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Divamom's online training log/ updated w/ pics

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SAT- I walked 5 at the beach- fast 2.5 on boardwalk. it was a workout in itself, the peeps on bikes was crazy- sunny and gorgeous, so dodging bikes. 2.5 in the sand on waters edge, playing dodge on the waters edge. I am so so lucky!



SUN: Legs

2 x 25 roman chair dsit ups

leg extensions 4 x 15 @ 70

can't do my regular squats and luges as my insides are messed up bad..no downward pressure- I feel like my guts will call out

plie squats 4 x 25 w/ 20 # dumbbells

plated leg squats (machine) , thats what it was called i think 4 x 10 @ 140# ( 70 each side)

leg curls 4 x 10 @50 #

butt blaster 3 x 15 @100#

calf extensions- on horiz leg press 4 x 15 w/ 90 on each side...maybe it was 135 on each side

Something! and y food is better. i am out of binge mode, kinda.

tofu, kombucha 9lots), fake meat and soy yogurt. (i put cocoa powder and agave syrup in it, my bad)- but no potatoes, gum drops or rice bars or almond butter- all bad foods for me right now


I think, and maybe its me- or if anyone reads this...we (peeps that wok out- and for me its been years...upon years- some more than others, but always SOMETHING- to go to 4 or 5 days a week..and from 85 mins to 45 mins ( or 8 and 10 ,miles to 3 to 4)...we are so so hard on ourselves. I have such a warped , twisted way of thinking I am fat, or a lazy person if I take a day off ( in this case two or three). and its still more than many. I am glad I have it, but I think SpartanDiva eluded to it a bit on a post as well, ...its a "constant"...it nags...somedays I find I measure my self worth on whether or not I did cardio or lifted- which has been a good thing--I wish I could channel that same drive to my career and personal life. Maybe I did...hmmm..time to write a best seller and not dawdle on a forum. I worked out- these were my workout thoughts, and all is good.

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egads...need to proof read better...saw my last post.

early am 35 cardio on stair mill; toilet was gong to overflow so I was 10mins late to gym. grrr. clothes are starting to fit better; like they did when I was eating towards competition and last two years. big sigh of relief.

will go back tonite w / baby girl and finish cardio and do shoulders and traps while she runs on treadmill.

3 x 25 in/outs abs

seated over head military 4 x 10 w/ 20#

my right front should head is ow-ie

arnold press 3 x 10 w/ 15#

bent over fly's 3 x 10 w/ 20#

shoulder shrugs 4 x 15 w/ 35#

upright row 1 x 10 w/ 30# barbell 1 x 10 w/ 40#

10 more on stair mill

brown rice w/ fake meat--yummy

had tofu earlier

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45 cardio, level 16 on stair mill. interval program

food was OK...frickin' leaping lemur bars ( rice w/ choco drizzle)

still kinda lazy, but showing up and doing it...not my best work..but there. and going , not to failure, but to "tired"


* assisted pull ups 3 x 10

* regular lat pull downs 3 x 10 w/ 90#

* underhand close grip lat pull down 3 x 10 w/90#

*horizontal leg press 4 x 12 w/ 90# on both sides ( 180 total)

*Good Mornings 5 x 12 w/ 70#

*leg curls 4 x 10 @ 55#

*butt blasters 1 x 25 w/ 100#

*calf raises on horizontal press 4 x 15 w/ 90#

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45 mins cardio stairmill, level 16 cardio program and fat burn. Will go back later, and tonight will be chest and tri but my right anterior head of deltoid is trashed and have been modifying my workouts to accomodate it wih a deceease in weights, but, something is better than nothing

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part two:

went back in the eve. consciously eating less and better- motivated by so many others here when I read stories, see pics, and video. some amazing committed peeps at this forum. So eating a LOT more protein like i did when i trained for my competition.. Tjoes has a fake meat that is uber high in protein- not doing any protein powder right now as it tears my stomach to pieces , and I still have a soft spot for the organic smooth peanut butter (not even buying almond right now- dangerous, and do you know what you can do with agave syrup, cocoa powder, peanut butter and rice puffs (organic)?(i had a luna today and yesterday was a box of choco drizzle envirokidz bars- almost like candy- quite yum, but a whole box is 720 kcal- and mostly carbs- so, -when I carb- I carb- so amping on protein and I can see the difference.


* Incline press, 3 x 15 w/ 5# on ea side ( my right anterior head of my shoulder is jacked up with all sorts of crinkly noises and a modicum of pain attached) and I used big boy bar

*supine all the good benches were taken w/ a bar, so I did supine bench w/ #15 dumbbells, but its all my right shoulder could bear

*dumbbell fly's 3 x 15 w/ 8- again, my shoulder is screaming!

*1- armed scull crushers 3 x 15 w/ 10#

*dips on cybex- 3 x 10 w/ 45# ea side

*tri ceps pull down 4 x 10 w/ I forgot to look, but Great challenge to self w/ weights- so was the dips

can't do my push ups. My shoulder hurts that bad

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Thanks Forklift on the career stuff! It is solid training...I am at a maintenance mode right now--but my mentality screams for, "faster, better, leaner, stronger:.


Yes, I use dumbbells. I had a stress fracture years ago on my front left forearm ad have never been able to do the lie down , with a barbell kind I see the really cool, strong people do at the gym since. have tried. So, now, I have cuyt my weights back even more because of my right anterior deltoid. Sucks getting old, but beats the alternative-...whatever that may be.


Quite the impressive physique in the avatar.


Today- so far-

45 mins on the stair mill- level 16. Its so engrained.

