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New You for the New Year Contest 6

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Three things I do every day:


1. I snuggle with my daughter.


2. I eat leafy greens.


3. I eat a plant strong, whole food vegan diet.


4. I drink tea. (Okay, that is four, but I do drink tea every day!)


I wanted to say I exercise everyday, but I usually only do that 5-6 days each week.

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We have a winner!


Thank you all so much for sharing healthy things you do each day! This serves the community well. It's not just a contest to award a prize to someone, but also acts as a place to read dozens of stories from people from all over the world.


We appreciate you sharing!


Winners are picked at random by one of the organizers of this challenge and we appreciate all of you entering. Stay tuned for more biweekly contests and prizes.


Today's winner of the Forks Over Knives prize package generously donated by Forks Over Knives - http://www.forksoverknives.com goes to forum member: bart773


And what did bart773 say about his daily healthy habits?


"Three things that I do to stay strong & healthy:


1) get 8+ hours of sleep each night.


2) exercise each day, which being a bike commuter is easy, but also do jogging, yoga and love my workouts at Monkey Bar Gym!


3) always looking for ways to improve my plant based diet. Being vegan has really pushed me step up my creativity in the kitchen."


We will announce Contest #7 in a few days, likely on Monday. Check back for updates.


Note: All biweekly prizes will be shipped in the first week of February when all contests are completed.


Thanks again!


-Robert, Karen and Richard

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