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Divamom's online training log/ updated w/ pics

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its an addiction since I cant run anymore...I have been known to go at 20...I have better form at 16. I am an old lady OCD gym rat! I had a 23 year old tell me his 42 year old mom and 20 year old GF don't look as good.

out the door...job interview, (hopefully under the table money to get by till I snag a Career footing position)---and I may have an offer in a day or so...fingers crossed , as a Nat'l Sales Manager...for get this..100% organic bio degradable feminine products...and yes, there is a market...and its growing! More later...and thanks Synny!

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Gym time

Roman chair 2x50

My shoulder is thrashed as are my guts...so treading lightly

By dumb, stupid, mean yek ex husband was at the gym this morning. I am on the higher road, but he is just a nasty jerk. Cannot believe i ever did THAT with him and had 3 kids. He is vermin, but i digress.

Plie squats w/20# dumbbells 3x25

Leg curls 4x 10 @55

Squats w/ big girl bar and 10 oneach side(humbling) 3x10

Overhead something 3 sets of


My legs and abs suck, and my arms are getting soft looking......its ALL in my head....

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Sat was legs...first almost decent workout in awhile

Squats, lunges, extensions, curls, standing extensions, ..and abs


Sun, and probably all I will have time for...we'll see about weights this eve...

90 min cardio- stairmill at 16

I plit it up in 35, 35, 20


anyone that may raed my log: send some good MoJo..I have a 2nd interview tomorrow...could use ! Thanks!

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i love almond butter...but i want the few lbs OFF! taking a big break from tofu...I held fat when I ate it in my 30's, so...20 years later I am finding same true. WE DO KNOW what makes us big...So...I have been ardently watching..I know I like Luna's...so, I for went the protein and factored the 190 kcal in...day before..I blew off some carbs and extra protein calories in favor of gummie calories..I really hate my clothes snug and I have worked too hard to get here to not stay here..and I was still lighter..I choose lean, fit and healthy so I need to stay fit and healthy

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45 cardio stairmill...will try to get to gym this eve...crazy times...priorities....legs and abs. Still taking off completely all upper body to heal....grrrrr. Maybe some curls...but its now chronic in the anterior head of my right shoulder.

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You are right on not warming up enough. I did some stretching yesterday and foam roller....and today i just did 45 stairmill. I was talking to one of the other hard cores...i probably stretched the anterior ligamnet bad..its just because i am older it isnt healing well....my back....grrrr...its from an incident in late 2009, and its just overuse. Will do legs tomorrow. I think i am going to do legs three times a week and abs 5 as i rehab my shoulder and cardio is a way of lfe. Someone told me i looked thinner. Yay.

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day off yesterday...went to lift...meh


today was 50 cardio... assuage the guilt of missing yesterday


I wanna be skeeeeeny


out the door for 2.5 hr drive to Los Angeles for 3rd interview for Nat'l Sales Mngmt job...I NEED it! rags to riches back to rags...time for some love and fun....and a job with passion and purpose...ummm....ya,...right. I want a 401 k, bennies, corporate credit card, decent salary, car allowance and a life!

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thanks Synny.


Took two days off...crazy days have ended after 6 months. finally.


Today was 45 cardio level 16 and my beloved Manager-Tool podcasts this morning and then this late afternoon- early evening

1 x 10 FIVE times for my pushups for a total of FIFTY, first time since I took off time due to my shoulder hurting so bad. I couldn't even do squats--supporting wight killed me. I am back!!!!!!

3 x 10 @15 # incline press

3 x 10 @15# flat press

3 x 10 @ 10# dumb bell flies

3 x 10 assisted dips( they HURT)

3 x 10 @ 40# barbell bent over rows

3 x 10 single arm skull crushers w/ 10#

tri ceps pull dpwns w/ rope 3 x 10 2 soem ridiculously low weight cause my shoulder could feel it..but I DID it

3 x 50 Roman Chir sit ups

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Its not a hilarity or disgust, and sorry you found it so. Its the crazies thar swirl w/ lifting and life. Dont be so judgemental or harsh...have lived w/ an eating disorder- body dysmorphia most of my life....its humor on oneself. Most women at my age have lived it, been there and done that....how un forum like...i always read and heard if you dont have anything nice to say...dont say it...or take it off line. The disgust isnt me then..is it? Shouldnt have to find disparaging remarks on my own log...wish i could remove it...but things that are negative should be brought up privately.how flippin rude!

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