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Divamom's online training log/ updated w/ pics

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Most of the weight i gained is off. Yay.

So far:

3 mins stairmill

Leg extensions 3 x 10 @ 70

Leg press/ instead of squats 3 x 10 @ 100

Walking lunges 4 x 40 w/ 20 # dumbbells

Leg curls 4 x 10 50 #

Butt blaster 3x 10 @100

Seated calf raise 4 x 12 @ still feeling the lazies and just working through it..like back in the day when i woukd say i woukd only run 2 & ended up running 6. Working thru the valley of the i dont want to. I also LOVE my early AM workouts~ sets me up for a good day. Usually

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Hmmm...my insides hurt as well as my intestines are swollen,...again. As I I gained 5 lbs overbite


So far, 4.5 mile at the beach, 1/2 on boardwalk and 1/2 right on the beach on the sand. Because I can. And it was fast, and yesterday was lunges as well as I had a fab massage last night, so my butt was so tight and sore...Love it. I have so much muscle,..when I hurt it's a god thing!

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Thanks...I know my loose skin sucks, but so does being 50 and having 3 grown kids. That's me hating my legs..you should see my arms, shoulders and back--I could compete tomorrow. . I hate my thighs, and I feel heavy. I know...crazy. By the way,you look awesome in your cutting, and kudos on the guy. It's always fun to have someone interested.

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I do a lot of cardio..always have. But lifting is the bomb. I have just had a hard time focusing with my current lay off and family issues and getting caught up in "the food". I hate losing weight,so I stay manic about my food. But I always wish I were 5 lbs lighter. Crazy stuff.

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Will have my daughter take a pic of back and arms before she goes back to her dad's for the week. I am super stale and flat and the board is so keeping me on my toes. Anyone reading, thank you for sharing your journey as well..keeps me only toes! Blessings!

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so, I had my almost 16 year old take...hmmm....great camera Nikon digital SLR, bad attitude photographer and my posture--OMG..mega pot belly as she gave me 1 minute...that's it , posing etc sucks, no mirror, couldn't check...kids can really suck sometimes ...but...will try with a friend or my iPad tomorrow....


I had 20 mins to lift today; I took it!

overhead shoulder press 4 x 10 w/ 25#

arnold curls 2 x 10 w/ 15, 1 x 10 w/ 20

lateral raise3 x 10 w/ 10

upright row 3 x 10 40 lb barbell,

bent over fly's 3 x 10 w/ 25

shoulder shrugs 4 x 12 2/ 35#



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BLEW OFF CARDIO. Ate gluten/fat free brownies (egg whites- my bad, but I am right now as my intestines are bad again and I am not eating much of anything w/ out doubling over in pain- so---a whole container of VEGA I can't use--will give to my mentor in life- a 67 year old ultra marathoner that still kayaks, lifts and just this year switched from running to walking as he risks having his ankle fused, and screws his GF regularly- she is 64 and runs 8 miles a DAY---)so, sporadic egg whites, but they make me wanna vomit as well ---doing l glutamine and drinking lots of kombucha and avoiding all raw , anything w/ seeds and o grains when I am like this and nut butters have to be finely ground- its bad---but, life goes on....the brownies go down smooth. as well as potatoes and limited amounts of tofu...

wanted to blow my work out off entirely, but I DID it, cause losers quit- WINNERS don't! so small as it was...I did it!


• Pull ups or assisted pull ups (3 x 10)- 2 x10 @the 40 help and 1x7 @40 and switched it to 60 for last three

• Lat Pull Downs [Close Grip] (3 x 15)w/ 80

• Lat Pull Downs [Regular / Wide Grip] (3 x 10) w/ 80

• Stiff leg dead lifts (5 x 12) w/ 60# barbell

• Lunges (3 x 40 steps) w/ 20#

• Lying Leg curls (4 x 12) w/ 50

• Single-Leg iso hamstring curls (3 x12) w/ 85

• (Calves) horiz calf raises (4 x 15)- w/ 90 # on each side

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yup on the Gastro; I choose not to treat the IBS with anything--and I could have had my intestines ripped apart and resewn back in November--I thought it way too invasive as well as there was a 5% chance it wouldn't work---so, I chose the hernia ( worthless surgery as I look back now), and so choose diet and a minimalist approach to treating---for now. Thanks for the thought!

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Again, thank you and aw shucks. I got stopped by Men (boys- mid 30's- ha!) at the gym....I feel BIG...and yet all week I have been hearing how great I look. Hmmm


Workout part two: So crowded so I had to make do with what I could and I only had 25-30 mins

-50 push ups

Incline press 3x10 w/ 20 # ( all that was available)

Supine press 3x10 w/ bar and 5# on ea side..I trashed the anterior part of my right deltoid..like ow-ie

Dumbbell fly's 2x10 w/15#

Assisted dips...my shoulder was screaming so wussy mega assisted 3x10

1 arm skull crushers w/10#-see excuse above 3x10

Tri ceps pull downs w/ rope 3x10 80# on the stack...but...ehhhhhh

Again..I did it...25 mins hard...and the trainer/sales guy made sure to tell me he thought I looked great. My ego needed that....but I can't buy it too long! But...guys are starting to notice me again...have been in such a black cloud..I think they always have....but the cloud is not as dark these days...can see light. It's nice. I can't wait till its so bright...I need sunglasses!

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Finally...a decent day and ran into guy from the gym tonite that was sent by an angel many months back prior to huge event just recent. he was the one that said I couldn't quit...I had to do the competition I entered last Oct. It would set a standard of not following through. I love seeing this guy at the gym hottie dad, but no spark. we are just friends.

45 cardio am. stairmill• Warm up (3 sets of hyper extensions: 15-20 reps)

• Pull ups or assisted pull ups (3 x 10)

• Single arm dumbbell rows (3 x 10) 32.5

• Seated cable row (3 x 80) 100 #

• Barbell dead lifts (3 x 10) 50#

• standing dumbbell curls (3 x 10) 15#...right shoulder cannot bear much weight...something is up

• Abs 2 x 50 – Hanging leg lifts

really into stir fry w/ shredded spuds and vegan parmesan w/ tofu (I use 1 tblsp earth spread, . I eat a whole Lb thru out the day of tofu

GF bagel and too much almond butters/ organic jelly, no sugar and carrots. food is almost always clean. talking self out of binges but I had GF gumdrops today. Not a whole bag, but two good handfuls.


thanks, yeti..where is your mom? and I had bennies...I want again. I have faith...that of a mustard seed.

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Thanks Robert.

Giving up potatoes for lent, even tho' I am Jewish ( ha- kidding, don't practice anyways)

and Giving up gumdrops, GF bagels and cream cheese, too. And anything I know I will binge on...I hafta white knuckle it, as until I get a job, the weeks I don't have my 50% custody, I binge...the weeks I have my daughter I am ninja, stealth perfect on diet and training. So, correlation and tie inis EMOTIONAL...and emotions are NOT predictors of whats real. Time to buck up and quit being a f-ing baby. Oh, and EnviroKidz Leapin Lemur bars and cereal...I will make that my next cheat in two weeks! Off to cardio and legs will be later.

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