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Divamom's online training log/ updated w/ pics

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45 cardio early 5 30 a.m. stair mill, all level 16 but mixed up, empty stomach


not feeling 100% on weights, came back at 2 pm

- leg day- hernia that was operated on in Nov is hurting so :

leg extensions 3 x 12 @75#

could/can't squat or lunge well my insides are killing me, so:

Squats w/ 20# dumbbells, 4 x 15

Plie squats, 4 x 25 w/ 15# dumbbells

calf work on horiz leg press, 4 x 15 - light, like 150#

butt blasters, 3 x 12 on 100#

leg curls, 4 x 12 and varied the weights between 35 and 50

50 ab curls-its all I could do


I absolutely hate when my insides hurt as it was a leg day and I love my squats and walking lunges and I couldn't. next time!

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45 cardio stairmill, level 16- fat burn for 35 and interval for 10 w/ leg extensions back (technically its hips) on the slow intervals


part two is later- shoulders and traps this afternoon- or tonite


Part Two:

butt blaster...google it-- its just a regular butt blaster, guys!


another not so good day, so I had to modify it from standing to sitting on a bench for a lot, and in a hurry...liek I want OUT in 45 mins ...so I almost always split my cardio and weights and do two workouts a day. My intensity is somewhat moderate...but for me...lazy!:

Overhead shoulder press w/dumbbells 4 x 10 w/ 25

Arnold press 4 x 10 w/20

lateral raise 4 x 12 w/10

bent over fly's, 2 x 12 w/20 and 2x 12 w/22.5

upright rows 3 x 10 w/ 40 barbell

dips ( assisted) 1 x 10 w/ hardly any help 1 x 6 w hardly any help 1 x 6 with lots of help and 1 x 12 w/ lots help ( Not really, but for me, yes)

25 roman chair sit ups...feeling the hernia again...surgery was Nov, ran 6.5 HARD on NY day and have been trashed ever since. Gained 5 Lbs in a 3 week period...have lost half of it, but its diet. Found the best frozen vegan protein, non gmo, yummy soy chicken stuff ( have been eating for years in Orange county, but just now having it for sale to peeps.


Out of here!

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"F" me, all the stair mills were taken at 5:30 am so I switched gears

3 minutes level 12 on stationary bike

3 x 10 assisted pull ups

3 x 10 lat pull downs w/90- regular grip

3 x 10 pull downs with interior reverse grip w/90

5 x 12 good mornings 2/ 70 lb barbell

3 x 40 steps walking lunches w/ 20lb dumbbells

4 x 12 leg curls w/ 55

3 x 12 each leg isolated leg push backs for gluteus ( don't know what the heck its called)

4 x 12 seated calf raise w/ 70 lbs...ran out of time.... need to go back later at some point for my 45 cardio


part deux

45 cardio. stairmill 35 on 16-aerobic, 10 more interval with leg extension

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lessee..today s TH

35 minutes stair mill early am- short on time, so round #2 later


Round #2

15 mins stairmill

50 pushups

3 x 10 incline press w/ the Big Boy's bar and sissy 5# plates on each side

3 x 10 supine press same as above

end of bench , in between I did abs 3 x 25 in/outs

3 x 10 dumbbell flies w/ 15 lbs

1- handed "head bangers" 3 x 15 w/ 15#

dips (assisted) 3 x 10 w/ little help on weight

3 x 20 tri cep dips on bench

3 x 10 triceps pull downs on cable machine w/ rope...i think it was 20, it may have been 30, but it was challenging

100 Roman Chair sit ups/, at 2 sets of 50


some guys in his 20's said I looked like a bathing suit model, and one of my son's friends..a 22 yr od kid told me I have the most amazing body. Both lil cutie pies. Sometimes, cougars like hearing little cubs mewww. Total ego boost and made my day!

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45 cardio stairmill, level 16- aerobic program

3 x 10 assisted pull up

3 x 20 back extension w/ 20 lb plate

3 x 10 1-arm row w/35

3 x 10 cable row w/90

3x 10 w/50 lb barbell bent row

3x10 w/30 lb barbell bicep curls

Blew off preacher curls and abs

Emotionally drained and i feel fat, despite being good w/ food and cardio the entire week- and upping my protein grams and cutting my carbs way way way back. 3 weeks of not tight but junky for me has put my head into a dither!

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A funk, my diet is"off" and my head space is cluttered...waited too long to go to gym due to other committments and lasted 14 mins on stairmill,...preoccupied...today was a day off anyways,as I have been 5 days straight.

Will start tracking my food...I Am in a panic my jeans won't loosen, despite my adherence to more protein,less carbs, and frustrated as some ofnit is out of my control...I really screwed up the hernia surgery I had and i think my lower abs are gonna be crappy forever,or until my jeans are too loose. Not sure if I am building, or maintaining...but my pants feel tight and that is a bad mental place to be.

Will do 45 cardio tomorrow and legs. Adding horiz leg press back in as well as plié squats. I still am not happy with my quads and hams. Bleh.

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Great meeting you in LA!