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part two:

stomach ache, still and again.

blew off hyperextensions

assisted pull ups 2 x 10 hard 1 x 10 easy

bent over row 3 x 10 30# dumbbell

seated row at cables 3 x 10 w/ 80#

shoulder is bad

bent over barbell bicep row 3 x 10 w/ 45#

barbell curl w/ 30# 2 x 10

annoyed, stomach hurts- left

I'm there, but still not "best effort"...or its just me..

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45 Cardio--DONE!


damn stuff known as "chicory root"- its INULIN, fiber that does not digest- and causes gas and stomach aches. I got a box of bars from a woman in Canada that is trying to get into US Organic and Natural market- 16 grams of protein for 150 calories. BUT...there is always a catch..that crap is in it. so yumm..I ate three or four and within hours I was bowled over in pain--in bed by 8 pm--UNHEARD of...even being frickin' 50 As age is a number and hotties in their --well, we won't put their age down---kind of kidding-know I don't sleep at 8...anyways, better today--loading my nano and gonna go stair mill. Today is legs- but I have my daughter- so we'll see...its hard on the weekends with her sometimes to get the second workout--and I need cardio more than weights...its mental) I rarely take off time. I have journals going back to college.

But today is a GOOD day. Two phone interviews turned into REAL ones next week. One is GOLDEN--Career, money, etc...the other will be "OK..and I will have flow while i keep my eyes open..and its actually a better fit for my life..I could go back to writing and be "happy" and possibly mend w/ my boys" all the stuff I thin about while working out--thats if I get offers. Manager tools has podcasts on nailing the interviews. the guys are amazing!

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Something is better than nothing.

Late arrival, 9 pm...post vegan baked goodies w/coffee in old suburban San Diego...now, quite colrful and urban w/ yeti.

Roman chair sit ups 1x50! 1x35. Meh

Leg press on a fave machine, 3x12 and it was challenging

Curls 3x12 challenging

Butt blasters 3x15 @ 100#

10 mins stairmill

Tofu all day, 5 egg whites like a shot of pure protein(sorry all....my intestines insisted...i am beat up)

Baked crap vegan goods from local place-

Vegan apple cherry double crust pie

Starwberry scone, no fat chocolate fudge brownie and a pumpkin pillow bar( i di dnt have any)

2 handfuls gf yummy gummys' vegan and big salad w/ dressing, something i rarely allow

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Thanks Yeti. Twas fun. Headed to Hillcret here in a bit...need to check the product for my 5 PM interview as well. I like to be prepared! I still have the headache...but not as bad.

1 hour cardio, level 16 on stair mill..20 mins x 3:


fat burn


I may go back later and do moderate weights and more cardio

tired of being F-ing fat (for me)--its all relative

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what a great young man! my son's age, kind of. very hopeful! We're coming to Jersey to watch you compete. We ate vegan crap! I ran stores in So Cal to see where my prospective employer is on store shelves, etc. I am making mock presentation and I want to show I know my stuff. So, I grabbed him the next day and took him to one of the largest Whoel Foods in So Cal, a really cool 6 store chain where we had lunch, then back to a trendy 4 store chain where the owner is one of the driving forces behind the BIG nonGMO.org movement (it has a cute butterfly or something on it- its all over Whole Foods), our local coop here in San Diego and also a independent Natural store and a hybrid store- research!


I did round #2

leg extensions 1 x 10 @55 2 x 10 @ 70

presses on vertical hoist 3 x 10 w/ 115#

leg curls 1 x 10 @70 2 x 10 @ 55 plus

Butt blaster [email protected]#

AND the best part...25 more cardio on stair mill. I NEED that!

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Today, so far

45 minutes cardio

level 16 stair mill, aerobic and 10 interval w/ extensions

may go back tonite

8 oz wildwood Aloha baked tofu- lunch on the go- iInterview # 1 at 230 today

vegan GF brownie- yummilicious

damn frickin luna bar

more tofu

30 more minutes on the stair mill

potatoes and tofu w/ vegan parmesan cheese


upped the cardio,moderate carbs...and I am seeing mega difference. taking time off from upper body altogether to heal my right shoulder and my abs/ intestines are feeling relief from no sit ups, lunges or heavy squats. working within modifications...grrr...but love what my cardio does. I look leaner...happier

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am cardio. 30 min on aerobic setting, level 16

tofu, gum drops, choco rice bar, fume sale from tofu, vegan GF bagel w/ cream cheese and vegan spread

pm cardio 30 min interval

HUGE difference in increased cardio and also feeling SOFT from shoulder injury and taking a week off to let my guts heal. Weird, tons of compliments...and , "Do you do yoga?" Still bigger than I like, but OK.

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two days off by happenstance. Life


extensions 1 x 15 @ 50 2 x 12 @ 70

curls 4 x 12 @ 50 and 70

buttblaste 3 x 15 (1 at 100 and 2 at 115)

press on vertical hoist 3 x 10 w/ 75#

45 cardio on my beloved stair mill. I may try to go back. I see the best progress with 2 workouts a day. I am still up 3 - 5 since Oct. I hate it.

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Workout #2

Shoulder is TRASHED

roman chair sit ups 3 x 50

leg extensions 3 x 10 @ 70

hamstring down chair thingie 3 x 10 @ 70

assisted pull ups 1 x 10 at hardly any assist, 2 x 10 LOTs of assist (sholder was screaming)

upright row 3 x 10 @ 90#

and the raison d'être: Stairmill 30 mins, radio mode @ level 16 listening to Lifehouse, Nirvana and the Fray


So TODAY was one hour cardio...will make up for my lost Sa/Su on my FatBeGone plan. I have underwear lines in my leggings...meh. And no thongs...yek, belch hate 'em! Hate underwear lines just as much!

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