ds 105x10 ds 90x12

shrugs:110x15 120x12 130x12

front raises: 15x15 20x12,12

123 shrugs 50x10

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Have been working out just haven't had computer access the last couple weeks...


Yesterday: 17 minutes stair stepper

Barbell wide grip: 45x 15 95x15,15,15

Close grip: 95x12,12

Barbell incline: 95x10 ds 45x15

Skull crushers: 40x12 45x12 50x12 55x10

Dips: 10,10


Today: push ups


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20 minutes stair stepper

Military press db: 60x12 70x12 80x12 90x10 ds 70x10

Face pulls: 70x15 80x15 100x10

Front raise: 15x12 20x12

Lat raise:15x10,10

Db shrugs: 120x12 130x12

123 shrugs: 50x10,10

Pull up 6

Knee raise: 25,20,15

Pull up 6

Russian twists: 6x34,33,40

Pull up 8

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15 minutes treadmill

Barbell bench: 45x15 95x15 115x15 125x10 145x6,6

Wide grip: 95x15,15

Close grip: 95x15

Dips: 12,10,12

Skull crushers: 40x15 45x15 55x15

Knee raise: 20,20,15

Russian twists: 13x33,50,33



25 minutes elliptical

Knee tuck: 15,15,10

Side bend thang: 10x15 25x15,15

Ab roller: 15,15

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Thanks MF! Always impressed with your workouts! And the way I do them is by standing up on one leg and rolling onto my back and then roll onto one leg and get back up if that makes sense.



11 minutes stair stepper

Deadlift: 135x10 155x10 175x10 185x10 135x15

Wide row: 105x12 120x10 135x8

Barbell row: overhand 70x12 80x12 underhand 70x12 60x15

Hammer curls 5x5: 40,35,30,25,20

13 minutes stair stepper



10 minutes elliptical

Barbell military press: 45x15 65x10 75x10,10,10 85x5,5 65x10,10

Front raise : 15x12,12 20x10

Arnold press: 70x8,10,8

Db shrugs : 120x12 130x12

123 shrugs: 50x10

Rotator stretch: 5x10,10

Pull ups(did throughout workout):8,6,7,6,6,6,6(45)

12 minutes stair stepper

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Knee raises: 25,20,15,15

Knee tuck: 15,15

Russian twists:6x40,40,40,40



Row machine 500m(1:59) 500m (1:47)

Barbell incline: 45x15 65x15 85x12 95x10 105x8

Barbell wide grip: 95x15,15,15

Butterfly machine: 90x12,12,12

Skull crushers: 40x15 45x15 50x15 55x13

Dips(super settled with rope pull downs): 10, 10(70x10)x4 sets

20 minutes stair stepper


Push ups:25,25,25,30

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Yeah still do now and again, try to mix up my workouts at least a little bit each week(but this is something I should do more of...). Right now I'm just working on leaning out so I have been getting more cardio in and still lifting. And nothing too exciting but me and a few friends are going to get some petitions for an initiative here in Washington state so GMO foods will be labeled. What about you? And any advice on different ways to switch up workouts?


35 minutes elliptical

Barbell squats: 45x15 65x15 95x15 115x12 135x10 ds 95x12

Leg press(super setted with lunges): 180x15(20x15) 270x15(25x15) 360x15(30x15)

Standing calf raise: 180x15,15,15

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What about you? And any advice on different ways to switch up workouts?

Yeah, I still get a bit of soreness every now and then. Just had a full 3 lift meet on Saturday, it's Monday night now and I can feel it in my hams at the moment. Should be okay by tomorrow though.


How to swicth things up, hmmmm. Well often I find the best way is just to be instinctive. By that I mean to not have a set programme for a few weeks dictating what you are going to be training. Instead let your head and body tell you what you are going to train next. Try it and see what you think, it's quite refreshing and your body will probably appreciate both the change of pace and the change of exercises

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Thanks for the info. MF!


Yesterday: 1.5 hour snow shoe, 4.5 mile hike


20 minutes stair stepper

Barbell press: 45x12 65x10 75x8 85x6 95x4 85x6

Db shrugs: 110x12 120x12 130x12

Front raise(super setted with bus drivers): 15x10(10x10) 20x10(10x10)

3 point push ups: 10,10,10

Military press db: 70x12 80x10 90x8


Knee raise: 25,20,15

Side crunches: 35x15,15,15

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30 minutes elliptical

barbell wide grip(super setted with bench push ups): 45x15(10) 65x15(10) 85x15(10) 105x12(pb)(10) 95x15(10)

close grip barbell (super setted with bench push ups): 85x10(10) 95x10(10) 85x10(10)

db butterfly: 15x15 20x15

skull crushers: 35x15 40x15 45x15

dips: 12,12,15

one arm rope pull down(super setted with dips): 20x15(10) 30x12(8)



20 minutes elliptical

knee raises: 15,20,15,20

Russian twists: 6x50,40,40 13x25,25

ab roller: 15,15,10

elevated leg raise: 15,15

side bend thang: 10x15 25x15 10x15

10 minutes stair stepper

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I also found that supersetting any excercise with the corresponding calisthentic movement for that muscle, makes you rock solid. Do you have any other tips for back and Bis. BTW I also change up my spilt routine each week, e.g Week 1 Back/bi's week2 Back/tri's week 3 Back/chest etc. Flex mag has alot of useful tips, for serious results.

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@Mf did a lil hike(4.5 miles) and found some snow, nothing to0 exciting besides that, you? And try to get as much as I can from fruits and vegetables but I do take glucosamine and have taken creatine when I was trying to bulk and glutamine when I can afford it. Do you take any?



4.5 mile hike(picture attached)



30 minutes elliptical

sumo deadlift: 135x12 175x10 195x8 215x8 235x7(pb for sumo) 135x12

wide row(super setted with one arm row): 90x12(65x10) 105x12(65x10) 120x10(65x10)

hammer curls: 50x12 60x10 80x7(pb) 70x10

21's 50,40


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