Got your email too, just been traveling around the US and behind on replies.


Thanks for taking the time to come up to LA for the Fit Expo. You've bot awesome arms by the way!


All the very best. Enjoy your weekend!



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Thanks on the arms. Ya...my abs too when I am working..and my ass...but my thighs will be my weak point till I die! Told ya, I was about 3-5 up...I hate feeling big, and I felt big. Old that day, too. All the slutty looking girls there with their muscle boyfriends..As I said, I hold my own for 50 and that s me big...so, I won't complain.


Horrible stomach ache, so I did 45 cardio early am on stairmill, level 16-- really into listening to career podcasts as i just started the job searc, and going to put a cut diet back in as soon as stomach ache is gone...get lean and mean for my career search! I went back to do legs in the evening, but couldn't. Really in pain. Pain is relative, and so, I don't complain, but I knew I couldn't over ride my stomach ache. Grrrrrrrr

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I need to lose 5 lbs!!!! It's huge on me! So flipping' frustrated...doing lots of protein, and little carb and not too much else ...I am doing photos first week of March...but I hate hate hate my clothes snug,...so public proclamation. I am a fast gainer and get fat fast....argh,...I just need anorexia for 3 weeks! I really prefer ultra lean these days...the mindset---unfortunately I am craving brown rice pasta, vegan parmesan cheese, fresh mushrooms...hmmmm--crap food- too heavy


45 mins stair mill level 16....contemplated an hour....nope


1 scoop choc vega- in coffee! yum!

2 sesame tofu sticks from Whole Foods and a box of glee gum

1 carrot

1/2 of this veggie soy thing, 20 grams protein and 150 cal!

2 carrots

1 trilogy kombucha- classic

5oz plain, extra extra firm non Gmo tofu, like 25 grams protein

And my weakness, 1 tblsp fresh ground organic peanut butter..gave to the dogs so I wouldn't eat it all. They love me. I swear my Goldie would be vegetarian..ovo lacto. He likes eggs and dairy and fruit and bread. He picks tofu over one's...but, I've does like meat. My lil older dog is omnivorous...back in he day she killed birds and small rodents and would leave on patio for me as a gift.


Went back to gym to try and find my mojo, it wasl ate, really hot, really stinky (it rained here and the windows inside were so steamed you couldn't see out) and none of my dumbbells were free (all the 20's, 25's ) and the things I liked doing all were busy, so I did a quick re look and had a suck work out


50 roman chair crunches, hurt....flippin'hernia did not heal....still

Squats 4x15 x 35

Butt blaster @100 lbs 3 x 12

Leg press (cybex) 3 x 12 w/ 45 lb plates on each side

I left

At home:

4x40 lunges,but no weights

Funk is still here

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souplantation....nuff said


off to the gym in a bit


First time I ate the damn flippin blueberry muffins in over three years. Like WTF?????? Luna bar, another WTF, again, and lots of yummy salad fixings,..fresh spring mix, carrots, sprouts, green pepper, raisins, a few garbanzos, 3 strawberries and too much salad oil,...yum...but the flippin muffins...I can't believe I did that.....


Off to do shoulders and traps

Overhead press , but all are sitting, below,too 4x8 @25

Arnold curls 4x8 @20

Lateral raise 4 x 10 @10

Bent over fly's 3x 10@20 1 x10 @ 25

Upright rows 3x10@20# dumbbells

Shoulder shrugs [email protected]


No abs...left and binge ate...grrrr

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Wow, it looks like you've been working really super hard, jeez. I know you'll get the results you want. For me, I usually find that if the results I want aren't right there for me, I get so frustrated, and I push harder. But so often what i really needed to do is just step to the side for a moment and be gentle with myself. My body rebels if I don't do right by it. Easy does it, my sister. Wishing for anorexia is not going to get you good results. Listening to your body and being kind and supportive to it will, as you know!


Lunabars are my weakness. My goal is to get down to 1 per week. I feel you on the wtf food. Last week I ate corn chips and a muffin before a ride, haha I never do that!

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Bad binge yesterday; first time in months. Gluten...I stay GF like a few others here..so a take it easy day, and mental from weight gain, but it's not a good thing w/ me, so need to work through that. Maybe tomorrow, as my focus is somewhere else,..and it's rare I don't use the gym or back in the day a long hard one in the canyon. 5 or 6 miler. I have always been

Ike this. I am completely, 100% aware of what I n we'd to do to make right. There, I journaled my training.

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45 cardio, stairmill, level 16 --left nano w/ podcasts in car- tried to focus on gratitude and not the the television...God is good--even when he lets the bad things happen.



1/2 cup fresh pineapple

lotsa coffee

2 trilogy kombucha's- officially off limits...a binge

2 boxes glee tangerine gum

big chunka tofu

More pineapple

More tofu- big chunk,...usually a lot per day..too much...like 400 kcal and 50-70 g of protein per day

Vega is ripping my guts up all proteins do eventually and making out on yum almond butter. I have my self control back. The bender was huge. I hate being that down. Too much to do. Will lift tomorrow. I took 2 days cardio off and three days resistance. Re wrote my resume and honing skills...amazing podcasts for careers, and I listen to while working out ...manager-tools is exceptionally awesome for anyone reading and looking or honing career skills. I feel like I am attending mini workshops. Great to keep from being stale.



Box off yummy rice treats 500 calories- dammit- but they don't hurt my stomach

1 container nondairy bio k probiotics

2 tblsp. almond butte/ orgnic jelly

6 rice cakes, 35 cal ea

1 container vanilla soy yogurt 150 cal..

salad tofu ( yummy squares from a deli, Jimbos), like 5 oz




STILL not OK w/ food,

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I think binging can be a good thing. Granted, i used to take it way too far and was technically obese a few years ago. But now, with body building, my trainer, who is a natural pro, INSISTS that i have a cheat meal once a week, which is basically a binge. according to him it revs up your metabolism and if i was to skip my cheat meal, it would ultimately hurt my results as far as cutting does. it gives you a chance to eat what you want to satisfy yourself mentally as well as physically, to give your body extra of what if might be craving. after my cheat meal this morning i weighed a 1.2 more pounds than i did yesterday but also went to the bathroom three times within an hour after waking up and having coffee, and i had a great workout. so im not concerned about it sticking to me and you shouldnt be either. i had a chipotle burrito, chips and guac, clif builders, and an apple. last week i had a burrito, chips and clif bar and my trainer was liKE "THAT'S ALL YOU HAD"? HE TELLS me about his cheat meals and they are insane. for the superbowl he had corn bread, chili, paninis, antipasta at least...and whenever he tells me about what he has he goes crazy, but his body fat has remained low and hes competing on March 24. dont bee too hard on yourself. and how much damage can a vegan do on a binge? its not like we eat cholesterol or enormous amounts of saturday fat, and we dont hurt any other creatures doing it. by default we are much more health conscious than most other subcultures anyway. i hope this helped. i wonder if anyone will retort and tell me im an idiot...

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thanks and ya, on bingeing..I get so restrictive and its how I roll...severe body dysmporphia somedays..even at 50. If you saw me, you'd wonder what I am complaining about. I am better..I know what I won't be eating again..so so sick


Yeti...I need to get up that way... I was going to pick something up at SDSU Aztec bookstore, but I may order online..when I sold my car, I lost my alumni tag holder..I want one!


coming back...


30 mins in the weight room; I feel like a wuss...fighting depression? I dunno. but funked.

Leg extensions 1 x 10 @55 2 x 12 @70

walking lunges w/ 15 4 x40

squats, easy weight 4 x15, good mojo, not heavy but a workout...70 w/ plates, not barbell..the big boy racks

extensions 4 x 12 @55

hip extensors 2/ 85

poopy workout, but worked through it...feel almost back


post thought: I also did 30 cardio on stair mill

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so far, if I go back..as I slept till 5:20 which precludes an early a.m. workout:

100 roman chair sit ups

3 x 10- push ups

3 x 10 assisted pull ups

3 x 12 @80 lat pull downs wide grip

3 x 12 lat pull downs inside grip

45 cardio on stairmill,


I really feel like I was knocked hard...I am not as "on"...over riding all negative is paramount

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45 cardio on stairmill, level 16


home listening to podcasts.honing skills. The worst of the binge is over and I am feeling stronger. I feel like I got hit hard by a 2 x 4 for days,...fatigues...mental..I have a big monkey on my back I haven't gotten to budge--my bad.


This is today...I am up 3 - 5 since contest pics; post surgery, lay- off, unemployed, and biggest personal crisis to date

so, my abs at about 10 weeks of not working hard- and my legs are a constant but...my diet has been bad for me, older and gain faaaast. So this is my starting point,..today. Its all part of leaner, meaner and stronger , faster, better as I am now on the other side--I want to tighten my abs an still work on my legs- the goal is to Benjamin Button as I grow older....always a work in progress


will go back to gym this eve and either do more cardio and abs or not at all...not lazy, but things to tend to


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Workout part ONE:

35 mins cardio stairmill on 16 interval program

Roman chair sit ups 3 x 50

50 push ups


Went back in eve:

Incline press 3x10 @70

Supine 3x10 70

Dumbbell flys 3x10 w/15

Single arm skull crushers 3x10 w/15

3 x10 assisted dips..light to moderate help

Tri ceps pull/extensions 3x10 w/20 pulley stack

10 on stairmill


Weak and depleted from life's events', but showing up and acting "as if"

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45 cardio stairmill, level 16- ho hum,going thru the motions,but this is a good thing!


Part two...possibly. Life may call.




assisted pull ups 3 x 10

1- arm bent over rows, 3 x 10 w/ 32.5

up right rows on a cybex'y thing, 3 x 10 moderate weight

bent over bicep rows, 3 x 10 with a 50 barbell

bicep curls 3 x 10 with a 30 lb barbell

dumbbel bicep curls 3 x 10, 15# fast and furious, back to back ...veins popping and .... But still lazy and demotivated...so bleh.....

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